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Chapter 103 – Sakura Blizzard

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3501 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2205 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily’s beautiful long hair was practically trailed till the ground and her skin which had turned pale because of overdoing it was now slightly flushed because of her pants1.

Just like Shimizu who had been forced to her wit’s end, Lily also needed to rely on the support of her katana to even stand up, the red kimono wrapped around her hunched waist emphasizing the curves of her plump buttocks.

No matter how high a person’s endurance was, a moment arrives when they are utterly spent.

Lily wasn’t resisting to make a point or to receive acknowledgment, she just wanted to live.

“Forgive me, Senior Sister. I’m afraid I’ve already missed the chance to escape alone along with the mirror by now, but I have no regrets. If I were given a choice again, I still wouldn’t abandon my sisters and escape alone!”

“Although I’m not someone from this Heian world, they are still my sisters, my family! I haven’t lost yet, and I also can’t afford to lose at all costs!”

Lily took deep breaths and walked forward while dragging her katana behind her. It was already impossible for her to break through the encirclement of the demons while taking along Shimizu who had already lost the will to fight and Nanako and the ponytailed senior who couldn’t withstand the attacks of any of the monsters. The only way to save them was to kill Dijon and Mayumi!

Although it was nigh impossible to do it, she had no other choice!

Lily showcased exceptional courage in this desperate moment and her gorgeous eyes brimming with crimson killing intent stared right at Dijon.

Even Dijon was intimidated by the resolve within her gaze.

“Death is near at hand, Kagami Lily. What tricks are you planning to employ now?” Dijon mocked.

Lily still had plenty of spirit power, so even if she was injured, she planned to deliver a final attack with her remaining strength before collapsing!

A desperate attack!

“Hojo Dijon! I have no enmity with you. You and your subordinates’ selfish and wicked desires are to blame for things to have reached this stage! You committed countless crimes and courted disaster yet blamed me for it without any basis! Fine, then. I won’t argue about this with you today. I just want to inform you that if I manage to live past this day, I’ll do everything in my power to kill you! All those who wish to impose their selfishness on me, insist on making me their enemies, and force me to an impasse; I shall use my blade to annihilate their souls and put an end to this hatred eternally, and I shall take in your grudges as-is and return it to those who attempt to harm me and my sisters!

“Hahahahahaha! You obviously have no chances of winning, Kagami Lily, yet you’re making such a grand claim here. This is nothing but a joke in my eyes! Your words actually aren’t feminine at all, so I won’t need to feel sad for killing such a beautiful woman for nothing! However, those sisters of yours who are hiding behind the rock won’t have such a simple death as yours!”

A depraved smile appeared on Dijon’s demonic face.

Lily flamed with fury, “I dare you to say that again!”

Lily turned into a flaming shadow suddenly and charged towards Dijon, dragging the Crescent Moon in her hand across the ground, resulting in sparks flying off from its tip as she performed an upward slash!

“You’re weak!” Dijon slashed with just one hand of his.

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“Clank—!” Dijon’s powerful strike had scattered Lily’s crimson rage instantly and blew her away, making her crash on the ground again.

“Hmph! It’s just a final struggle! It seems the end has arrived for this ill-fated samurai maiden,” Yuki chuckled.

Dijon approached Lily with his tachi.

Lily barely managed to stand up with the support of her sword while shaking, her face hidden behind her messy long hair.

“Die,” Dijon raised his tachi up high with the intention of giving Lily the final blow.

And Lily’s eyes behind her beautiful hair flashed with a cold gleam suddenly.

She raised her blade and stepped forward.

“Stab!” then stabbed the katana into Dijon’s foot.

“ARGH!” Dijon’s eyes opened wide, which was then followed by a mournful scream.

Lily knew she couldn’t kill Dijon, but she could still inflict as many injuries as possible to the enemy before running out of strength! A dreadful viciousness flashed within Lily’s eyes!

