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Chapter 29 – The Essence of “Training Sisters”

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3473 characters
Translator: Immortal Dreamer English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2148 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

1After noticing Shimizu’s gaze, Lily slightly regretted agreeing to it so quickly. Although she hadn’t figured out the reason, such a good thing like training together that Shimizu had described wasn’t something easily found.

Won’t others misunderstand the meaning of partners?2

Oh well, it doesn’t matter. To increase my strength, and to begin my journey towards Heian-Kyo as soon as possible, I better learn from a talented expert like Shimizu!

“Lily, can you call me Sister Shimizu from now on?”3

Lily would have felt conflicted to address her as ‘Sister’ directly. But as she was older than her, Lily couldn’t find any reason to refuse to call her courteously as ‘Sister Shimizu.’

“Sister Shimizu,” Lily called out obediently.

“Mhm… Such an obedient lil’ sis.” Shimizu appeared very elated.4

She then suddenly recalled something and yelled towards the door, “Souu, bring me your Tsukikage Clan’s massage lotion.”

“Yes!” Followed by an instantaneous response, the door slid aside, and a masked ninja girl appeared at the entrance. She took out a medicine vial from her bosom and handed it to Shimizu.

“Mhm. Good. You can go out.” Shimizu commented as she caressed the vial with her slender fingers.


Lily gazed at that vial with some doubt while Shimizu wore a sweet smile on her face as she said, “Come, Lily. Lay on top of this sister’s leg.”5

Shimizu brought her legs together in the seiza position and patted her knees with a straight back.

“Eh?!” Lily blanked out, “S-Sister Shimizu, why do I…”

Shimizu had licked Lily’s armpit just now, so she felt a little cautious about some of Shimizu’s unpredictable instructions.

Shimizu replied, “It’s so that I can help apply the medicine for you. Didn’t you get hurt in our duel this morning? You have such a beautiful figure, so it would be a shame if it were to get blemished. I also didn’t hold back much with my attack. The Tsukikage Clan are the best with apothecary related things. It just needs the patience to smear the medicine and pour some spirit power to show its effect. You won’t be able to do it properly alone. I have learned a lot of medical skills because I had a weak body from childhood, so I should do it. Just come over.”

Although she didn’t feel that reassured, Shimizu’s words touched Lily as she loved beauty the most. She absolutely couldn’t accept having a scar or something like that, so even if she felt a little embarrassed, it seemed like she couldn’t refuse it.

Hence, Lily reached in front of Shimizu, but still hesitated a bit.

“Make it quick, let’s not tarry it.” Shimizu patted her thigh.6

Lily calmed her breathing and kneeled down helplessly. Then, she relaxed her upper body forwards and supported herself with her palms that had touched the floor. She adjusted her position and laid on top of Shimizu’s thighs.

Lily’s height was 170 cm. Such a slender woman was lying on the thighs of another older girl. If a mirror was in the room, it would have reflected a very shameful scene.

Shimizu handled Lily’s back waist professionally, caressing her buttocks softly. Then she untied Lily’s aquamarine dojo robe’s belt and raised it little by little until it had reached Lily’s waist.

Lily closed her eyes while blushing as she felt a slight chill in the lower half of the body.

She suddenly regretted it a bit, but things had already reached this stage, and the other party had already seen her, so it was too late to feel regret.

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Shimizu opened the medicine vial expertly and let some lotion fall on her palm, followed by an unexpected careful observation of the target.

“Sister Shimizu… can you start?” Although Lily was lying on Shimizu’s thighs, she could feel Shimizu’s gaze through her sensitive perception, and this made her blush because of the embarrassment. Thus, she urged Shimizu to begin.

Even Sister Uesugi hasn’t seen that place…

“Huh, weird. Why would I suddenly recall Uesugi Rei in this situation? Is it because she took my firsts in such things? I’m just training sisters with Shimizu, unlike Uesugi Rei, that perverted sister. Sister Shimizu should have decency… right?”

