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Chapter 57 – Feelings of Tender Affection

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2326 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1709 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily’s comprehension of intent kept improving ceaselessly, and she enjoyed this entire refinement process with all her senses.

And by the time she snapped her eyes open, night had long passed, and it was already wee hours in the morning of the next day.

“Oh, no! Sister Uesugi!”

As she was too immersed in the sensation of her intent’s comprehension, Lily had completely forgotten about Rei, who was still bound within the prison!

At this moment, Lily suddenly felt a ripple from Crescent Moon that she had left within her room. Although she didn’t know what this ripple signified, she still returned to her room to pick it up and hastened towards the prison.

When Lily pulled the creaking door of the torture room open, she discovered that the torch inside had long stopped burning. Hence, she went out and quickly brought the small candle from the corner of the walls into the room to ignite the torch.

And the instant she accomplished that, she saw that Rei was still bound to the bench and was utterly drench in musky sweat right now. As she had tried to struggle free too hard, the ropes had bit into her yukata over the shoulders, and pulled them back, revealing her spotless, mellow shoulders outside. Her skin glistened with the sweat that had formed on top of her body, and the piece of cloth covering her mouth had become a wet mess by now.

Guilt overcame Lily, followed by feelings of tender affection.

So, even Sister Uesugi has things she’s terrible at. Yet, I feel having this shortcoming contrarily makes her much cuter.1

The former Uesugi Rei was a goddess of war, and the current Uesugi Rei was a woman, at least such was the case from Lily’s perspective.

Rei didn’t wear her usual easy-going smile on her face when she saw Lily appear. Her brows were slightly furrowed at the moment, and her face had even gained a ruddy color.

For the first time ever, Lily had realized that her Sister Uesugi’s face could also turn so ruddy.

She rushed forth promptly and undid the piece of cloth that she had used to cover Rei’s mouth and placed it back into her bosom in passing2. She had only done this because the cloth was originally her hand towel and had no other intentions behind her actions.3

Lily immediately felt Rei’s brows furrow deeper, and the forlorn expression in her eyes seemed like they were telling her she had something to say. Nevertheless, she held back from doing so in the end, and her expression gradually returned to a tranquil one. The continually changing forms of her bountiful breasts that were pressed against the bench, however, made it clear to Lily that her breathing was still rushed.

In that split second, Lily felt like she ought to kneel down and apologize towards Rei, but, for some reason, another gloomy thought occupied her mind. Hence, although she apologized, she didn’t offer one while kneeling down.

“Forgive me, Sister Uesugi. Lily was pondering about something and forgot that you were all alone here. Only, I wasn’t expecting you to be so bad at the escaping. This is the most basic restraint, yet you haven’t been able to escape from it even after so long. If it were Lily who was practicing it, a punishment would be due for sure. However, since it’s Sister Uesugi, it’s probably difficult to mete out a punishment since it may harm your pride,” Lily stated in a peculiar yet gentle and demure voice.

“Hehehe,” Rei actually began chuckling, “You’re probably thinking that I am feeling embarrassed because I couldn’t learn it properly, right? However, Lily, I have never felt embarrassed in my entire life. There’s a lot of things that I’m good at, but there are also things that I’m bad at in this world. For the things that I’m good at, I only need to exert half the effort to net double the results, and for the things that I’m bad at, wouldn’t practicing more make me better at it? Your sister won’t get discouraged so easily, so your worries are really misplaced. It seems like I will have to consult much more about this with you from now on, little sister.”

Lily observed her Sister Uesugi. Indeed. Sister Uesugi’s face is just a bit ruddy, and even though her breathing is rushed, she probably isn’t feeling that embarrassed at all. She’s indeed worthy of being my Sister Uesugi. This minor setback has actually made her more passionate about learning it better instead of renouncing it or feeling embarrassed about it.

“Mhm… Lily… actually…”
“Hmm? What is it?”

“Actually… I killed a bit too much over the past few days, so… I want to… neutralize the accumulated grudge again. Release me and lend your weapon to me for a while,” Rei’s gaze focused on Lily’s Crescent Moon. After sensing the distinct and overabundant grudge accumulated within it, she revealed a cute and seductive smile along with a somewhat thirsting gaze.

