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Chapter 98 – Haihime Versus Amanojaku

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3509 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2384 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Move it!” Haihime’s cursed katana, White Tiger Muramasa, left three inches from its sheath and the sudden flash of blue, grudge-powered runes filled the demons that obstructed her path with fear.

Even the Great Demon Chiefs donned solemn expressions as Haihime’s strength had improved a lot over these years and her aptitude as a blade maiden wasn’t something that they could take too lightly

Amanojaku drank the newly poured sake from the cup and then raised his hand to smash it down to the floor. He then leaped forward suddenly and vaulted across a dozen or so meters to arrive behind Haihime.

Haihime was just about to turn around after sensing a powerful aura attack her from behind and saw that the leaping Amanojaku had arrived behind her from the corner of her eyes.


Amanojaku’s heavy kick struck down on Haihime’s shoulders from above while carrying a mountainous power with it, forcing her to kneel down on the floor and give rise to a cracked crater on the stone pavement ahead of the temple.

This kick was too heavy.

Amanojaku landed on the floor and executed a roundhouse kick, sending Haihime crashing into a stone lantern with a boom and rolling several meters across the ground.

Even Haihime was unprepared against the sudden attack from Amanojaku and ended up receiving two heavy blows as a result.

Furthermore, she was also in a confused state because of the kick and couldn’t get up for a while after falling on the ground.

The monsters cleared the way and surrounded her in a semicircle as Amanojaku approached her from the back and stepped on Haihime’s back with his large foot.

“Argh!” Haihime moaned in pain.

“Where did you say you were going now, Haihime? And who were you going to kill?” The weight of Amanojaku’s foot prevented Haihime from moving even a single inch as he questioned her in cold blood.

Blood trickled out from the corners of Haihime’s lips as she turned around to glare back at Amanojaku with messy hair and a stubborn gaze, “I’m going to kill the Lion Mist Demon who dares to threaten the village. Rest assured that I’ll keep my promise to you, but you also have to keep your promise to me. I care about the lives of the villagers even if you don’t give a damn about them and since the Lion Mist Demon is unrelated to you, why are you obstructing my path now?! Don’t tell me that what you said just now was all a lie?”

Amanojaku’s scarlet eyes loomed down on Haihime, “That does sound reasonable. I only promised to release them and whatever happens to them after that is none of my business. I shouldn’t be stopping you from clearing the grudge between the Lion Mist Demon and you since he’s not under my control anymore. You’ve spoken the truth indeed, Haihime. Feel free to seek him then.”

“Huh?” Haihime was taken aback momentarily and attempted to stand up, but she discovered that the foot pressing down on her back was getting heavier by the second and getting pretty close to breaking her slender waist.

“What is it, Haihime? Aren’t you going to seek the Lion Mist Demon? Go now. Why haven’t you left yet?” Amanojaku asked intentionally.

The demons stood around the short-heighted Amanojaku as his lank foot pressed Haihime down under it, causing the stone pavement underneath her to crack.

Haihime tried to get up with the help of her slender arms, but her complexion paled as she was unable to get up even after expending all her strength.

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“Go, Haihime. Why haven’t you sought him yet? Feel free to do it now. Go!” Amanojaku stated complacently.

Haihime’s gaze turned icier as she finally saw through this monster at this moment and also realized how naïve she was for accepting the compromise he provided her and believing that she would be able to protect her clansmen as long as she submitted to Amanojaku and curried favor with this demon who killed her mother in order to achieve the promise she made to her back then!

However, she was unable to protect anything in the end!

“Why haven’t you left yet, Haihime? Your words sounded reasonable, so you go seek him now. I’m allowing you to do it, so why haven’t you gotten up yet? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Amanojaku burst out in wild laughter.

The surrounding monsters roared with laughter after him as watching this once authoritative woman get bullied like this filled them with much pleasure.

“Amanojaku… you vile and shameless demon! I’m going to kill you!!!”

The world took a blue hue suddenly along with a buzz and the air turned denser as the shattered image of a mountain and river landscape manifested in the night skies.

The weaker monsters among those who were mocking Haihime were forced to their knees on the ground immediately while the stronger monsters stopped laughing as well except for a few chiefs who still maintained a relaxed, derisive smile.

