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Chapter 81 – The Silk Unfurls, The Mirror Appears

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3118 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2109 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“You must have hidden the mirror on your body, right? If not for that, Lord Kamakura wouldn’t have made you out as a mirror girl. A treasure as important as this should never leave one’s side, so you must have had it with you, just like me. Tell me, where did you hide it?” Shimizu sized up Lily with a gentle smile on her face.

From what Lily knew about the legends of the mirror girls, the mirror girls consisted of only a few chosen women and each one of them possessed a mirror. Hence, if she were to claim she didn’t have one, it would leave no gaps in her defense. After all, there was always a chance that the Kamakura Imperial Palace had only investigated her lineage and history, and even Lord Kamakura hadn’t claimed she had a mirror on her, so she could always refute this claim.

However, Lily didn’t want to hide things from Shimizu again as she didn’t wish to see her fall further into the abyss of pain and betrayal because of a misunderstanding.

‘Senior Sister, your soul’s safety is of the highest importance for Lily at any time, but Lily doesn’t wish to see the people on her side get hurt. Lily wishes to express her candid sincerity, as a sister and a woman. Lily has the confidence and courage to protect Senior Sister’s soul even in such a situation and will definitely awaken you one day. Lily will accomplish it at all costs! So, please allow Lily to live up to her sisters and brave this danger!’

Lily drew in a deep breath that caused her bosom to heave up and down intensely.

She stood up and under the lighting of the night, her crimson long-sleeved kimono gave off a very flirtatious splendor. Even if her face wasn’t visible, her long legs, slender waist and the graceful contours of her figure exuded a hidden enticement.

Lily straightened her back, yet her head was slightly lowered as she responded to Shimizu in a bashful yet somewhat prideful tone, “You asked me where the mirror is, right? Why don’t you find that out yourself?”

Shimizu froze for a moment as even she hadn’t expected such a response from Lily.

She stood up and walked towards Lily while dragging the long, black sleeves of the kimono.

Lily raised her head up proudly yet also spread her arms defenselessly, her crimson long-sleeves making her appear like a lost butterfly caught in a net.

Shimizu approached Lily and observed the beautiful woman before her who seemed to play around with her yet wasn’t willing to commit in her heart from top to bottom and felt the adolescent yet slightly mature womanly aura oozing out of her.

She circled around to Lily’s back and reached out with her fair hands to untie the sash of Lily’s kimono without the slightest hesitation. Lily also matched her movements and laid down her arms a little, allowing the long-sleeved kimono to fall down to her heels like a crimson waterfall.

Following that, the snow-like white silk that draped about the beautiful girl’s body from her bosom to thighs was revealed outside.

Only virgins were allowed to wear the formal long-sleeved kimono on the outside that represented the pinnacle of purity and beauty, so they obviously couldn’t wear graceless things like underwear and camisoles beneath it and instead had to follow the tradition of draping the meticulously crafted white silk around the body in a tight-fit as the only undergarment.

Lily’s face blushed harder when this undergarment was revealed outside as it didn’t seem appropriate for the occasion and she was even being watched on top of that.

On the other hand, Shimizu chucked lovingly in astonishment and placed one of her palms on Lily’s back while her other palm grabbed the end of the silk and pulled gently while twirling Lily around.


The white silk oozing with the fragrance of a girl unfurled just like the Milky Way flowing into the starry skies while Lily was forced to spin around helplessly.

This feeling of unfurling the white silk that oozed a girly scent portrayed a picturesque scene and also gave an unprecedented sensation of accomplishment and possessiveness to Shimizu.

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Her eyes revealed an excited glow and rippled with surging waves. Even her movements seemed to have abandoned weakness and relaxed as she continued to unfurl the white silk that draped around Lily.

Lily was just like a bound angel, forced to spin around, gradually revealing her aloof beauty that was but under the control of another woman.

The unfurled white silk kept piling down on the floor and gleamed with a pearly light under the darkness of the night.

The white silk on Lily’s body decreased further and further as Shimizu kept unfurling it decisively and her cheeks had also flushed up a little because of the dizziness from spinning around. The remaining white silk draped around her charming body barely covered her bosom and privates now.

But Shimizu had no intention of stopping now.


The white silk had been pulled to the point that it couldn’t be pulled any further, and this caused Lily to huddle a bit in embarrassment and cover the section between her legs and her bosom with her hands to protect the final remaining meter of silk.

The silk unfurls, and the mirror appears.

A corner of the ancient mirror had already revealed itself from within the white silk and was being pressed against Lily’s pubic region by her arm.

Shimizu revealed a sweet and content smile when she saw this scene.

She tugged on the silk fabric and pulled Lily before her. It seemed like she could control Lily’s movements however she wanted with just a tug of the silk fabric and made Lily comply to her intentions. She then reached out towards Lily’s pubis with the intention of pulling out the mirror.

Lily still wanted to persist for a while longer, so she squeezed her legs inwards tighter, but Shimizu seemed to possess an extraordinary strength in her grip and eventually pulled out the mirror that contained Lily’s warmth and scent.

Shimizu hugged Lily’s waist with one of her hands while holding the mirror with the other and studied it meticulously.

“This is indeed pretty amazing. It looks exactly the same as mine. It’s quite unbelievable that such a thing exists in this world. However, I can’t feel any spiritual fluctuations from it. Does this mirror of yours impart a mystic swordplay into your consciousness while you are immersed in your dreams, little sister?”

“A mystic swordplay? N-No, it doesn’t… Sister Shimizu, you should’ve already figured out that I practice the Genji Swordstyle.”

