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Chapter 32 – Treatment

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3049 characters
Translator: insert English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2064 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Is the situation truly so grave? Perhaps I should consult our royal physician for a second opinion?” Asuka pondered, feeling fundamentally well except for her body’s lack of responsiveness.

Lily’s expression turned into one of deep concern. “Princess, you need to trust Sister Ayaka’s medical expertise; it is the most refined amongst all the Onmyoji from our homeland. Her diagnosis should be taken seriously. I urge you to heed her advice.”

It was common knowledge that the Asuka Clan held unmatched skills in smithing but lagged significantly in medicinal knowledge, Onmyo, and spellcraft. Asuka may not have fully grasped the intricacies of the society across the sea, yet her trust in Lily was unshaken. Believing in Ayaka’s proficiency, she perceived no necessity for a second opinion.

“I understand.” With a nod of understanding, the Princess spoke, “Please guide me, Lady Ayaka, on the necessary steps I should take.”

Relieved, Ayaka shared, “The good news is that your injury is less serious than mine. I happen to have all the required medication at hand, being a patient of the same ailment. I will adjust the formula to suit your condition. However, I need to ask a highly personal question in private, may I?”

Smiling gracefully, Asuka reassured, “We are allies here; feel free to ask openly.”

A bit hesitant, Ayaka inquired, “Princess, are you a virgin?”

Caught somewhat off guard and slightly embarrassed, Asuka affirmed, “Yes, I am.”

“I apologize for the personal question, it’s essential for the accurate formulation of your medicine,” Ayaka explained earnestly. “Oh…” was all Asuka could muster, visibly understanding the gravity of her condition.

Ayaka proceeded, reassuring her, “I will prepare a detailed recipe for the medicine that you’ll need to take orally and send it to you. Following the instructions to create it will be straightforward.”

“Lady Ayaka, crafting a medicine potent enough to mend my Spirit Palace must come with a high price, especially given the rarity of medicinal plants in the Iyo Continent. I insist on compensating you for your generous assistance,” Asuka voiced her concerns, eager to not let the aid come at a personal cost to Ayaka.

Dismissively waving the offered reward, Ayaka mentioned, “That isn’t necessary. Besides, there’s a crucial detail we need to address. The primary part of the healing process isn’t the ingested medicine, but a topical application that involves a sophisticated technique for massaging the medicine into your body.”

A ripple of shock passed through Asuka. “It seems the damage is more serious than I anticipated. It’s imperative to find a cure. Lady Ayaka, could you instruct us in the technique? Reika is quite adept; she should be able to grasp it,” she proposed with a hopeful gaze.

Acknowledging Reika, Ayaka nodded affirmatively but added, “While Miss Reika is indeed capable, she isn’t the most ideal choice.”

Reika’s face reflected a flicker of disappointment as she murmured a subdued, “Huh?”

Ayaka elaborated, framing her criteria more clearly, “The individual administering the medicine needs to embody a balance of youth, strength, resilience, and a feminine touch to align with the peculiar necessities of your Spirit Palace and Charm element1, Princess Asuka.”

A confusion enveloped Asuka as she pressed, seeking clarity, “But who then is the most qualified? I find the feminine criterion a bit ambiguous. Reika stands as one of the youngest and formidable female experts around, doesn’t she?”

At this juncture, Ayaka’s gaze instinctively wandered towards Lily, kindling a protective instinct in Shimizu who promptly interjected, hoping to volunteer herself instead of Lily. “Sister Ayaka, would I suffice for this task?”

But Ayaka gave Shimizu a pondering look, seemingly examining her before reluctantly admitting, “Perhaps…”

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Unsatisfied with the vague affirmation, Shimizu questioned, “What do you mean ‘perhaps’?”, her tone tinged with irritation.

Avoiding further confrontation, Ayaka turned towards Asuka, confiding with a note of regret, “Truth be told, I am most qualified given my medical proficiency. Yet, my current state of health impedes me from taking up this role. Thus, considering all factors, Lily emerges as the best fit.”

