Chapter 104 – Lily’s Punishment and Tracking

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3150 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1716 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily didn’t know how to soothe Kasuga’s emotions. She shook her head helplessly, stepped forward and gently held Kasuga. Kasuga’s head was buried deep between Lily’s chest, the feminine softness and warmth making her forget everything.

“Wuu…” Kasuga stopped crying, maybe she was comforted by Lily, or perhaps she simply couldn’t breathe.

“Eh?” Lily felt Kasuga hold her waist and attempt to burrow deeper into her embrace, unwilling to let go.

Kasuga had a natural attraction toward women with big breasts, maybe it was because she herself was flatter than most, or maybe it was because she had no mother.

“I’m sorry…” Kasuga’s face blushed red, her breath unsteady, “I made sister Lily worry about me, can I call you big sister?”

“As you like.” Lily gently replied.

In truth, Kasuga was one year older than Lily, could it be that in her heart, breast size represented age and seniority?

“Kasuga, do you know where Keiko is right now? I think Lady Shenzu’s secret isn’t that simple. It’s possible that Keiko didn’t willingly abandon you, she may have been coerced or forced.” Lily frowned slightly.

Kasuga replied, shaking her head, “I don’t know…Keiko became weird a few days ago, and two days ago she announced she was breaking our relationship as tsunaga sisters and that she had fallen in love with Lady Shenzu…She displayed her obsession for Lady Shenzu right in front of me, just like a pervert, it was like an ice knife digging into my heart. She also said we could maintain our relationship if I was willing to serve Shenzu with her. I broke down, slapped her and ran off, and then… you know where I ended up at…”

“Lady Shenzu gathers everyone in certain locations, but other than that, her whereabouts are unknown…” Kasuga bitterly continued.

“You feel that Keiko possibly went to join them?”

“Yes, Keiko is too innocent, she’s never seen a woman like Shenzu before, so she’s completely bewitched by her. In just a few days she’s completely abandoned our childhood bond, she’s now nothing more than an intoxicated follower!” Kasuga started crying again.

“Uehara no Shenzu, exactly what methods are you using to break up a pair of childhood sweethearts in just a few days and make one of them be your devoted follower?” Lily’s chest heaved in anger, now full of disgust for Shenzu.

Lily looked at Kasuga, sternness and anger emerging on her beautiful face, “And you! Who are you imitating? Drawing your sorrows in alcohol? Getting so drunk? Since you call me sister, I cannot overlook this!”

Lily couldn’t help but worry that Kasuga would give up on herself and go back to drinking. She couldn’t always keep an eye on her, what if she went back to drinking once she left, what would she do? Ask Mizue to look after her? But Mizue was too virtuous, she probably couldn’t control her.

“Kasuga, turn around and kneel!”

“Eh?” Kasuga’s sobbing immediately turned into surprise and shock.

This was for her own good, if she didn’t suffer a bit, she would definitely go back to drinking and it would be too late to regret once she got dragged into that sort of shop.

“Miss Kagami, Kasuga just suffered a heartbreak, don’t scare her…” as expected, Mizue attempted to moderate the issue.

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“You, silence! Hold her hands down.” Lily coldly replied, “Or, Madam Mizue, do you want to also be punished?”

“Eh? Punished?” Mizue’s face blushed red, her thoughts went in some unknown direction. She lowered her head and obediently answered, “Yes.”

Lily’s action was for Kasuga’s sake, and since her capabilities far surpassed Kasuga’s, she also had the ability to do so

“Kasuga, what are you doing? Didn’t you call me sister? Since you’ve called me sister, then you have to listen to me. How can you give up on yourself even if you’re heartbroken? If so, you’ll only let Keiko get further away from you, kneel!”

In Kasuga’s heart, Lily was a heroine, a powerful elder sister, an idol among female samurai. Such a person ordered her, her body heated up and she couldn’t disobey.

Kasuga knelt down, head down.

“Stick out your butt!” Lily’s cold order came again, if she wasn’t strict with her, how would she remember.

Kasuga could only obey.

With a thought, Lily’s domain blade cut down a vine from outside, drawing it into her hand.

Hearing the sound, Kasuga’s delicate body trembled.

“Do you know why sister is punishing you? Your lover abandoned you, and you decided to drown your sorrows and abandon yourself to alcohol and self destruction! How can a woman not have moral character? Not know how to be reserved or endure. The most unforgivable thing is for a woman to despise herself! Tell me, is such a woman not deserving of punishment?”


