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Chapter 49 – Shimizu and Rei

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2378 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1609 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Shimizu circled around Lily at a casual pace.

The lighting in the tent shone upon Lily’s perfect figure from every possible angle, which enunciated her flawless skin and proportions all the more.

Shimizu took off the metallic mask and facepiece on Lily’s head, then she loosened the belt that secured her battle skirt on her waist, but she left the upper armor alone. It was anyone’s guess why she didn’t take it off, or perhaps she just couldn’t because they were fastened tightly.

Lily’s face blushed a deeper red. Truth be told, she wasn’t very fond of being tied up by Shimizu. That wasn’t to say she preferred to be restrained by Rei, but if she had a choice in the matter, she would rather get bullied by Rei.

“Did you know what your mistake was?” Shimizu retrieved her fan and used it to induce airflow on Lily’s white stockings1. Since Lily had worn this pair of stockings throughout the battle, there were a few yellowish stains here and there2.

“If Sister Shimizu wants the first class merit, Lily will let big sister have it.”

“Slap!” Shimizu used the fan to whip Lily’s thigh, leaving a red mark on it, “Who said it was about the merits? Do you think I will tie you up and discipline you for something that trivial? Does lil’ sis think that big sister is that boring every day?”

“Then Lily truly has no idea what else is Sister Shimizu referring to, but since you are my training sister, if you want to discipline me, hit me or scold me, Lily will simply accept it all.”

“Humph, stop trying to act pitiful. You obviously heard what I asked earlier, what is the relationship between you and Uesugi Rei?”

Lily’s hair cascaded down her shoulders as she shook her head impotently, “Sister Uesugi is a good friend and sister of mine, and also a woman who I look up to very much.”

“Look up to?” Shimizu’s eyes darkened, “What is that you’re referring to? Is it that kind of r- romantic feelings between two women?”

Lily felt a bit uncomfortable to be hanged horizontally in the air, but she still forced out a few words, “Big sis is thinking too much, we are just… just…”

At this time, Lily became speechless. For some reason, she felt that she couldn’t lie to Shimizu nor could she continue to believe in her own lie.

“I’m sorry…”

That apology might not necessarily be for Shimizu, it might as well have been for her senior sister.

“What are you saying? Why are you apologizing? Did lil’ sis do something you have to apologize to big sister for?”

Lily felt that answering this question would be a lot more embarrassing than being bound by Shimizu like this because even though her upper body was properly dressed, her lower body only had a piece of cloth covering her crotch as it dangled before Shimizu’s eyes.

“Sister Shimizu, please hit me3.”

“Ehhh?” Confusion immediately took hold in Shimizu’s aquamarine eyes. Why did Lily suddenly become so obedient and even asked to be punished herself?

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“Lil’ Lily, what are you saying? If you want big sister to hit you, shouldn’t you at least tell me the reason?”

The reason? Nine out of ten Shimizu still wouldn’t understand even if Lily did explain herself.

Although Lily felt wronged to be censured by Shimizu for this, she was more terrified of the happy yet bashful feelings she held for Uesugi Rei.

She didn’t feel sorry for Shimizu, but it was a fact that she had let Sister Rinne4 down; for she was harboring feelings for a woman other than her. She felt guilty, but the temptation was so strong she just couldn’t resist. The more guilty she felt, the more she thought about it and couldn’t break free from the temptation.

That wild and powerful, yet unconstrained and beautiful woman had actually found a way into her heart.

This mistake was too big! It was too much!
She was too shameless!
She could never face her senior sister like this.

“Please, Sister Shimizu, don’t ask too much, just hit me,” Lily blushed and lowered her head, almost causing her long hair to touch the ground. Furthermore, she lifted her rear end even higher.

By now, even Shimizu was starting to lose her patience, she felt that she must discipline this little sister at all costs. A layer of black shadow covered her eyes as she took a deep breath. By the time she lifted the fan, however…

“Cough, cough—” She had a sudden coughing fit.

She even got down on one knee and dropped her fan.

“Sister Shimizu?” For a moment, Lily forgot about her current situation and shouted in worry since she was restrained and there was nothing else she could do. Although she did have the restraint release taught by the Saionji house, she still needed some time to break free. Shimizu’s binding technique was too good, she would require at least half an hour to untie the knots.

