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Chapter 26 – Harassed in the Woods

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2414 characters
Translator: Immortal Dreamer English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1437 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Two identically dressed women with similar heights yet vastly distinct figures stood opposite each other in the dimly lit dojo.

This so-called distinction mainly referred to the chest and butt as their waists were equally slender.1

“BOOM!” Crimson-colored spirit power surged out from Lily and condensed atop the wooden sword. Her spirit power had also manifested numerous sakura that floated in the surroundings.

“Intent!?” The scene had shocked Minamoto no Shimizu, “Looks like you have some skill in this aspect.”

Only a year had passed since Minamoto no Shimizu had comprehended her personal intent.

“Hah!” Lily gave out a shout and charged towards Shimizu with all her might. Her tender feet created rattling sounds on the wooden floor.

A glint lit up in Shimizu’s eyes. She smiled towards Lily and rushed forward to meet her all of a sudden, her movements leaving behind a vague afterimage.

Amidst the sprint, Lily couldn’t make out Shimizu’s location as she was too fast. Hence, Lily couldn’t predict how she would attack, yet Lily had already waved her sword by this time.

Although Lily couldn’t see Shimizu, she could sense the direction of the latter’s spirit power and also rely on her intuition to predict how her opponent would attack.

Lily had intentionally left a hidden flaw in her defense. The opponent would surely find this flaw if they were an expert. They could overpower her even without this flaw, but most of the experts wouldn’t ignore such a weakness and brute force through the battle.

Lily wanted to bet on this possibility.

The chances of hitting Shimizu with a regular attack were low, so Lily relied on her intuition to blindside her.

“Wham!” Lily’s wooden sword unfathomably landed on Shimizu’s frail shoulder and broke into pieces.

“Bam!” Followed by a blinding aquamarine light, Lily got blown away by Shimizu’s sword and dropped at the end of the dojo’s floor several meters away. Her body felt numb momentarily, making her unable to get up.

Shimizu also stood there in a daze before brushing off the wood shavings on her shoulder. Her powerful Resplendent Aqua Spirit Armor had disintegrated the dojo’s grade three wooden sword with ease. She hadn’t suffered any injuries except for the cut on the fabric covering her shoulder, which had revealed her pinkish skin. As for Lily, a casual swing had blown her away so far.

Yet shock filled the eyes of Shimizu as she gazed upon her opponent.

Because even though a vast gulf existed between their skills, Lily had delivered the first blow.

“This woman is crazy!” Minamoto no Shimizu’s gaze lingered on her shoulder. She felt a faint numbness from there. If their skills were equal and they had used real swords, Shimizu would have died in the exchange just now. A single instant could bring many changes in a real battle. Lily showcased an extraordinary intuition for combat, something that even Shimizu didn’t possess! An intuition that evoked envy in others!

“I’m beginning to understand why that kind of rumor exists about her and Uesugi Rei.”

Minamoto no Shimizu strode forward and pushed Lily’s bosom with the wooden sword and traced it down her body, right towards the end.2

She crouched and grabbed Lily’s hand to pull her up.

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The rich musky fragrance that had formed on Lily’s body due to the intense movements made her feel a little absent-minded.

Why? Why are we so different when we’re both women? I don’t sweat no matter how much I fight or train, nor is there a fragrance on my body.
Although we possess similarly thin waists, my beauty lacks in sexiness and isn’t that womanly.

Shimizu supported Lily and helped her lean on the wooden wall as the numbness hadn’t worn off yet.

“Are you okay?” Shimizu asked with deep concern.

Lily finally broke free from the daze, “I… I’m fine.”

“Sorry! I attacked too heavily… Umm, does it still hurt? Your butt.”

“Huh?” Lily quickly regained her senses and blushed. You were the one who hit so fiercely just now! Why are you asking this now?!

But… it does still hurt a bit.

However, Lily shook her head stubbornly.

Shimizu looked at Lily and opened her mouth to say something but heard the voices of male disciples from outside the dojo’s entrance. It seemed that the time for instruction had almost arrived, so the disciples were arriving in succession.

Shimizu hesitated for a moment and then left, leaving the numbed Lily there alone.

