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Chapter 45 – About the Treasure Map

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3127 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2016 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Yukiko, you and the Midō clan have protected this message for such a long time, so you have my respect even though I’m still confused about whether I should really shoulder the Mirror Girl’s mission yet. Thank you, Yukiko,” Lily bowed towards Yukiko solemnly.

“Please don’t act like this. Everyone has their own destiny and even though this may not have been the life I actually longed for, if I didn’t undertake this responsibility, wouldn’t it make the efforts of the Midō clan girls of the previous generations meaningless? Thus, the reason why I did it was for my own sake as well.”

Lily nodded as she could feel that Yukiko’s current words were sincere, “I understand, but I still feel grateful to you for a lot of things. If you want me to forgive Yumi, I will forgive her.”

“No,” Yukiko shook her head, “Yumi needs to be punished severely. As I said before, my little sister has committed a grave mistake and placed you in great danger, Lady Lily, so you must punish her for that. I will help you hold her in place so that you can slap her with the footwear.”

“Sis… how could you do this?!” Yumi struggled left and right with disbelief written all over face1.

“Hmph,” Lily stood up silently while holding the footwear and arrived behind Yumi, “Do you know? I hate deception much more than hostility.”

“Don’t move,” Yukiko arrived beside Yumi and caught her waist in between her arms.

“Shiu, go out and watch the entrance,” Lily ordered.

Seeing the increasingly embarrassed expression on Shiu’s face, Lily decided to make her leave the location so that Yumi would have some dignity left.

Shiu stood outside the cave entrance and although the sound of the rain wasn’t that low, her ears couldn’t help but pick up on the slapping noises emerging incessantly from the inside of the cave that was accompanied by Yumi’s cries which even turned into pleas towards the end. However, Shiu felt that these pleas sounded a bit strange as they didn’t sound like they were a result of just pain2.

Although Shiu felt pretty embarrassed, she clenched her fists silently, “You can do it, Lady Mimori. You must reflect on your mistake, just like the nice Lady Mimori from my memories.”

The punishment finally ended after approximately two hours3.

When Shiu went inside, it was as if nothing had happened at all. However, Yukiko and Lily were seated for some reason while Yumi remained standing while quivering with a flushed expression.

Yukiko felt a little embarrassed while assuming a thoughtful look.

“Is something on your mind, Yukiko?” Lily inquired.

Yukiko looked at Lily and found it a little difficult to answer her question, “Although I’ve passed on that message to you, Lady Lily, the Midō clan’s mission isn’t complete yet. We still need to tell you the location of the treasure, but…”

Yukiko cut off her words and blushed.

Lily naturally knew why she didn’t finish speaking further.

“Hmph! Why are you acting so passively now, Sis? Weren’t you pretty decisive until a few moments ago?” Yumi’s butt still hurt so she retaliated intentionally by saying such words to vent her anger, “If you feel embarrassed to say it, I shall help you say it now. Don’t we need to just make the treasure maps on our backs appear? H-However, those tattoos only appear while doing that and can only be seen in that moment. Unfortunately, my sister and I are both women, and you are also a woman, Lily, so there’s no way for you to make the tattoos on our backs appear. Even if we want to give the treasure to you, you don’t have the means to obtain it!”

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Yukiko also stated in a slightly dejected tone, “Don’t say such rude words, Lil’ Sis Yumi. To be honest, putting aside the fact whether Lady Lily possesses the means or not, you don’t have such a strange preference as well… How can we force Lady Lily to do something that would disgust her?”

“Well… I might not necessarily feel disgusted about it… but…” Lily knew that she shouldn’t do something like this that would let her senior sister down as it was the same as cheating on her, but to be honest, as she possessed a boy’s consciousness, it would be too hypocritical to say that she would feel disgusted about doing something like that with these two sisters.

“Eh?” Yukiko covered her collar and blushed suddenly before directing a slightly scared look towards Lily.

“Eh?” Lily also sensed the change in the mood within the cave and denied it anxiously, “P-Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to say that I like girls as a girl… actually… sigh. It’s a pretty complicated matter!”

“Lady Mimori, I won’t tell you Sister’s secret, but I heard that she and Lady Uesugi Rei kissed in front of many people in Suruga Province once. I hope that you won’t believe that rumor!” Shiu stated solemnly.

“Huh?!” Yukiko looked at Lily with even more fear.

“Shut up, Shiu!”

“Hmph!” Yumi interjected, “You needn’t threaten Shiu, Lily. Do you think we don’t know anything at all? Shiu already told me that you like mature and charming women. As a matter of fact, Sister Yukiko fits the criteria perfectly!”

Saying so, Yumi pushed Yukiko towards Lily.

“Oh, Yumi! Stop messing around now!” Yukiko stated shyly.

“Tch! You’ve even gotten married, Sister Yukiko. What are you feeling all embarrassed for now?”

“I-I was forced to do back then. Also, why did you only push me forward, Yumi? You also need to let her… or else there’s no meaning in it.”

“Well…” Yumi blushed, “I won’t do it!”