As Lily was looking down on her Sister Uesugi from above, she experienced a totally different feeling because of the difference in the point of view from her usual one. Hence, even though she was planning to undo the ropes, a totally different idea popped up in her mind suddenly.

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For some reason, she felt like bullying her Sister Uesugi tonight, and almost craved to do it.4

As such, she told her this in a demure yet cold tone, “You want this grudge, Sister Uesugi? You can just have it this way then.”


Lily lifted her weapon, then brought the handle of her Crescent Moon closer to Rei’s mouth and pressed it against her lips.5

Rei furrowed her brows slightly and showed some resistance, but the weakness of a blade maiden wasn’t something she could control. If she didn’t release the grudge accumulated inside her body from killing, it would make her lose her sanity, such was the nature of a blade maiden, an inevitable fate. Lily was an exception to this as she could borrow the power of moonlight to purify the grudge, but the other maidens couldn’t escape this fate.

Strong as she was, even Uesugi Rei couldn’t resist the allure of the aura emitted by the handle. Lily’s hand, as well as that grudge’s fabulous flavor, beckoned her to open her moist mouth and suck onto the handle rather eagerly.

The grudge within Crescent Moon surged out and poured inside Rei’s body. As this happened, Lily supported Rei’s chin up with one of her hands, while her other hand gently and habitually kneaded Rei’s earlobe. Her Sister Uesugi also didn’t seem to hate this action of hers.


On this night, it seemed like Lily had succeeded in dominating the scene.

At dawn, Shiina Airi arrived at Uesugi Rei’s room to wake up their commander, who tended to oversleep often because of her lethargy. However, she discovered that Uesugi Rei hadn’t overslept today as Rei wasn’t present in the room at all.

Rei and Lily walked out of the prison side-by-side at this moment. Rei still had the same casual and confident expression as always, and before they passed through the gate, she told this to Lily, “Lil’ Lily, you won the bout between us last night, but I also had a great time having fun with you. Actually, I’m not as domineering as you have imagined me to be. As long as you like it, we can continue having fun like this since it’s not that bad at all~~~!”

“Eh?!” Rei’s words had left Lily stunned as she thoroughly believed that Sister Uesugi would feel a bit afraid of her after this experience. However, after hearing her words, it made Lily suspect whether Rei had premeditated everything that had happened and intentionally shown weakness to lure Lily into controlling her in that manner.

Lily shook her head as her thoughts were a mess right now. I’ll get stuck in limbo if this goes on and end up spinning it around in such a way that it would all seem like a scheme of hers.

“Ugh… Whatever may be the truth, she did look pretty cute last night. However, I absolutely cannot let my feelings for her develop to the next stage. Mhm. I only did that to help her learn the escape technique and to lessen the grudge she had accumulated, that’s all,” Lily thought to herself.

The cavalrywomen, as well as the horses, had already gathered at an empty ground within the Fūma village by now as it was time to withdraw to Kamakura city.

Rei and they were also returning to Kamakura as they needed to accept the valuable rewards.

However, Lily felt a bit worried about Shiu, who had left to visit her family at the Yagyū family last night.

Uesugi Rei and Lily walked on top of the wooden platform in the Fūma village and faced the one hundred cavalrywomen before them. After that, Rei announced the following to the cavalrywomen, “You all fought well this time. The entire monetary reward will be split amongst you all. At the same time, the land will be bestowed to the sisters who have the highest contributions in the battle. Also, I have a piece of good news for you all!”

Rei took a deep breath, and after whetting everyone’s appetite long enough, she said, “The talented girl from the Genji Main Dojo standing beside me, Miss Kagami, has decided to bestow half of her monetary reward from her first-class merit this time to commend your contributions!”

“Ehhh?!” Lily felt shocked and looked at Rei with astonishment and shock.
“S-Sister Uesugi. I never said something like this!” Lily stated anxiously.
“Miss Lily, you’re the best!”

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Lily felt speechless as she looked at the impassioned cavalrywomen.

As for Uesugi Rei, she raised one of her hands up to calm the excited cavalrywomen, and out of their gazes, she placed her other hand on Lily’s plump buttocks that were wrapped under the red kimono.

“Sister Uesugi…” Lily’s face blushed from the embarrassment all of a sudden.

“As I thought, Sister Uesugi is absolutely taking revenge on me for last night’s matter~”6


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