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Chapter 95 – Amanojaku’s Wrath

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3126 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2125 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Things were different from what Haihime was expecting.

She had given her body to the demon who killed her mother personally in order to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. However, Haihime suffered mental persecution over and over again as time passed.

She was unable to erase the scene of the cold blade stabbing into her mother’s body from her mind.

Even if she used promiscuousness as a front, she couldn’t maintain this disguise in front of Amanojaku.

Hatred, a bottomless hatred plagued her!

And this hatred had caused her to have other thoughts over the past decade.

Which was to mess up the power structure of the Hundred Demons by using her womanly charms as a weapon and make them kill each other. However, Amanojaku was quite vigilant towards her and the leather belt was meant to act as her shackles. As long as she broke her vow, it would mean going against their agreement and Amanojaku would then be free to kill her clansmen.

She was much smarter than these monsters and toyed with them in the palm of her hand. She was planning to commit suicide once her clansmen were freed after getting humiliated greatly by Amanojaku on the day of their union, but as a carrier of the blade maidens’ bloodline, Haihime harbored a staunch and rebellious obsession deep in her heart, so she didn’t plan to continue living with a tainted body. However, even if she was planning to die, she had no intentions of letting Amanojaku have an easy time!

Haihime had been planning her revenge for a long time. She knew that her chances of killing Amanojaku were pretty low even if she were to ambush Amanojaku and she couldn’t risk it at the cost of her clansmens’ lives and her mother’s sacrifice. However, she planned to make a move once her clansmen were freed!

And that would be the greatest revenge!

She got the idea of using her womanly charms as a weapon from the overconfident monsters who coveted her beauty in the past and challenged Amanojaku in the end.

Besides resolving her mind for the final all-out battle, she also incited the monsters to rebel against Amanojaku secretly.

However, such actions possessed the risk of getting discovered.

She was too smart, so smart that she underestimated the foolishness of an individual monster.

Fortunately, Kama-Oni hadn’t revealed that she had incited him to kill Amanojaku, so it seemed that he wasn’t that foolish.

There was still a way out of this situation.

In the end, it was just powerplay, that’s all. In fact, she had adopted a flirtatious behavior and engaged in powerplay to act the role of a woman who liked amassing power and wealth all to disguise her true nature.

Haihime stood up gently and arrived at the center of the hall.

She resisted the flesh-searing shame engulfing her and kneeled down with a thud, sticking her head to the floor as she kowtowed towards Amanojaku, “I’m in the wrong.”

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“Lord Amanojaku. I indeed did things that were beneath my status and feigned compliance in order to increase my influence and eliminate the rebels. I didn’t inform you about the mirror girl’s capture in time because I wished to hoard the ancient mirror without handing it over since it’s a rare treasure. I even poisoned the nearby Great Demons during the capture and went against Lord Amanojaku’s orders all so that I amass my own power. The reason I did all this was to obtain wealth and benefits… I am a self-seeking woman who covets wealth and authority! It’s too late for regrets now that this matter has been exposed today. I request you to punish me, Lord Amanojaku! I-I won’t dare do it again in the future.”

Haihime’s heart bled out as she confessed her wrongs to her foe like this. However, if she didn’t do this and allowed Amanojaku to discover the hatred and rebelliousness within her heart, her clansmen would be truly done for.

The monsters lived a life of mutual deception, trying to devour and kill each other all the time. This was the general rule of the monster world and Haihime’s actions weren’t really unfathomable.

“Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!” Amanojaku broke into loud laughter suddenly, “Haihime oh Haihime. I almost believed you were such a woman after hearing your words. You’re much more of a monster than you are human. No, blade maidens are actually a type of monster. It’s just that you have yet to realize this, that’s all. You’re really contemptible enough. You saw me kill your mother in front of you yet still tried to give me an ingratiating smile, which is actually what made me like you even more! You vicious monstress.”

Haihime kept her head lowered and shuddered while kneeling down. No matter what happens to her, she had to be patient for the sake of her clansmen and to fulfill the promise she made to her mother.

“Lord Amanojaku, your conversational skills are pretty good, but are you going to excuse Haihime just with that? She tried to ruin your stage secretly and she’s your wife on top of that. If even your wife acts like this towards you, what face would you have left to show in the Land of Hundred Demons?” Kokurin was still unwilling to show forgiveness and fanned the flames.

Amanojaku drank a huge mouthful of sake casually and looked at Haihime, “Although I admire you, it doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to defy me. If even my wife goes unpunished after defying me, who among my demons would heed my orders in the future?”

Haihime shuddered all over, knowing that it would be quite difficult for her to escape getting shamed today. However, it was worth it if just this alone was enough to overcome her current crisis. She had preserved for a long time already and couldn’t trip herself over when she was so close to the end.

Amanojaku didn’t intend to let a male punish his wife, but she needed to get punished. Thus, he looked at the snake woman, Kokurin. This monster woman hated Haihime a lot, so he believed that she would put enough effort into the punishment, “You definitely won’t believe me if I say that I’ll teach her a lesson after dragging her back and point out that I’m partial to her, Kokurin. I shall let you do it, then. “Flog this woman who dared to deceive and defy me in front of all the demons! There’s no need to hold back, understood?”

“As you command, my lord!” Kokurin felt overjoyed. She had hated Haihime for a long time now and was overwhelmed by her oftentimes. As she had managed to get this chance, she planned to make her suffer as brutally as possible.