“Mhm. I’ll begin soon.” Shimizu replied.

The penetrating heat from the lotion and Shimizu’s soft palms brought an incredible sensation that put Lily into a trance-like state.

“I’ll be pouring in some spirit power now, okay?”
“Huh? Wait a second…”

Lily felt a series of numbing vibrations induced by the spirit waves that had permeated through her plump buttocks. They penetrated into the depths of her body and scattered everywhere, making her feel sheer pleasure from that location.

Lily lowered her head and held her hands together, supporting her body using her elbows while blushing uncannily. She felt that perhaps Shimizu really had excellent medical skills, and this method of reducing stasis and improving blood circulation would save her a lot of pain. But Shimizu still kept pouring spirit power even after the pain had left. It made Lily doubt whether the amount was a bit too much and made her skeptical about why it was taking so long.

“Sister Shimizu… is it done?” Lily couldn’t endure it anymore, and if this went on, she felt like she might die from the shame.

“Mhm. Just a little longer. Lil’ Lily, it makes me curious. I hit hard in the morning. Yet your butt looks flawless with no hints of bruises. It has just reddened slightly, and with this, those red marks have all disappeared. Hehe.” Shimizu smiled slyly.

“Hah?!” While Lily felt ashamed and full of regret. No way. So it was all fine? Doesn’t this mean I got seen by Sister Shimizu for nothing and went through the treatment for no reason?

Lily arranged her robe while blushing and felt complex feelings.

“Sister Shimizu, it’s already late, so I shall return now. Thank you for helping me heal…”

Lily felt a little grieved as she said these words as she had to thank someone who had seen and felt her up freely.

“This is such a rare occasion. Why don’t you spend the night at my place, lil’ sister?”7

“Eh? No need for that. I live just opposite to you, sister. It’s just a matter of walking a few steps. I s-shall return first.”

She had stayed to have some tea, and it had ended with a healing session on Shimizu’s thighs. Lily didn’t wish to find out what would happen if she were to spend the night here. How come the women of this world are more dangerous than the other?

Shimizu noticed Lily’s shy and tense behavior, so she didn’t insist on it, “All right then. Let’s train the sword in the dojo tomorrow morning. I’ll wait for you, but you better not come late. If you do, I’ll punish you.”

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That dojo is only 250 meters away from my house. There’s no chance I’ll be late.8

Lily was just about to bid her goodbye when Shimizu stood up suddenly. She took out a few books from the cabinet then handed them over to Lily, “After seeing your fight with Hachio, I already know that you’re training the Genji Swordstyle. As your elder sister, I have yet to do anything for you, lil’ sister. Take these books from me.”

“Is she perhaps referring to Hachiya?”

Lily took the books, and to her astonishment, they were the fourth, fifth, and sixth books of the Genji Swordstyle. This made her feel elated.

“Thank you, Sister Shimizu!”

“But don’t you need them?”

Shimizu shifted her gaze and replied, “Just take them. These are already useless to me.”

Lily felt ecstatic after getting the fourth to sixth books of the Genji Swordstyle, as she had just finished training the third book and needed these.

Although Ieyoshi’s remnant spirit had guided her to the legendary tenth book, she hadn’t found the previous books in the series there. Just that tenth book alone was of no use to her. Although she could buy the fourth to sixth books, it wasn’t easy to do. She might even need to spend an exorbitant amount of money for the next books in the series. Therefore, since Shimizu didn’t need them, Lily accepted them courteously.

On the next day, perhaps because she felt too tired yesterday, Lily had overslept. She got up and saw that it was still night, so she went back to sleep again.

When she woke up again, she felt something was wrong and looked at the night sky through the window, “Goodness! It’s already eight in the morning!”9

Other than the sun, the moon and stars were also used to measure time. The people of Heian had gradually learned how to read time this way because of the frequent chaotic nights. Lily had also learned it a bit.

It’s an extended night again!

Oh no! I vowed I wouldn’t arrive late yesterday but ended up doing so on the first day! Lily was a girl, so she couldn’t skip the grooming and makeup process, and could only speed it up to her best.