Lily used the vine to flip up Kasuga’s skirt, revealing the tender white rear. Though this wasn’t something Lily should do, if she didn’t and Kasuga didn’t learn the lesson, she was afraid Kasuga would go back out and drink again and suffer irreversible losses.

“Lily, you must treat this as a good deed and punish this woman!” Lily silently said to herself.

She raised the vine up high and controlled her strength as she swung down. Slap!

A flaming red mark was left on that tender white rear.

Kasuga yelped and tried to cover her rear with her hands, but Mizue restrained her. “You must not, sister Kagami will give you a more severe punishment if you do.”

After a round of punishment, Kasuga cried, but swore she would not dare drink again.

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Asking Mizue to take care of her, Lily left.

“Mizue, look after her.”

“Yes.” Mizue knelt down and answered.


Lily left, but didn’t return to the Chief Advisor’s mansion. She went into a dark street corner and climbed over the wall, entering a deserted old house. This place might be haunted but she wasn’t afraid, afterall Demon King Sugawara no Michizane was one of her talking partners.

This was a truth. When the Demon King talked with her, he would laugh out loud every three words.

Lily didn’t enter the house, behind the wall, she took off her kimono and put on a red kunoichi outfit and a white ribbon to tie her hair into a high ponytail, a more mature look. She pulled out a black veil and hid her identity.

This kunoichi outfit had a red sleeveless top, the collar was open, and the sleeve sides were also open. The shape and sides of her full round breasts were on display. The middle was a dark obi, and the bottom was two pieces of short red cloth. From the sides, a large expanse of jade white skin was exposed. She wore nothing on her smooth sexy long thighs, and her calves were wrapped in cloth and her feet wore cloth shoes to silence her steps.

Lily didn’t worry about her outfit because she didn’t plan on going onto the streets. She flipped up on the roof and walked up the wall.

Though she had not gone through any kunoichi training, Lily was still extremely agile and easily avoided being sighted. Travelling along the rooftops, Lily returned to the Jade girl pavilion surroundings, she climbed onto the rooftop and snuck into the roof and stood silently on a beam and eavesdropped. It seemed they were still discussing how to attack the Medicine Valley.

It wasn’t as if she planned on warning Kimiko, but her position was extremely delicate. Though she opposed war against Kimiko, as long as it didn’t endanger her friends like Kimiko or Nariaki, Lily didn’t plan on intervening much. Nor did she plan on being a whistleblower.

But then again, Kimiko’s abilities were beyond outrageous. The ones to suffer in the end, would probably be those foolish women.

After a long discussion, the meeting finally ended, this was what Lily was waiting for.

Shenzu was just too suspicious. Since she didn’t know where she lived, it would be convenient to track her from here. From the gaps in the ceiling, Lily watched Shenzu walk out.

Returning to the roof and carefully observing both exits, Shenzu didn’t leave from the front door, she brought several black clad jade maidens and left from the rear exit.

Lily carefully crouched and followed along the gap between wall and roof.

When Shenzu and her group arrived at an empty lot, they summoned a bunch of muscular ghost horses. The one Shenzu summoned was especially outstanding. Strong, and sturdy, completely hairless and shining black. An ugly head with bloody fangs atop a thick and brutal neck covered by dense leathery skin, and a long powerful tail swinging back and forth.

A ghost horse had some similarities to a horse, only it was an extremely ugly, strong and ferocious demonic beast.

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Lily had seen records of this creature in the ancient book «Konjaku Monogatarishu». This was not a creature of the world, but a legendary demonic beast from the demonic realm, its origins should be related to Amanojaku.

“They ride such demonic beast shikigamis?” Lily’s suspicions toward the situation increased and felt even more disgusted with Shenzu.

Shenzu’s group rode on the ghost horses, started running and jumped onto the roofs of the house, skipping from roof to roof.

Lily couldn’t summon her Demon Hound, it was too conspicuous. Though her own speed was faster than the Demonic Hound, long distance running would consume needless energy.

But all she could do was maintain her distance and carefully take advantage of the roofs, pavilions and trees to hide while quickly traversing the rooftops to track the group.

The ghost horses travelled fast, galloping past the large northeastern shrine, past a large street where Genji samurai liked to gather and arrived at a large desolate area northeast of Heian-kyo. From here, Heian-kyo’s city walls and mountains formed a scenic picture.

This desolate area was still a wilderness, some abandoned houses still scattered the area, but in the middle there was an ancient courtyard and building surrounded by trees, its wall was much taller than regular courtyard walls and covered in thick vines. From within, orange light vaguely shined.

Shenzu’s group dismounted and put away their shikigamis, then entered the ancient house.


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