The tachi in Dijon’s hand fell to the ground in the end.

Lily lowered her head and used the katana as the axle to slide sideways and slashed at Dijon’s ankle the moment she pulled the katana out, making it bleed black blood. Hojo fell to the ground with a thud while Lily jumped up and spun in the air to slash towards Dijon’s nape2! This attack of hers was filled with killing intent!

“Crack!” Lily’s Crescent Moon sliced through a third of Dijon’s left hand that he had raised up to block her attack!

Although she had injured Dijon, she had also failed to take advantage of the flaw revealed by the opponent’s carelessness.

“Damned mirror girl!” Dijon hurled Lily towards the sky with force and then grabbed his weapon with both hands and slashed upwards, sending a dark purple sword beam flying towards Lily!


The sword beam struck Lily within the sky and resulted in a powerful tremor. Lily’s clothes ripped apart from the explosion and her thighs3, arms, as well as the lapel of her bosom were exposed outside. Lily’s spirit armor had also halved in power from this attack.

She dropped from the sky powerlessly and crashed to the ground just like a beautiful bird with broken wings and then stood up no more.

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“Sis!” Nanako yelled out regardless of the fact that she would be discovered yet there was no reply from Lily.

“I want to kill that Kagami Lily with my own hands! It’s fine, right, Yuki?”

“Of course. She was your prey originally. Feel free to do whatever you want,” Yuki Mayumi looked towards the Hannya masked ninjas and ordered them, “Take that Minamoto no Shimizu away first!”

The ninjas looked towards Shimizu who was gazing at Lily while laying on the ground miserably as before and then walked towards her.

Meanwhile, Dijon approached Lily and said, “I can finally kill this woman who destroyed my life. Hahaha, I haven’t felt so happy in a long time.”

Dijon plotted about how to kill Lily so that he could have his vengeance.

“Milord. T-This mirror girl has killed a lot of us. Would it be possible for me to have an arm of hers? They say the flesh of the mirror girl brings fortune to those who eat it!” A 3m tall ugly and hairy red demon with hands longer than its legs requested while salivating disgustingly.

“Suit yourself. I only want her life,” Dijon answered.

“Hehehe! Great! The flesh of such a pretty mirror girl would definitely be very delicious!” The red demon grabbed one of Lily’s pale arms with its sharp fingernails.

Lily opened her eyes and gazed at it calmly. She wanted to attack it, but her hand which was holding onto the katana couldn’t move because of the numbness.

‘This is bad… My body is numb right now. Although the spirit armor withstood Dijon’s attack, the aftereffect has incapacitated my body. What do I do now? All I need is some more time… and I will be able to recover… release me… argh…’ Lily couldn’t speak or express her loath as she was incapacitated right now, all that remained were fear and denial within her eyes.

However, the red demon simply didn’t give Lily any more time. It opened its bloody mouth wide open, intending to bite off that slender arm of Lily’s.

“Let my sister go, you monster!”

A petite pink shadow rushed out from behind the rock rashly all of a sudden and pulled out the dagger passed down in the Saionji family before charging at the red demon.

The monsters couldn’t react immediately as they hadn’t sensed Nanako’s existence until now.

“Hmm?” The red demon turned to look towards the petite and weak girl running towards it.

“Stab!” Nanako stabbed the dagger into the red demon’s thick calf yet it barely pierced through.

‘No! Nanako! Run away! You aren’t their opponent!’ Lily became anxious when she saw this scene, yet she wasn’t able to speak because of her body’s numbness.

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“Hmm?” The red demon finally reacted and showed an expression of disbelief, “What a weak human. Is she a companion of the mirror girl?”

“Wham!” The red demon whacked her away.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Nanako flew out and rolled across the ground a few times before coming to a stop, moving no more.

The red demon approached her curiously, “The mirror girl’s companion. She looks delicious too.”

It grabbed Nanako’s head and raised her up while Nanako moaned in pain while struggling to break free from its grip over her head.