After she finished preparing, Lily rushed to the dojo and peeked inside from outside the entrance. She saw Shimizu sitting inside with her eyes closed in meditation. She had a solemn expression on her face, and this frightened Lily. This doesn’t look good. If I go in like this, Sister Shimizu will definitely punish me, and her punishments definitely aren’t something to kid about. Should I just cook up an excuse to get through it?

Although Lily didn’t like lying, she hated getting punished more…


Shimizu suddenly began coughing at this moment, and this made her beautiful blue-black hair drop poignantly.

“Sister Shimizu!” Lily ran inside and kneeled beside Shimizu to support her, “So cold.”

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Shimizu’s body temperature was too low, at least two degrees lesser than usual. This wasn’t a good sign, as all spirit power practitioners had good health and never caught common illnesses.

“Sister Shimizu, are you all right?” Lily asked anxiously.

“I’m fine… I’ve been like this since my childhood… Cough… Water…”10

Lily rushed out to bring clean water from the spring in a bamboo container and gave it to Shimizu. Shimizu took out a pill from her clothes and took it with Lily’s help. Her condition gradually improved after that.

But she still had a pale complexion. She held her chest with some force through her clothes, and this made Lily feel pity for her.

Such a beautiful, talented girl is so troubled with illness. It’s unfair.

“Sister Shimizu, how about I help you return home?”

“No need. I must not catch a chill as I’m now. Just let me rest here for a moment, and I’ll get better. Yoshiko will bring some medicinal decoction soon. I’ll be fine after drinking it.”

Shimizu shivered while saying this. Although they were indoors, it was unavoidable for such a vast dojo to become cold during this mid-fall extended night.

Sister Shimizu must be freezing.

Lily untied the front of her robe with no hesitation. As they were both girls, she wasn’t afraid of showing her body. She used her warm, pillowy breasts to embrace Shimizu’s weak body.11

“Hah?” A trace of pinkness appeared on Shimizu’s pale face when faced with this fragrant softness that had arrived suddenly.

“Sister Shimizu, although Lily’s swordplay is lacking when compared to yours, my body is warm. Let me warm you up, sister, until that decoction arrives.”


Lily’s warm, healthy, soft, bouncy breasts and her body, which oozed a rich, womanly scent, made Shimizu feel excited and enraptured her.

“We’re both women, but why is Lily’s body so different from mine? It’s so warm and smells so womanly…” Shimizu just buried her head into Lily’s bosom.

“Eh?” Shimizu squeezed her face between the breasts and breathed out, making Lily blush hard, but she could do nothing about it. I have to warm up Sister Shimizu even if I end up baring myself to her!

A man’s voice came through from outside the dojo at this moment.

“Oh no! Not now!” Lily could only move away from Shimizu and arrange her clothes.

And with her exceptional fortitude, Shimizu had also regained her senses and sat back composedly.

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The door opened, followed by Kondo and his fellow brothers entering inside.

“Senior Kondo?” Lily questioned in a faint voice.

“Miss Kagami? Lady Shimizu?” Kondo revealed a complicated expression when he saw Lily.

The dojo’s entrance opened wide soon after, followed by Tokugawa and his group entering inside aggressively.

“Kondo, I will settle things with you here today! Hmm? Lady Shimizu and Miss Kagami, you’re here too? That’s good. You can witness this duel together!” Tokugawa stated confidently in high spirits.

Only then did Lily remember that Kondo and Tokugawa conflicted because of her. And they had agreed to duel today!12


  1. Robinxen: Shimizu. I see you are a person of culture also.
  2. Robinxen: Nobody is misunderstanding.
  3. Robinxen: Shimizu. I see you are a person of culture also.
  4. Robinxen: Shimizu. I see you are a person of culture also.
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  10. Robinxen: I have a thing for sickly girls.
  11. Robinxen: You’re not penguins.
  12. Robinxen: Yeah me too…there are guys in this novel?

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