Shimizu’s forehead broke out in cold sweats and she was a little out of breath. She groped her chest for the medication and put it into her mouth with a quivering hand, quite a few spilled onto the ground as a result. After that, she tossed the bottle and grabbed her modest chest, then she cast Lily a bitter look, “Are you satisfied now? Your big sis is this kind of useless girl. You like those kinds of healthy and feminine big sisters anyway right? It’s not like I have any charm, to begin with. It’s always like this, I have always been loathed and rejected by everyone from childhood! Boohoohoo… cough, cough!”

“I hate my sickly body! I also wanted to have a healthy body like lil’ sis and drip youthful sweat on the frontline!” Shimizu sprung up and dashed out of the tent, face filled with tears, hopelessness, and reluctance as she ran into the darkness…

Lily was left alone in the tent, still suspended in midair.

She was worried about Shimizu and struggled to untie the rope desperately. Fragrant sweat dripped all over as he tossed from side to side, staining the carpet with droplets.

At this time, however, Uesugi Rei had arrived before Shimizu’s tent and lifted the hanging screen door. After hearing from Shiu that Lily was here, she had every intention to visit the training sisters’ tent.

With the erotic sight before her, even Uesugi Rei was shocked for a moment. Her face only blushed momentarily before her eyes were filled with abundant vigor as she licked her lips.

“Well, well, what’s with this feast for the eyes?” Uesugi Rei’s lips wrapped into a pleased smile.

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Noticing Uesugi Rei’s presence, Lily’s pulse started to beat faster and more sweats began to drip from her body due to nervousness.

Oh gosh! Such bad luck to run into Sister Uesugi at this time! She would occasionally take advantage of me even in normal times, and now that I look like this, she… but I can’t resist her like this, what do I do, how can I get out of this…

Lily’s face turned as red as a tomato, she felt like she would faint from the accumulated shame and nervousness.

Uesugi Rei went past Lily’s lower body that was only covered by a piece of white cloth, got in front of her, and unexpectedly pulled Lily into an embrace, burying Lily’s face in between her huge bosom.

“Fear not, just relax, big sis is here. I will help you get down at once.”


Uesugi Rei’s breasts were as soft and deep as the ocean. Contained within those two sets of mountains was a feminine smell that could drive all men crazy. Lily’s line of sight had been obstructed, all she could see was a warm red light. Her whole world was replaced by the sweet scent of that woman.

Uesugi Rei unfastened the restraint and put Lily down gently. She didn’t say anything and just sat there with Lily in her embrace. On the other hand, Lily also seemed to have no intention of pushing herself away from Uesugi and let her face be buried in Uesugi’s chest5. Disregarding that, however, her hands were vigorously yet affectionately holding her loins.

With the cold breeze brushing against her cheeks, Shimizu had calmed down somewhat. Although she didn’t want to admit it, she was indeed a little jealous of Uesugi Rei, be it her reputation or figure. She was indeed being a bit unfair to Lily. Forget it, let’s just go back and put lil’ sis down. It’s not like we have that kind of relationship anyway, I have no valid reason to be so strict with her nor do I have the right to be so angry, I need to apologize… Then, I can try to improve our intimacy tonight, and if the mood is right, I can try to steal a kiss and bring our relationship one step further.6

Training sisters aren’t sweethearts anyway, I am thinking too far ahead. There’s no reason for me to censure Lily for this. After all, this lil’ sis of mine is still a little middle-headed in this aspect.

Shimizu’s mood gradually brightened and broke out into a sweet smile. She increased her pace and ran back to the tent with light steps, but just as she entered the tent, she heard Lily’s seductive voice.

“It’s too tight, no, not there… ah! Ye-yes! Right there, that’s the spot— good!”

Shimizu’s eyes immediately turned cold as she pulled apart the tent’s hanging screen door.7


  1. Robinxen: Fellow thighdeologists unite!
  2. Robinxen: Abort. Abort.
  3. Silva: You can’t spell Kagami Lily without an “m”
  4. Silva: aka senior sister.
  5. Silva: I’m jea— I mean, now’s not the time to bury your face in Rei’s breasts, go after Shimizu now!
  6. Silva: I smell bloodbath.
  7. Silva: I’m evil, I deleted the last line and moved it to the next chapter, this is done deliberately, I didn’t miss the last line.
    Robinxen: This time for certain it’s putting on armour right?!

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