“Huh?” The announcement caught Lily off guard.

Ayaka continued, emphasizing the success they had already witnessed, “In fact, Lily has been utilizing a similar approach in aiding my recovery, and the results have been surprisingly good.”

Considering this, Asuka tentatively inquired, with a hint of embarrassment coloring her tone, “If that’s the case, might you be open to helping me as well, Miss Lily? I realize this is typically a task undertaken by servants.”

Lily quickly eased the princess’ concerns with a kind and willing response, “There’s no need to worry, Princess. I am absolutely willing to assist.”

“Well, it seems I am in your hands, Miss Lily.” To her, the convention of a woman aiding another was quite customary and considerably more comfortable than involving a man in the process. Moreover, she was indifferent to the specific identity of the woman assisting her.

Ayaka chimed in to set the next steps in motion, stating with a firm resolve, “I will take on the responsibility of crafting the medicine. Once it’s prepared, Lily will ensure its safe delivery to you.”

A surge of heartfelt appreciation enveloped Asuka as she conveyed her deep gratitude, “Thank you, truly. I cannot express how much this means to me.”

That evening, Ayaka began crafting the unique concoction intended for Asuka, distinct from the one she used for herself. Meanwhile, Lily was in Shimizu’s room, immersed in the paired training they had been working on.

“Tonight we move on to the seventh stance,” Shimizu guided, initiating the session.

“Uhh…” A hesitant murmur escaped Lily before she gathered herself. Shimizu continued, “Lily, in our dynamic, I remain the dominant figure. So, you are aware of the position to assume tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Lily responded affirmatively, nodding her understanding. The determination of roles had not been clear-cut initially; it took some trial and error to establish a routine that respected their individual desires and characteristics. Despite Lily’s personal inclination to alternate roles, it was evident that Shimizu taking charge continually was the most conducive approach for their training.

Assuming her position as instructed, Lily knelt, elevating her hips as much as she could, her face flushed a deep crimson as it remained hidden between her arms. At this point, Shimizu tenderly applied pressure to Lily’s waist, channeling Charm Energy into her.

As the session progressed, Shimizu broached a topic with a serious undertone, “Lily, tonight you’ll be administering the treatment to Princess Asuka, correct?”

“Yes…” With a constrained affirmation, Lily acknowledged the statement.

Shimizu went on, warning her subtly yet sternly, “Maintain a professional approach, devoid of any unspoken intentions. She is just like any other girl.”

The question seemed to come from left field, leaving Lily flustered. “Sister Shimizu… I’m not sure where this is coming from,” Lily felt a pause at her lower back as her skirt was gently raised. Following that, she experienced waves of energy surging through her, inducing a slight shudder. Struggling to find her words amidst the overpowering sensations, she stammered, “I— I am there to help her heal, nothing more…”

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“Just a heads up, avoid harboring any licentious thoughts. Don’t let yourself be swayed the moment you lay eyes on the Princess, got it?”

“I won’t ever… Ah… Sister, be gentle, slow down…”

After the Pair Training session, Lily found her skin glowing, exuding an aura of intensified femininity, with a flush gracing her face. This charged state would likely facilitate the application of the medicine to the princess, enhancing its effectiveness. She made her way to the seventh floor of Tenshu Castle, stepping into her designated room.

Asuka was there, dressed in her scant ninja outfit, as she awaited Lily. “Lady Ayaka insisted I remain in this attire. I had contemplated changing into robes, but this ensemble does lend itself to convenience, doesn’t it?” The princess candidly acknowledged, considering the garment left her largely exposed, thereby simplifying the application process. Despite her initial nonchalance, Lily couldn’t shake off a budding sense of embarrassment, a residual yearning from her training with Shimizu lingering.

“Princess Asuka, are you prepared?” Lily inquired, her voice tinged with a reverential undertone.

“I came prepared.” Came Asuka’s firm response.

“Kindly rotate your body and lie face down on the blanket,” Lily requested, exerting effort to maintain a composed and respectful demeanor, eager not to come across as strange.