Haihime really intended to contend against Amanojaku at this moment!

She relied on the aid provided by her domain as well as the hatred and ire welling up inside her maddeningly to draw White Tiger Muramasa out and slashed at Amanojaku who was stepping on her back.

Amanojaku stamped on Haihime’s back to disrupt her pace and jumped back to dodge Haihime’s backslash.

Haihime took this chance to get up and prepared for the battle as there was no room left for discussion after drawing out her katana. She had never forgotten to train while she endured the humiliation across all these years, so her strength had reached a substantial stage as well.

She vaulted up swiftly and slashed at the retreating Amanojaku in midair, but he didn’t use the huge scroll behind him even now.

The One-Horned Demon yelled out, “Your weapon, my lord!”

He threw a huge, long-handled scythe towards Amanojaku that was much bigger than him and had jagged fangs at its inner edge.

Amanojaku caught the scythe and brandished it high up in the sky. Great Demons at the Permanence Stage all had a touch of permanence residing within the spirit jade suspended in their spiritual oceans. Thus, a golden-horned statue that was Amanojaku’s perpetual true spirit avatar and had the same golden horn Amanojaku possessed on his forehead resided within this spirit jade as well, which was none other than the perpetual spirit formed from the true intent of Permanence Stage powerhouses. This statue solidified the spirit jade even further and allowed higher and deeper access to spirit power.

The vast spiritual ocean within Amanojaku’s body billowed with raging waves but the small golden-horned statue remained behind at the core to defend the spirit jade like an immovable mountain!

The blade of Amanojaku’s huge scythe shining with a devilish light that was fitted with fangs like that of a Greater Tengu slashed towards Haihime.

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Although Haihime excelled in strength because of the blade maiden’s physique that she had, Amanojaku hailed from the extremely powerful and rarely seen Golden-Horned Demons and also overpowered her in terms of their realms, so his slash packed a mountain-splitting strength behind it.

The powerful impact from the collision between Haihime’s cursed katana and the huge sickle caused the whole mountain to quake.


Haihime crashed against the ground and left a several-meter deep crater on it.

Meanwhile, Amanojaku brandished his scythe to deliver a lethal blow while falling down.

Haihime barely managed to dodge Amanojaku’s second blow, and even though it was Haihime’s first time exchanging blows with Amanojaku across all these years, she never expected her opponent to possess so much strength!

Hence, she couldn’t fight recklessly.

Haihime intended to look for a chance to counterattack after retreating to a certain extent but she discovered that Amanojaku had disappeared from behind her.

“What?!” Fortunately, Haihime possessed the ability to scout with her domain and discovered that he was actually standing in front of her.

“He’s too fast!” Although she managed to react in time and was barely able to resist Amanojaku’s slash with her cursed katana, the scythe blade hooked around Haihime’s blade in the process and Amanojaku seized this chance to revolve the scythe and struck her stomach with the metallic shaft of the blade, causing her to bend over and fall to the ground momentarily.

Amanojaku’s speed, reflexes and mobility were a level higher than Haihime’s. He then followed up with a sweeping kick to her head and sent her rolling across the ground with a bang, making her crash against one of the walls of the temple.

Just these few exchanges had expended about 70% to 80% of her spirit power.

It wasn’t like Haihime hadn’t prepared at all and had brought some animas together with her. She unleashed some of these animas, but she required some time to absorb these spirits unlike the animas within Lily’s Sakura Parasol and the Ancient Mirror which Lily could absorb with ease directly via her cursed katana.

However, Amanojaku was too fast and didn’t give her this chance. He rushed forth and executed a series of storming attacks to scatter the animas unleashed by Haihime, obstructing her from getting a chance to absorb them. She was thus forced to dash towards the demons beside her since she could absorb their animas directly as long as she managed to stab their bodies, but Amanojaku’s relentless pursuit prevented her from landing an attack.

“Tear!” The wind blades from Amanojaku’s scythe ripped open a section of Haihime’s dress, exposing a good half of her fair shoulders, but he struck her shoulder with the scythe’s shaft and sent her flying back. He then accelerated his speed greatly and overtook Haihime who was still flying backwards and kneed her chest heavily, sending her crashing to the ground!