“Forgive me for the offense in that case then, Lady Haihime. Your status is higher than mine and I wouldn’t dare to punish you originally, but since Lord Amanojaku has ordered it, I have no choice but to do it,” Kokurin wiggled her massive serpentine body over and arrived behind Haihime while hissing.

Haihime lifted her head by pushing against the floor with her hand and looked at the nearby monsters enticingly, but unfortunately, none of the fellows who coveted her usually dared to step forward to intercede for her sake. However, she knew that she had to remain courageous as getting scared amounted to her loss, “Let me show you all that I’m indifferent to it and don’t even think of seeing me wail.”

Haihime then looked at Kokurin and sashayed her waist to turn over and sit in seiza, “Is that so? From what I can see, you’ve been longing to do something like this for a long time now, weren’t you?”

The snake woman’s crimson lips curled into a sinister smile, “It looks like you’ve seen through me.”

“Uh-huh,” Haihime stated with a feigned bashfulness, “Since the monster gentlemen wish to see the sideshow after this banquet, let’s put on a good show for the chiefs now, shall we? Are you going to punish me? Yeah? How are you going to do it?”

“Look at how hard you are blushing. It seems like this pleases you a lot now, doesn’t it?” Kokurin asked.

“Haha. It looks like you’ve seen through me this time. Working hard to serve somebody obviously pleases me. I was originally a woman like this. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of my name, Haihime? Please do it then~” Haihime licked her lips deliberately while replying in an affectionate and beguiling tone.

“Swoosh!” A series of black whip lashed out from behind Kokurin and thrashed across Haihime’s face, pushing her down to the floor.

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The pipe also fell aside.

“Hahaha! This is quite amusing! Go on!” Amanojaku stated in glee while drinking heavily.

The monsters also began heckling in succession after seeing Amanojaku act like this!

“Punish this arrogant woman brutally!”

“I was pretty displeased with a human like her riding on top of our heads for a long time now!”

“Make her cry! Show her the fierceness of monsters!”

Kokurin used her long tail to roll up Haihime’s body suddenly and squeezed her grip around it tightly.

“Ngh… Argh…” Haihime moaned in pain.

“How is it, Haihime? Do you feel good? Where did all the energy you showed just now go to?”

Haihime adjusted her breath with much difficulty and stated, “Heh… It’s naturally… the best… s-squeeze a bit harder…”

“Enough talk now!”

Kokurin pulled Haihime to her front and slapped her a few times with both hands in succession.

“Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!”

The hair that Haihime had styled meticulously got scattered and the fan-shaped headdress fell to the floor along with the camellias adorned with it, allowing her flowing aquamarine hair to fall backwards and portray a poignant scene.

The black whips from behind Kokurin lashed Haihime’s body and tore her gorgeous long-sleeved kimono into shreds, the important locations of her body hidden just by the serpentine body coiled around her.

Haihime really couldn’t endure any further, her eyes filling with anguish as the overwhelming shame made her face flush up.

“How is it? How do you feel now?”

“—You’re Haihime. You like this kind of stuff and it fills you with joy! The monsters won’t win as long as you only feel joy from it!” Haihime persuaded herself staunchly in her mind.

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“Ngh…” Haihime’s voice turned s̲l̲u̲t̲t̲i̲e̲r̲ as she replied in an irresistible tone, “This feels quite amazing… Why do you know that I like getting treated this way?”

Amanojaku’s expression turned uglier after seeing this. She was, after all, his wife, and even though a female monster was executing the punishment, her ingratiating act in front of everyone only felt amusing in the beginning and began to grow excessive gradually, leaving him with no face.

Kokurin was also quite mad that she was unable to make Haihime submit. On the other hand, Haihime smirked internally after seeing the wrathful expression on Amanojaku’s face in the middle of her ingratiating act.

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! I’ve never seen a woman as shameless as you even among the monstresses! You’re really unrepentant! Experience my might!” Kokurin hissed and raised Haihime up with her serpentine body so that her body was perpendicular in midair with her face facing one side and her butt secured within the tight black leather belt facing the other side. A series of black whips proceeded to thrash Haihime’s plump buttocks crazily after that.

A series of red marks were left behind on Haihime’s skin despite the fact that she had employed a spirit defense and the stinging pains made Haihime’s heart suffer further with each passing moment.

However, Haihime knew that she would lose if she were to show an ashamed expression now.

Drenched in sweat, she began to moan sensually along with Kokurin’s thrashes, her voice almost bewitching the souls of all monsters attending the banquet.

Even Amanojaku’s originally purple-colored face had turned colors and gained a greenish hue.

He gritted his teeth in rage while shuddering, yet it was difficult for him to go back on his word. However, even then, his wife was moaning too ecstatically under the eyes of everyone else!

“This b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲…”

“Enough!!!” Amanojaku’s thundered, his powerful voice causing the hall to shake!

“Kokurin! D-D-Drag the b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ down for me at once! A-A-And lock her in her room so that she can reflect on her actions! She’s forbidden from coming out and disgracing me any further! The monsters subordinated to Haihime as well as the deployment of the Itsura and so on shall be managed by Kokurin henceforth!”

“…Understood, Lord Amanojaku,” Kokurin felt that Amanojaku might blow her head off with a punch if she didn’t stop.


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