“Okay,” Asuka conceded with a nod, an amalgamation of readiness and awkwardness swirling in her demeanor. Although she was untroubled with the concept of another woman administering the treatment, the precarious position she was to assume in front of Lily rendered her somewhat uncomfortable. Being a princess, she cognized the necessity to transcend the awkwardness.

Adhering to Lily’s instruction, she pivoted and reclined on the prepared blanket.

“Princess Asuka, elevate your hips a bit more and rest your hands behind your back,” instructed Lily, her voice echoing gravity and purpose.

“Um… raising my hips is to facilitate the medication application, but why the need to place my hands behind? Wouldn’t that be a hindrance to applying medicine on my back?” questioned a puzzled Asuka.

“This is the optimal approach Sister Ayaka recommended for activating the charm energy circulation in a woman’s body, enhancing vitality and promoting medicinal absorption. It also necessitates binding your hands,” explained Lily with unwavering conviction2.

“Bind my hands? This sounds absurd, Lily. Is this some kind of jest?” The princess couldn’t mask her bewilderment, finding the notion of being restrained by another woman distinctly peculiar.

Lily sighed before responding, “I share your confusion, Princess. However, following Sister Ayaka’s guidelines meticulously is imperative. Any deviation might yield adverse effects. Besides, this doesn’t only concern you; it extends to the well-being of the realm.”

The gravity in Lily’s words gradually penetrated Asuka’s initial reservations, leading her to acknowledge, “You’re right, Miss Lily. I was overreacting. Please proceed with the bindings, and I’ll lift my hips as required.” Despite complying, Asuka couldn’t shake off the uncanny nature of the procedure.

“I can’t help but find this odd3…” she voiced her lingering doubts with a hint of vulnerability.

Gentleness paired with expertise defined Lily’s approach as she initiated the procedure, fostering an atmosphere of trust. Asuka found herself battling a whirlpool of emotions, a mix of embarrassment and heightened sensitivity under Lily’s tender control.

Upon securing Asuka’s arms, Lily proceeded to administer the mysterious concoction. It was to cover every inch of her, barring her face and more intimate areas. Asuka could not help but be further unnerved by Lily’s serious disposition as she worked.

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“Ngh… What exactly is in this medicine? It’s giving off such an… odd sensation,” Asuka voiced, the curiosity tinged with a hint of apprehension.

As the intensity of the massage escalated, a blush began to dance across Asuka’s face, a delicate tremor of her body followed suit, complemented by a gradual rise in her bodily warmth.

A flurry of inquisitive thoughts stormed her mind, ‘Why am I experiencing these feelings under Lily’s touch? It’s strange… we are both women, yet, I am… affected. Miss Lily, she possesses a gentle yet firm touch, employing such adept techniques, it… it’s…’

The Asuka Kingdom was poles apart from Heian-kyo, holding firm to its conservative values within its secluded and traditional setting. Relationships between women were strictly taboo, a concept so alien to Asuka that she only came to understand them as she matured and started learning about the world.

In the past, whispers of a relationship between two female ninjas reached her ears, a scandal that she had met with severe punishment — a public whipping followed by banishment. The mere thought of such relations filled her with disdain, a sentiment deeply rooted in her upbringing.

Yet, as much as she harbored a deep-seated aversion and repression towards such relationships, an unexpected sensitivity blossomed within her under Lily’s nurturing touch, a sensation that confused yet captivated her.

“I will focus on the area around your Spirit Palace now. Please, ease into it, Princess,” Lily whispered, her voice a gentle breeze brushing against Asuka’s ear. With careful movements, she undid her belt and set it aside, before pulling Asuka’s ninja outfit forward to expose her abdomen. A sense of reverence accompanied her next actions as her hands, warm and firm, began to knead the soft flesh of Asuka’s stomach, orchestrating a ballet of pressure and relief from behind.



  1. Robinxen: Oh just who could possibly meet all this criterion?
  2. Silva: This all sounds so sus. If I was the Princess, I’d suspect them of attempted assassination.
  3. Silva: Yes, it’s very odd
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