A huge crater spawned on the stone pavement resultantly.

“Ugh!” Haihime spewed a mouthful of blood, her spirit reserves almost emptied.

She counterattacked recklessly with a single-handed slash, but Amanojaku deflected it away with his scythe and seized this chance to crush the hand holding the katana repeatedly with his foot.

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“Arrggghhhh!” The twinging pain coming from her fingers made Haihime wail mournfully.

Amanojaku then kicked Haihime’s cursed katana away.

Having lost the cursed katana and with only 10% of her spirit reserves remaining, Haihime almost had no power to resist as Amanojaku pressed the blade of his scythe against Haihime’s neck.

This decisive battle that had been due for over a decade had still ended up in Haihime’s utterly tragic defeat.

“Are you still going to fight, my wife? Have you vented out your anger? Shall we return to you washing my feet and serving me well now that we’ve finished with the battle? It must be clear to you that I can subdue you whether it’s on the battlefield or on the bed now, Keiko,” Amanojaku stated proudly while looking down on the panting Haihime.

“Your power knows no limits, Lord Amanojaku!”

“Your regality knows no bounds, Lord Amanojaku!”

“Hahahaha! Haihime really deserves her name. There’s only one outcome after coming across Lord Amanojaku—defeat!”

The demons hollered.

“Shut it now, you all!” Amanojaku chided them, “No matter what, she’s still my wife and your mistress. You aren’t allowed to criticize her unjustly now, you hear me?” Amanojaku intentionally stated in a mocking tone.

A cold gleam flashed past Haihime’s eyes at this moment as she unsheathed the dagger at her waist and shot it towards Amanojaku.

Amanojaku, however, welcomed the dagger with the golden horn on his forehead by lowering his head.

“Shatter!” The dagger shattered into pieces after striking the golden horn and reflected the color of despair on Haihime’s face as the pieces scattered beside her.

Amanojaku brandished his scythe and struck Haihime’s face with its shaft and then knocked her out of her senses, making her unconscious.

Meanwhile, a few Itsura had arrived at the village within the underground space and long announced the information about their release.

“It’s Lord Amanojaku’s coming-of-age ceremony today and also the day Haihime consummates her marriage with the lord. The lord has decided to show leniency on this rejoiceful day by letting you all leave and return back to the human lands.”

“Is that true?! We can really leave this place and return to the surface?”

“We can really gain freedom?”

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The villagers were skeptical of this announcement, but the enticement of the surface was too appealing for them.

Yoriko, however, didn’t believe them and whispered into the village chief’s ear, “Do you really think we’ll be able to leave, Grandma? Can we really trust these weird, masked fellows?”

“Our clan will die out sooner or later if we continue to live in this underground space. We also have no means to resist the assault of the monsters even if we remain behind, so we cannot give up this chance even if it’s fraught with danger,” the chief answered.

The clansmen began to organize their belongings according to the village chief’s intentions and prepared to leave together with the Itsura.

“Oh, yes. Where’s Miss Lynne? How come I haven’t seen her recently?” The village chief questioned.

“It seems like she’s been meditating for the past few days. I’ll go look for her.”

Yoriko left the crowd and sought Lily in the backyard of the village chief’s house. She found Lily’s gentle and beautiful silhouette in seated meditation even now when she arrived there.

“Miss Lynne? Miss Lynne?” Yoriko tried to wake up Lily cautiously but she failed to succeed in the end. However, she didn’t disturb her excessively as she was afraid that her interruption might ruin Lily’s important meditation session and end up harming her, so she remained on guard at the entrance instead.

As for Lily, she had become engrossed in the training after entering a state of selflessness and wouldn’t wake up unless a murderous intent approached her. Kagura and Yuki-Onna were standing guard as well, so they would act to awaken Lily in case she really was in danger.

“I’m just a step away from perfecting the 1st segment of Tsukuyomi Swordstyle now, it’s almost in reach!” A drop of sweat trickled across Lily’s scented neck. She remained serene, gracious and methodical as her aura grew stronger by the second!1


  1. Robinxen: The author is really keeping Lily away from the action for her debut huh.

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