“Who was that woman just now? She’s too strong…”

As Shimizu had swung really hard, Lily gradually felt her butt sear with pain again. She could neither sit nor stand during the morning practice. Her mind wandered about, unable to focus on the lessons.

The lessons ended with her in such a dazed state, so Lily returned back to her residence quietly and planned to use a warm compress for treatment. After all, it would be a bother if a mark were left on her white buttocks. Lily loved beauty the most, so although she wouldn’t show that place to anyone, she couldn’t express it in words as this related to her self-confidence as a woman.

“Kagami Lily!”

With her mind filled with the matters of her butt, Lily absent-mindedly passed through a gloomy bamboo forest on the way back to her residence and got obstructed by someone.

The person leading them was a stout, well-built young man – Tokugawa Shigetsugu.

Standing 1.9 m tall, his narrow gaze never left Lily’s bosom and face.

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Lily stopped and went on alert.

Although this location looks desolate, it is within the premises of Genji Clan’s Main Dojo. They ought to keep themselves in check.

However, Lily had no weapon on her right now, while Tokugawa’s group had wooden swords. I was too careless. Are they here to take revenge for their fellow brother, Hachiya?

“What’s the matter?” Lily exercised restraint and asked courteously.

A muscular samurai wearing an Eboshi cap left Tokugawa Shigetsugu’s side and walked over towards Lily, “Do you know who we are?”

Lily shook her head.

“Humph! This is Lord Tokugawa Shigetsugu, the son of Tokugawa Shigemori from the Furinkazan. I am Tsunemoto Torayasu, and that person is Kashima Hajime. We are known as the Three Tigers of Mikawa, the experts of Eastern Nation’s younger generation.” A hint of intimidation existed within Tsunemoto Torayasu’s prideful expression as he said this.

“Oh… Greetings then, Seniors.” Lily stated flatly.

“Humph! Looks like you possess some sense, I shall get right to the point then. If you still wish to remain in this dojo, you must pay us half of the magatama fragments you acquire each month. Or else, we have several methods to get rid of a woman like you from here.” Torayasu threatened.

Lily scoffed internally. Let’s not even mention how important magatama fragments are to me, even if they weren’t, I have no reason to give them to you.3

“Are seniors planning to collect protection fees from Lily?” She retorted icily.

Tokugawa Shigetsugu stepped forth and released a low-grade yet immense spiritual power.

“A Mid-Tier Sword Saint!” Shock filled Lily’s heart. It looks like this Tokugawa is the strongest among them. His strength overshadows mine!

Yet it seemed like Tokugawa Shigetsugu had no intention of threatening Lily. He stated in a rather friendly tone, “Miss Kagami, I won’t say much. The customs dictate that newcomers have to provide us offerings. Although I’m the boss, I can’t break the rules as I won’t be able to answer my brothers. However, if you become my lover, you’ll be exempted from it, and my brothers won’t object to it too. Isn’t that right, brothers?”

The disciples surrounding Lily expressed their agreement one after the other.

“How about it? Do you promise to become my lover?”

“Hah?” Lily looked stunned. W-What kind of wacky confession is this? Naturally, no matter how a man confessed to her, Lily would never accept it.

However, although this had disgusted Lily, she didn’t find it weird.

After all, although Lily’s soul was of a boy’s, others didn’t know about it and only saw her youthful beauty. It would be a wonder if a man didn’t fall for her looks and figure.

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Even though it made sense, with this Tokugawa’s gross and flabby looks as well as atrocious behavior that placed him in the same category as Ashikaga Kiyoshi, he had no chances at all. There was no need to speak much about the reason for that.

“Pardon me, but I cannot promise that,” Lily replied coldly.

“What did you say?” Tokugawa Shigetsugu furrowed his brows, viciousness taking over his face.


  1. Robinxen: Shimizu would be my type if she was a little less arrogant I think. Not that I dislike arrogant girls, but they need to have a certain charm. The imouto from the novel I keep trying to write before giving up is somewhat arrogant, justifiably so given she has two cheat abilities, but she’s still cute.
  2. Robinxen: Shimizu is acting like the villain in a lood ntr doujin.
  3. Robinxen: Lily being a paragon of common sense.

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