“Mhm. That is my doubt, too. This mirror obviously looks the same as mine, yet it hasn’t imparted the swordplay to you.”

Shimizu leaned her head on Lily’s fair and tender shoulders and lifted the mirror up, making it reflect her and Lily’s figure. Its reflection was quite blurry, just like her own mirror.

“Even the way it reflects our faces is the same as my mirror, but it doesn’t have a swordplay inside it. What special ability does this mirror of yours have then, little sister?” Shimizu inquired.

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“Mhm… It can reflect a clear image under the illumination of the moonlight.”

“Huh?” Shimizu looked at Lily in amazement and a bit of glee that was hard to sense as she asked, “That’s all?”

The facts that the mirror had a mysterious space, had the dormant soul of her senior sister, and that her soul could enter the mirror were all huge secrets. Hence, Lily couldn’t mention these unbelievable matters to others as it would place her senior sister in a huge peril.

If Shimizu’s mirror had the same function, she would have asked Lily about it, but since she hadn’t, it meant that her mirror didn’t possess such an ability.

Hence, as even Lily didn’t know how to enter and exit the mirror space, she felt that no one would believe her even if she claimed such an absurd matter. There was even a chance that Shimizu would doubt she was tricking her, so Lily decided not to mention it.

“Yes,” Lily nodded cutely.

“Hehehe,” Shimizu began chuckling for some reason suddenly and returned the mirror to Lily and draped the long-sleeved kimono back on Lily’s shoulders, “Wear your clothes quickly now. Although you have a healthy body, little sister, you must take care not to catch a cold.1

Lily was also utterly ashamed right now, so she wore the long-sleeved kimono back again and arranged her appearance a bit before tying the sash and putting the mirror inside it.

It was quite a complicated process to drape that white silk fabric around her body again, so she just bent down with the intention of bringing it back home.

However, one of Shimizu’s feet stepped on top of the silk fabric at this moment, “Consider this as an apology gift to your elder sister, okay? Just treat it as a compensation for this minor incident of fooling your sister like that.”

“Uhm, that’s…” Lily also felt a bit embarrassed, but she could sense that Shimizu wasn’t soliciting her intentions, so she could only let her take it away and just hope she doesn’t use it for anything weird2.

Shimizu pulled Lily’s arm sweetly and pressed her body against hers once Lily had worn her clothes properly, “You are really something, little sister. Could it be that even the Heavens are aware that you love beauty so much that even the special ability of your mirror is to reflect your lovely appearance? Hehe, this ability matches well with you, little sister. Your elder sister will teach you that mystic swordplay later on. After all, your elder sister’s mirror contains a truly heaven-defying power in it. Your elder sister is one of the chosen! You need not feel inferior and become jealous of your elder sister because of this, little sister.3

“Sister…” Lily felt elated from the sensation of Shimizu’s body pressing up against her arm but she was still able to exercise restraint by relying on her willpower, “Having such a powerful elder sister is a matter worth feeling proud of for a little sister, how could Lily feel inferior because of that.”

“Mhm. You have really suffered, little sister. It’s really pitiful that you need to suffer the pursuit of monsters while carrying a mirror that doesn’t have much use,” Saying so, Shimizu caressed Lily’s cheeks lovingly and kissed her cheek4.

Lily felt blood rush to her face, “Sister Shimizu, Lily was born as a mirror girl. Even if Lily doesn’t have a mirror, it’s quite difficult to escape the fate of being pursued by those demons…”

“That’s true. If little sister is a pitiful mirror girl who’s unable to choose her fate, then this elder sister is the person chosen by the Heavens to protect you! You are mine…” Saying so, Shimizu’s sight blurred, and she unconsciously pressed her pubis against Lily’s body. It seemed like her body had also tensed up a little.

“Sister…” Lily tried to evade in discomfort.

“What is it? We’re sisters, aren’t we? In my eyes, sisters are the same as lovers, so it’s completely normal for lovers to do things like this, isn’t it?”

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“Don’t do this, Sister. Didn’t I say that we can only become sisters and not lovers and so on.”

“Hehe. Fine. I won’t tease little sister anymore. Little sister is also tired, right? You can return first then. Your elder sister feels pretty great right now, so she’s going to practice that mystic swordplay for a while and perhaps even achieve a breakthrough! However, if you wish to watch your elder sister practice, you can remain behind to learn it.”

“Eh? No-no. Lily is afraid she will distract you at the moment of breakthrough, so she’ll return first.”

“Mhm, that’s fine, too. You are indeed quite perceptive, little sister,” Saying so, Shimizu lifted Lily’s hand and kissed the back of her palm.

Lily really found it hard to bear these flurry of kisses from her and found it hard to maintain her reasoning.

“Sister, I have something to request you,”
“Mhm? What is it?”
“It’s about the Annual Kamakura Training Excursion…”

Lily recounted Sakiko’s proposal to Shimizu in full detail.

“Mhm. Although your elder sister doesn’t like these kinds of activities that much, if you are planning to go, little sister, your elder sister will look forward to this training excursion as well.”

“You promise to come, then, sister?”

“Naturally!” Shimizu nodded with a sweet smile.5


  1. Silva: Phew… my worries were unfounded. I’m not Lily but, even I would feel uneasy to let someone else hold something as precious as that mirror. Gotta praise Lily for her guts.
  2. Silva: Oh but she definitely will
  3. Silva: Yikes, here comes the narcissism
  4. Silva: Oh but I’m sure Lily’s mirror has more secrets than that… what about those sexy clothes within? :watch_the_world_burn:
  5. Robinxen: It is sweet right? Not yandere?

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