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Chapter 105 – Infiltration

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2248 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1151 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Watching them enter the ancient house, Lily crept closer. The house seemed to emanate a dark yet seductive aura.

Seductive? Perhaps it was because of that strangely colored light within.

When changing clothes, Lily had placed her ancient mirror into the storage jade, the token that Ayaka had given her. This allowed her to be more flexible in her kunoichi activities.

Lily had long tested the storage jade’s capabilities. Once her ancient mirror was placed within, it was possible to move her mirror’s contents to the storage jade and vice versa, but her shikigami were unable to enter or exit because storage treasures were unable to store spiritual bodies, her mirror was capable though. Lily didn’t quite understand it, she could only put it aside for the time being.

If she wanted to release her shikigami or have her consciousness enter the mirror, she would first have to take her mirror out of the storage jade. Still, even if her ancient mirror was within the storage jade, she could still mentally communicate with Kagura and the others in the mirror, and they could still feel what was happening outside. Therefore, placing her ancient mirror into the storage jade on her bracelet was much more convenient.

Lily visually estimated the height of the wall. Around 10 meters, that was nothing to her. With a leap, she easily landed on top. Looking around, the courtyard was around 400-500 meters square, and contained several houses and courtyards connected by corridors all covered with vines. The entire place looked abandoned, but the houses all emitted orange light except for the largest house, that one had crimson light.

Lily carefully investigated from the wall, there were many black clad jade maidens guarding the area.

Shenzu went to the largest house with the crimson light. From a distance, Lily saw a girl wearing a pink sleeveless shirt and skirt approach and kneel before Shenzu, her attitude extremely humble. When Shenzu raised her feet, that girl helped her take off her shoes. Afterwards, when Shenzu raised her foot to step into the house, that foot traced a line across the girl’s face. For some reason, it excited the girl.

Walking in, Shenzu ignored her. Not a while later, Lily saw a row of women walking from the other side towards the crimson lit house. They all wore thin sleeveless kimonos and slit side hakamas. Among them, there was a petite, small Keiko, her breasts unbound and swaying with each step.

“Keiko.” Lily took a clear look, she had a dazed expression, didn’t seem like she was being controlled. For a moment, Lily could only feel confusion.

That row of women all entered the house and the crimson light within dimmed.

What was Shenzu doing?

Lily carefully jumped off the wall and entered the courtyard. With her dexterity and capabilities, it wasn’t hard to remain undetected by the majority of the black clad jade maidens. However, those she couldn’t evade, she knocked unconscious with a single slap.

In that courtyard there were many rune spells and rune warnings, Lily carefully avoided by opening a small domain area around her. To avoid Shenzu’s detection, she could only activate her domain in a small area around her.

She came to the crimson lit house, silently snuck to the side and stepped onto the walkway after confirming no one was around. She hid beneath the paper window and could hear girlish noises within. Lily dared not use her domain and could only poke a hole in the paper window to look within.

She saw Shenzu sitting there in a large loose short skirted black kimono, the sleeves were decorated with red ghost faces and gold clouds. Surrounding her were kneeling women, some were massaging her legs, others were doing something unspeakable…… all were doing their best to please Shenzu.

“Sitting?” Lily wondered, in Heian-kyo, there were no chair-like objects, there were only small folded benches for going out. Only then did Lily notice, Shenzu’s chair was actually a girl in a thin pink green kimono1. Lily couldn’t see the girl’s face, all she could see was her hair and her rear covered in short pink green cloth.

The hole Lily was looking through was small, she couldn’t see who Shenzu was sitting in that arrogant posture, but she couldn’t find Keiko in the group.

“Hmph, Shenzu has that many girls serving her, they’re probably all sword mikos, jade maidens and mirror girl sisters.” Lily cursed, “What a hateful woman!”

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But, what else could she say? It wasn’t as if Shenzu was committing some unforgivable crime, what if those women were all willing or had been purchased?

Lily could only continue to peek, she finally saw Keiko appear.

“Ah, Keiko,” Shenzu’s voice had a magnetism within, it made Lily feel her body go soft.
“Lady Shenzu,” Keiko’s voice was shuddering.
“Your sister, that Miss Kasuga, when will you bring her here to play a bit?”
“Lady Shenzu… sister Kasuga, doesn’t seem willing.”

“Ahahah, I think she may have misunderstood something, right Keiko? I only feel, you sisters are risking your lives to protect the heavenly way, you should all …live in harmony, and be happy together, is this not for the sisterhood?”
“It’s our honor for us sisters to fight for Lady Shenzu! Lady Shenzu, I…”
“What’s wrong? Keiko, I only left for a while, how did you become like this? Come here.”

Shenzu’s eyes emitted a strange light when ordering Keiko. Keiko trembled as she walked over, her back facing Lily, Keiko loosened her clothes. Shenzu held her waist and lowered her face to Keiko’s breasts. Lily couldn’t see what was going on, but there was some strange sound as Keiko raised her head, her body trembling.

“Uehara no Shenzu, you s̲l̲u̲t̲!” Lily cursed, “As the leader of the jade maidens, not only do you encourage ignorant maidens to sacrifice their lives for nothing, but you also play with their bodies and hearts!”

Lily’s disgust for Shenzu only increased, only… were those maidens stupid? Why are they letting her play with them like that? Is being bullied like that, fun?

As Shenzu released Keiko, it was as if her eyes glanced at Lily’s hiding spot. She quickly dodged, her heart pounding.

“Lady Shenzu…give, give me, can you give me that…”

“That?” Lily’s face blushed red and once again looked through the peephole. Keiko was kneeling on the ground, looking towards Shenzu in an unbearably needy way.

Shenzu undressed, and from her obi, took out a small chain. On that chain was a half of a small ancient gray white dull stone, it looked like a magatama.

“Remnant Jade?” Lily looked at it curiously, that remnant jade emitted a misty crimson light, the surrounding maidens the light shone upon, looked at Shenzu enthralled, as if she was their master, their god.

“Ah…” Lily felt the danger but it was too late, that light had already shone into her eye2.


  1. Robinxen: She reminds me of that villain from that uh…. MMO anime.
  2. Robinxen: I’ve read enough doujins to know where this is going!
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