Yukiko, however, considered it yet again seemed to resolve herself to do it. She arrived in front of Lily and asked, “Miss Lily, although you are a woman, is it true that you like mature women as my little sister claimed?”

“Well… uhm… I… don’t hate them, that’s all,” Lily replied in a pretty embarrassed tone.

Yukiko took a deep breath and pulled Yumi beside her, “Kneel down, Yumi.”


“I’m telling you to kneel down in front of Lady Lily. As a member of the Midō clan and as my little sister, you must listen to my orders.”

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“Tch!” Yumi kneeled down in front of Lily helplessly.

Yukiko continued speaking solemnly, “Lady Lily, the Midō clan has protected this treasure for many generations now, all so that we can give it to the Mirror Girl one day. If we don’t give it to you, the many years that our clan spent fighting and sacrificing our lives for will not be able to attain an acceptable outcome! We would be letting down our dead sisters and clansmen if that happens and have no way to face our ancestors who have been waiting silently for this moment to come!”

Yukiko’s moderate chest heaved up and down intensely as she followed up with righteous words in an unquestionable tone, “Since you don’t hate women, Lady Lily, although I know that it might be a bit embarrassing to request such a thing without any emotional basis between us, for the sake of my long years of expectation, suffering and humiliation as well as Lil’ Sis Yumi turning over a new leaf after reflecting on her mistake, I request you to…”

Yukiko lowered her head and her aura seemed to weaken by a lot, “… do that with us.”

“Eh?!” Lily quivered, “Yukiko, d-don’t do such a…”

Yukiko brought up the expectations and sacrifice of the Midō clan, so even if I am unwilling, how can I refuse her?
Also, I have no clue about how to make their tattoos appear with a girl’s body, and even if I did, wouldn’t I be letting Senior Sister down if I did that?
Do I find someone else to do it, then?
There’s no way I can do that!
That would be the greatest insult to them as well as me. They also feel quite reluctant, but they’ve recognized me as the Mirror Girl already. This is too sad for them.

“What are you saying all of a sudden, Sister Yukiko?! I absolutely won’t do it!” Yumi stated.

“Enough! If you keep saying that you don’t want to do it, I’ll tie you up again and let you speak then!” Yukiko stated determinedly, “This pertains to the mission of the Midō clan and is paramount compared to everything else! Also, Lady Lily is such a noble and beautiful personage, so there’s no shame for us sisters in showing the tattoos to her… it’s much better than showing it to someone else… isn’t that so?”

“Tch… I thought you changed, Sis, but you still think of the clan first and foremost like in the past and have no room for yourself and your little sister in your heart…” Although Yumi said such things, she raised her head to look at Lily and felt her heart throb faster. Although she hated this woman before her eyes, she was so pretty, noble and strong… just thinking about being dominated by a woman like her…. Oh, she didn’t dare to imagine any further.

Although Lily felt pretty conflicted, she was certain about one thing.

Which was looking at the big picture.

She had to obtain the treasure4!

Lily was even more determined to journey to Kansai now as there was a huge chance that Ayaka had sent that message to the Mirror Girl personally, which meant that she knew crucial information about the Mirror Girl’s mission. Her senior sister’s soul had been dormant within the mirror ever since she had arrived within this world, so it was highly probable that her condition was related to the mission of the Mirror Girl.

However, the journey to Kansai was a long one and riddled with dangers aplenty as Kansai was occupied by Great Demon paragons like Shuten Doji and Sugawara no Michizane!

Although Lily wasn’t their match, obtaining the treasure was likely to increase her chances of advancing her strength further and increase her chances of survival!

In order to investigate the secret that might be key to waking up her senior sister, Lily needed to make it out of the endless wasteland alive and defend herself from the real Great Demons sleeping dormant within the darkness of Kansai, all of which required strength!

And this treasure was crucial for obtaining that strength!

However, Lily had to do something that would let her senior sister down again in order to obtain this treasure.

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Although Lily felt very ashamed, she knew what’s right and what’s wrong clearly in her mind and didn’t have the leeway to worry about personal gains and losses at this moment!

“Senior Sister! I would rather do things that will let you wake up earlier even if I have to kneel in front of you and confess my sins and face your punishment, your resentment and your rage when you wake up one day in the future! Even if you stop loving me because of it, I’ll make sure that you are able to live a decent, healthy and comfortable life in this world! I won’t let you keep sleeping alone within that gloomy stone room without any awareness!”

Lily closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her mind.

She then curled her sweet-scented hair to the back and bowed down with an affectionate yet firm gaze in her eyes, “I want that treasure.”

“Eh?!” Yumi quivered, “Y-You pervert… Shiu was right. You really want us sisters, right?”

Yukiko, however, just smiled as if she had resigned herself to fate, “This is the fate of the Midō clan. Lady Lily, although I don’t have any such experience, I shall work hard to serve you…”

“I-I also don’t have any such experience!” Lily swayed her hips shyly.

“T-That… Master… Lady Mimori… Y-You aren’t going to do it here, right…” Shiu murmured while covering the mouth of her blushing face, unable to prevent her nose from bleeding heavily.5


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