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Chapter 120 – Dream and Night

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3221 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2148 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Kagura, do you know where the Divine Sun Formation is?” Lily asked.

“How would I know that? Who knows which expert built this formation in this valley. It was a pretty rare formation even in the Nara period and requires a sky-high amount of wealth to build it. However, it’s almost certain that the two formations are quite far from each other.1

Lily nodded, “I understand. It seems like it’ll be quite difficult to find the other stone formation that’s a counterpart to this formation unless we find more clues about it.”

Lily gave up on mulling over this stone formation for now as she was about to embark on the journey to Kansai soon. The chances of her finding the other stone formation were pretty low and it also didn’t really affect her much.

The breezing wind and snow gusted through the valley and even such frigidity wasn’t enough to cool down the heat coming off from Lily’s body. Her spirit palace seemed to have become a volcano after attaining the Spirit Jade Stage and she felt wholly energetic right now. The frigidity didn’t affect her at all and she even felt a little hot.

Even though it was the midwinter season, Lily would’ve actually preferred to don a kimono mini dress if it wasn’t for her reservedness because of the heat she felt.

Lily came to the hot spring in order to take a pleasant bath first, but she actually ended up running across Kotoka inside.

Fortunately, both of them were robed in bath towels and got into the water before removing their towels. The hot spring’s water had low transparency because of the volcanic elements present in it which were beneficial for the skin when absorbed by it, so the episode didn’t actually turn out to be that embarrassing.

Kotoka watched Lily soak in the hot spring, fully aware of the fact that she had broken through to the next power realm.

She leaned back against the stone and talked to Lily while watching the rising mist in front of her eyes, “The land routes connecting Kanto and Kansai are severed right now and it’s rumored that it’s only possible for the transcendents to complete the journey safely. However, you are already the second strongest powerhouse in the East right now, Lily, and also have famed blades like Evil Slayer and Crescent Moon with you along with some exceptionally powerful treasures. There wouldn’t be such a rumor in the East if you’re unable to cross the Endless Wastelands now, would it?”

Lily nodded affirmatively as Kotoka had spoken the truth. Although she didn’t dare to say that the journey to Kansai was absolutely safe now, she had made the proper preparations and was quite confident internally.

Furthermore, the Sakura Blossom Valley had Kotoka and Sakiko to deal with the administrative matters and had Haihime, Yumi and the others to fortify it. Haihime’s strength was much higher than the Furinkazan’s members, so the safety of her sisters within the valley was ensured. It could even be said that this valley had the strongest defense in the East if the Hachiman Palace were excluded. As it was pretty secluded on top of all this, it reassured Lily even though it would be a long journey this time.

No matter how far she went, Lily had a place to return now, a warm and cozy home that made her feel at peace in this alternate Heian world, which filled her heart with even stronger power.

However, Lily knew that she couldn’t cling to his comfort and indulge in the warmth of this spring water.

My senior sister’s soul is still dormant within the dark and cold stone room!

Sister Uesugi has also gone to subjugate Shuten Doji along with a bunch of ostentatious scions who didn’t know the immensity of the world and her whereabouts are unknown even now.

As for Sister Shimuzu, even though her condition has improved a lot, it still isn’t comparable to the natural vivacity that Sister Rei and I possess as women. Although I don’t know what she is actually doing, I trust her to not do something as dangerous as Sister Uesugi. But where exactly are you, Sister Shimizu?

“Madam Kotoka, I’m planning to set off tomorrow morning.”

“So fast? You made a breakthrough just recently, so how about you take rest for a few days after the arduous training?”

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“Madam, I am in the optimal condition right now because I just made a breakthrough. Also, I’ve been quite worried about Sister Uesugi who left for Kansai for some time now, so I want to set off earlier.”

Kotoka nodded, “Alright. You needn’t worry overmuch. The valley has me, Sakiko, Haihime and the others in it. We have nothing to fear in the whole East except for an attack from Lord Kamakura.”

Lily naturally knew that Lord Kamakura wouldn’t attack them and that Kotoka had just made an analogy.

Kotoka leaned forward and pulled Lily closer before picking up the bath towel to wipe Lily’s wet shoulders and arms, “Although you’re strong enough, the path to Kansai is rife with danger, Lily. The people of the west are different from the people of Kanto and are much more insidious and calculative. You need to watch out for traps unrelated to strength and act with utmost caution.”

“I know that. Thank you for the reminder, Madam.”

“Also…” Kotoka hesitated for a good while but remained silent in the end.

“Madam Kotoka, do you have something to tell me?”

“It’s nothing,” Kotoka shook her head, “I’m just feeling a little dizzy from the dip, so I’ll get out first. You’ve trained continuously for days, Lily, so you better soak in the hot spring longer.”


Kotoka stepped on the rock beside Lily with her fair and slender legs that had crystal clear water trailing down them.

Around the same time, thousands of kilometers away from Sakura Blossom Valley.

Here lied a vast and barren drought-inflicted wasteland which was spotted with a sparse amount of monstrous withered trees that had no shade underneath the sun scorching above the desolate mountain range.

Donned in a dark, long-sleeved kimono with white lining and patterns of illusive butterflies, the wooden-sandaled Minamoto no Shimizu traversed through this wasteland alone with a black parasol patterned with golden bellflowers and a red knapsack in hand.

Unsheathed Blade, that is, Tranquil Bamboo, acted as the parasol’s handle and was hidden inside it right now.

