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Chapter 117 – Suzuhiko-hime

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2086 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1300 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Kagura’s eyes glimmered with an ethereal and distant golden sheen and although she wasn’t that tall and possessed the appearance of Nanako, she emanated a transcendent aura.

“Animas, huh… If Nanako needs them, I’ll definitely do my best to collect them,1” Lily answered decisively.

“Mhm. As a shikigami with a celestial maiden’s physique, this body will be able to manifest an explosive amount of strength under the control of my consciousness as it recovers its strength gradually. This will also assist you greatly, Master,” Kagura stated.

“Really? Lady Kagura, I wonder how powerful you are at full power?” Lily asked curiously.

“At full power, huh…” Kagura’s gaze turned despondent and distant again, “I fear it won’t be that easy to recover to that degree… In those days, my master and I were able to go wherever we wanted without any restrictions and didn’t even need to fear the Great Demon of Nara and the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. Traversing amidst that Night Parade with leisure was but an ordinary event for us, but now… I’ve ended up as a consciousness dwelling in my master’s divine parasol and can only start anew while guiding this little lass who possesses an untapped celestial maiden’s physique. The path for me to return to my apex state is but a lengthy one, so I’m afraid it will be quite difficult for me to avenge my master alone…”

Saying so, Kagura revealed a despondent sadness within her tenacious and proud gaze.

Lily got up and arrived beside Kagura. In his current form of a boy, he was only slightly taller than her and didn’t have that much of a huge gap in height compared to when he was in Lily’s body.

“Lady Kagura… Although it was just a part of your will residing in the Sakura Parasol, you have always assisted me ever since I arrived in this Heian world. I might have already died several times if it weren’t for you or perhaps suffered a fate even worse than death.”

“You can be considered my benefactor as well as someone who taught me how to live in this world. Although we’ve truly acquainted each other only today, that shattered will of yours has helped me again and again! I’m not a selfless human, but I know the meaning of integrity, that it’s important to pay back the kindness received from others, no matter which world it is! Kagura, your master’s hatred is my hatred! Your enemies are my enemies! Perhaps my strength is insufficient, but I absolutely won’t sit still and just watch on indifferently! If I obtain enough strength one day, I’ll accompany you to avenge your master!” Perhaps Lily didn’t appear that resolute with a boy’s face, but his eyes were filled with unflinching resolution!

After a short moment of silence, Kagura’s body trembled and she couldn’t help but take two steps back.

“Is this… real? It seems like you weren’t mistaken, Master! No, perhaps your long dispersed will is watching over everything from within the darkness,” Kagura’s golden eyes had actually welled up with tears.

Kagura turned around and gazed at the ancient stone wall that contained the vicissitudes of time, “Before she perished, my master told me that if the woman who possesses this ancient mirror declares she’s willing to avenge my master on her own accord, I should really recognize her as my new master!2

Kagura’s sleeves fluttered as she turned around and faced Lily. Then, she put aside the Sakura Parasol and kneeled down with a thud.


“Although I recognized you as my master with my identity as the Sakura Parasol while my consciousness was incomplete, it happened while I had lost my memories, so in truth, I felt reluctant in my heart. However, if you really wish to avenge my master, I, Kagura, shall recognize you, Kagami Lily, as my master in body and soul from this moment onwards!”

“I shall offer you my obedience, servitude and loyalty.”

“Let the High Heaven witness my oath; I shall not abandon my duties for as long as my soul exists!” Kagura’s eyes filled with utmost sincerity as she enunciated each word of the oath that seemed to harbor a powerful will.

“Lady Kagura…” Lily advanced forth with the intent to make her stand up.
“Please call me directly by my name, Master. If not, I won’t stand up.”
“Eh? Alright. Stand up, Kagura.”

After helping Kagura get up, Lily released her. After all, he was in the form of a boy right now, so it was inappropriate for him to touch her for too long. Furthermore, Lily felt very shy as he didn’t have much experience in touching a woman’s body.

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“Kagura, just who was your master? Could you tell me about her first? I need to at least have some clue if we wish to avenge your master.”

Kagura shook her head helplessly, “With our current strength, it’s simply impossible to avenge my master, so we’re still quite far from achieving it. This matter needs to be considered at length, so there’s no need for you to worry too much, Master.”

“Simply impossible? Kagura, I’m already a late-stage sword saint right now, so your master must be an existence that has transcended the sword saint level?”

“Transcended the… sword saint level?” Kagura looked at Lily with disbelief, “Hmph! These so-called sword saints are not even equal to ants in front of my former master!”

“What?!” Lily was frightened, “W-What’s up with you, Kagura? What are you saying? A sword saint, especially a late-stage sword saint, stands at the apex in the Land of East, and only the Furinkazan and Lord Kamakura stand above this stage.”

“Hahahahahaha!” Kagura broke out into loud laughter suddenly, “What Furinkazan. They are but akin to children in front of my master. As for Lord Kamakura, he would shiver in reverence if he were to face my master in her peak form! I’m afraid that you simply won’t be able to understand how powerful my master was even if told it to you right now, Sister Lily!3

“Eh?” Lily’s eyes opened wide when he realized that the names that he had held in reverence all along, believing they stood at the apex, were simply not worth mentioning in Kagura’s eyes.

Kagura shook her head sympathetically when she saw Lily’s reaction and a look of longing appeared in her eyes, “My master’s strength and beauty have long surpassed the confines of the secular world of the Heian Empire…”

Kagura unfurled the Sakura Parasol and looked at the falling sakura thoughtfully. It seemed that she was still able to remember all kinds of pretty appearances of her former master even now. After that, she directed a fervent gaze towards Lily and finally answered Lily’s question.

“My master is Suzuhiko-hime, a celestial maiden under the banner of Tsukuyomi, the Prime Battle Goddess of Takamagahara.”

Tsukuyomi, the Prime Battle Goddess of Takamagahara?!

For some reason, when Lily heard this name, he felt an incredible yet elusive reverence manifest within him. Just hearing the name ‘Tsukuyomi’ made him kneel down subconsciously even though he was utterly clueless about what kind of existence Tsukuyomi was.

The reason Lily had knelt down so respectfully wasn’t for Kagura, but rather because of the reverence he felt towards the summit of this world! His eyes rippled with fervor yet were also accompanied by an obsession that evolved from the depths of his soul, “Kagura… tell me. Who is Tsukuyomi and where is Takamagahara…”

Lily had come to a sudden realization that the secret behind his senior sister’s dormant soul, the summit of this Heian world that was filled with darkness since ages ago, the place that he wished to reach with his all, was about to finally come into view!4


  1. Robinxen: So loyal!
  2. Robinxen: That really is convenient…except Lily is man.
  3. Robinxen: Ah yes the escalation arrives at last.
  4. Silva: Prepare for info dump in the next chapter!

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