“Milord. Can I eat her too?4
“Hmph! Suit yourself,” Dijon simply had no interest in a weak samurai woman like her.
“I shall eat her at once then,” The red demon opened its mouth.

Shimizu couldn’t bear to see it and lowered her head in despair.

Two buff Hannya masked ninjas arrived behind Shimizu and grabbed her arms before pressing a knife against her neck.

As Nanako had dropped the Sakura Parasol when she rushed out in panic, the spiders had discovered the ponytailed senior as well and surrounded her behind the rock. She was on the brink of being attacked fatally at any moment as well.

Even if Lily weren’t wounded, it would’ve been impossible for her to save all three of them at the same time. She was lying motionless on the ground right now with her hair covering her face.

Hojo Dijon reached in front of her and raised his blood-stained tachi up high.

“Hey! This girl looks quite delicious! Give us a share too!” A few blue and red demons gathered around the red demon that was clutching onto Nanako’s head and reached out towards her. Some of them grabbed her arm while some pulled her slender legs, each pulling a limb of hers towards them. As for the dazed Nanako, she was at the complete mercy of the demons’ scramble for her body parts.

“Hey! Stop pulling! What if you break her?”
“It’s all the same since we’re going to eat her!”

The words of the demons were full of greed and gluttony. A weak girl like her was the same as normal food for them.

The red demon’s yellowish eyes opened wide as it opened its jagged-teethed mouth filled with a putrid breath and pulled closer towards Nanako’s frail neck…

A poignant sakura floated down before the eyes of the ugly demon.


The ugly red demon’s sluggish eyes were attracted by this small and beautiful sakura before its eyes.

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“Strange. There’s no sakura tree here so where did the sakura come from?” The ugly demon checked his surroundings sluggishly.


Motes of sakura floated down within the cerulean night sky.

All the demons and monsters raised their head up in puzzlement as they were also a little curious about this phenomenon.

Even Dijon and Yuki looked up at the night sky with puzzled looks.

“Hehehehe, hehehehe…”

A peal of impish and girlish laughter arrived from behind the demons. Thus, the demons and the monsters looked for the source of that voice and saw the girl in tattered red kimono with her hair looming down and back faced towards the rising moon. The red sleeve of her kimono had slid till the crook of her arm from her shoulder and she was caressing the shimmering tachi in her hand with her slender finger.

The girl raised her head and her lovely black hair cascaded down her shoulders gently, the beautiful moonlight lighting up the side of her face while she looked up at the night sky, ignoring everything else.

“The night… is so pretty…” Lily stated languidly, her tone and gestures possessing a natural charm and pride that disregarded all creatures of the world.

Even if angels looked seductive, vulgar and lowly demons like them weren’t qualified to taint them!

The girl’s torn red sleeve seemed to possess a wilted beauty when compared to when it was new.

Sakura was most beautiful in the season of fall at the moment they wilted.

Lily and finally grasped her domain when the final moment had arrived for her and her sisters!

She ignored everything and got up languidly, combing back her elegant long hair to the back of her head absent-mindedly while looking at the group of demons seductively as a final souvenir to these lowborn creatures before they meet their demise.

Her moist pink lips which glistened under the moonlight opened up slightly as she spoke in a balmy, bewitching voice that released frosty breaths.

“Sakura Blizzard5.”

In the next moment, the snowflake-like sakura that filled the entire sky manifested an endless grudge that eclipsed the heavens and the moon, swallowing everything around Lily instantaneously!


  1. Robinxen: Like breathing panting, not clothes panties.
  2. Silva: Yes, go for the nape, like Attack on Titan do best!
  3. Robinxen: Mmmm thighs.
  4. Robinxen: … Okay … I was fine with the eating Lily part because she has plot armour. BUT NOBODY TOUCHES MY TSUNDERE!
  5. Robinxen: Title Drop!

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