After reuniting with Lily and reconciling with her, Shimizu changed the name of her katana once again as it filled her with power and left an eternal reminder in her mind. She wanted to expose the secrets of those who plotted against Lily in the dark and return to Lily’s side after that to push her blade into Lily’s sheath delightfully.

“Owari province’s Kiyosu Castle lies ahead,” Shimizu fetched an old map and saw the silhouette of the unremarkable castle city standing at the horizon.

Night had fallen by the time Lily had returned to the cottage, so she assumed that most of her sisters were probably asleep by now and decided to bid them farewell in the morning of the next day.

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Lily was also a little exhausted, so she fell asleep immediately after returning to her room.

The undue sleep descended upon Lily instantly and she entered the land of dreams while still dressed in the white yukata after pulling the blanket up.

Lily’s consciousness manifested within the dark space filled with endless mist once again.

Endless shadows of massive, hideous, brutal and majestic demons surrounded the gorgeous beauty dressed in flimsy and immodest garments, but the mature women actually wore a noble and virtuous expression.

A layer of ambrosial sweat covered the woman’s flushed skin right now as she continued to dance proudly like a lone flower admiring itself.

The woman wielded a twig that seemed ordinary yet extraordinary and had little bells and paper streams fixed at the top.

Although the woman looked healthy and shapely, Lily felt as if she had been dancing ever since the time when she had first dreamed of her and that she was close to being unable to dance further, yet her proud and noble movements actually looked prettier because of this fatigue.

The evil spirits didn’t give her even a moment of rest and surrounded her firmly while barraging her with obscenities.

There were also ancient and reverberant, penetrative voices echoing in the area, “Yield and state the Mirror Girl’s mission!”

“You’ll be able to become free if you say it!”
“Say it! Say it!”
“Why aren’t you saying it?!”
“Lily! Master Lily!”

“Argh!” Lily got up in fright with her forehead covered in sweat and found that the mattress below was drenched in sweat.

A gentle silhouette stood beside her at this moment and supported her shoulder while looking at her with concern under the curtain of night.

“Sister Haihime? I… I’m sorry. I just had a scary dream,” Lily knew that it probably wasn’t a dream, but she didn’t know how to explain it.

“Are you all right, Master? I brought over your undergarments and underwear after washing them and found you moaning on the bed with a flushed complexion, so I woke you up without permission as it worried me a little,” Haihime stated while breathing in the womanly scent coming off from Lily, “Just look at how you are now, the clothes you just changed into are wet again now. Let me help you change into a new pair.”

Saying so, Haihime lifted Lily’s blanket with the intention of helping her change.

“Eh, y-you needn’t do that… I can do it myself just fine in a bit,” Lily moved aside embarrassedly and hugged her yukata-clad legs.

Haihime arrived beside Lily and leaned her head on Lily’s shoulder.

“Just what kind of dream did you have that it turned you into such a state?”

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“It was about a gorgeous, mature, and sexily-dressed woman who danced for a group of massive demons in a noble fashion. I’ve dreamed about the same scene several times now, it’s really puzzling.”

“This kind of dream is… a bit strange. For a girl to have such a dream, could it be that you’re sexually frustrated?” Haihime looked at Lily with worry.

“Eh?” Lily blushed immediately, “O-Of course not! The dancing woman isn’t me, but it’s too real to be just a dream…”

“It doesn’t feel like a good omen to me. Must you really make the journey to Kansai, Lil’ Master?” Haihime looked at Lily worriedly and caressed the wet hair stuck to her cheek gently.

“I must go, Sister Haihime, regardless of whether it’s a good omen or a bad omen,” Lily’s reply was so resolute that it didn’t need any further justification.

“How about you take me along with you?”

Lily shook her head, “You fled from Kansai to this land along with your clansmen, Sister Haihime, so I hope for you to live peacefully in this valley and the valley’s defense is also linked to you. It would worry me a lot when I leave for Kansai if you aren’t here as I don’t know when I’ll be able to return.”

Haihime nodded, “I understand. Let me repeat it again then. I shall await your return in this valley, but since we don’t know when we will be able to see each other again after you leave this time, how about you let me change your undergarments and underwear this time?”

“No,” Lily rejected the proposition firmly in a soft yet shy tone.

“Let me accompany you until tomorrow morning then, all right?”

“Fine,” Lily nodded.

Haihime thus got rid of the wet comforter and laid a new comforter down.

A girl with dark-green hair arrived in front of the open door while holding her comforter at this moment.

“Oh. It looks like someone was here first,” Shiu stated somewhat unhappily.

Lily and Haihime looked at Shiu in puzzlement.

“Shiu, why are you…” Haihime questioned.

“I plan to sleep with Master Lily tonight since she’s setting off tomorrow.”

“Eh?” Lily felt confused.

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Shiu entered inside after saying her piece and laid down her comforter beside Lily.

However, yet another woman had arrived at the doorway while holding her comforter before Shiu could even lay down hers properly.

“How could you sneak away first when we agreed to come together, Shiu?” Nanako stated tensely.

“You’re going to accompany Master on the journey, Nanako, so do you even need to compete with me tonight?” Shiu stated annoyedly.

“Of course not. But didn’t everyone agree to sleep together with Master tonight?”

“Everyone?” Lily felt even more confused.

“Yes, Lady Lily, we’ll be bothering you tonight…” The white yukata-dressed Yukiko and Yumi waved at Lily from behind Nanako with their comforters sandwiched between their waists and free hands.2


  1. Silva: Why do I have a feeling it’s somewhere in Kansai?
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