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Chapter 36 – Penetration Test

Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

It was still drizzling non-stop.

Lily was in a slightly pouty mood due to the event earlier.

That Saionji Nanako was indeed a little stupid, but for a clever girl like herself to get sucked into Nanako’s pace and even got angry over it, she was really lacking in discipline.

However, that little girl’s way of speaking really did make people a little angry.

‘What does she mean by becoming her slave? Just where did that confidence come from?’ Even when Lily thought about it, she also felt that it was beyond belief!

However, what made Lily most afraid was that she lost her reasoning all too easily. She even forgot the fact that her consciousness was still that of a boy when she was in the middle of arguing. She behaved just like a girl as she argued with another girl, and the other side was a child no less!

‘If this keeps up, my body and mind will completely become that of a girl, this is not good… Senior sister, please give Lily some strength and make Lily stronger, Lily must become stronger, okay?’

And now, the gate of the Genji Dojo was finally open, out came a few dojo disciples with navy blue uniform. Leading the group was a tall and handsome samurai with white coat and navy blue culottes.

The samurai’s gaze blazed like a torch. With his arrival, the presence of the examinees immediately diminished. Even the air seemed to swirl submissively around him.

Lily didn’t dare to lightly probe around with her Spirit Power, but she was still sure of this one thing; that samurai is very strong!

He was much stronger than Master Matsuda Nagahide, Kimura, and Kanzaki combined!

“Sorry to keep you waiting. The practical examination of our Genji Dojo’s annual qualification test is about to begin. The duration of the test will last for five days. I, Imakawa Yusuke, will be the chief examiner. Please cooperate and show me your recommendation letter. You may enter the dojo and prepare for the test after I have inspected them.”

“So he’s from the Imakawa House, that’s a big clan…” Someone commented.

When Yusuke noticed Nanako’s group, he took the initiative to walk over and said, “Could you be the young lady of Saionji house?”

Saionji House only had young lady but no young master. Although Yusuke didn’t know Nanako, it wasn’t wrong to address her as such.

Nanako got down from her horse and obediently greeted in return, “I am indeed Saionji Nanako. I have come to participate in the samurai’s qualification test on my mother’s order.”

Taihara Yukimichi, who was just at the side, retrieved a scroll from his chest pocket, “This is the young lady’s recommendation letter…”

“No need,” Yusuke pushed the recommendation letter back to Yukimichi’s hand and said, “There’s no way the young lady of Saionji house would make a counterfeit, please go in first.”

Nanako said to her underlings, “You guys wait here.”

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She was very obedient as she walked into the dojo. She didn’t even glance at Lily to show her a complacent look. Lily suddenly felt that this girl might not be as stupid as she looked…

One moment she thought of her as stupid, the next moment she changed her mind. Her opinions were all over the place and even started to resemble that of a girl. When Lily thought of that, she felt somewhat frustrated.

Many examinees had their recommendation letter verified in succession, Lily also stepped forward and handed over her scroll.

Even a highly trained samurai like Yusuke couldn’t help but take a few glances at Lily’s breasts during the inspection.

However, that’s all he did. Lily was allowed to go in after the scroll had been verified.

The inside of the dojo was an extremely vast field. There was a wide expanse of lawn and land covered in gravel. At the far end of both sides, there was a garden and even a hill.

At one part of the gravel field, it was fenced in by ropes and eye-grabbing war flags with stripes were stuck there.

In the middle of the sandy field, a big and bluish Slash Force Sensor was placed there.

Chief examiner Yusuke was overseeing the examination. The other dojo disciples were guiding the examinees and had them lined up to test their penetration force.

“Penetration Force will be the first examination,” said Yusuke, “The passing mark is 80 kan. You will immediately be disqualified if your penetration force is lower than 80 kan. There’s no need to conduct the next examination. However, for all those who get 80 kan or higher and didn’t manage to become samurai in the end, the dojo will provide you with a penetration force authentication scroll. With this, you can apply for a foot soldier position anywhere without going through a test.”

Everyone had a grim mood as they heard the announcement. After all, they wouldn’t even get the chance to take the successive examinations if you didn’t get 80 kan.

As for becoming a foot soldier, nobody here would even consider this as a choice. They rather train for another year and come back to take the test in the following year. Or they could join the Taira Dojo’s examinations in the coming spring since both dojos had the same standard and authority.

A female disciple got beside Yusuke, She had a ponytail hairstyle and a blue uniform that looked identical to his. The female disciple took out a list and read aloud in a deadpan voice, “Once you name has been called, please enter the circle and proceed with your test. Those who haven’t been called must not enter the circle. It is compulsory to use the wooden sword supplied by our dojo during the test. You are strictly forbidden from using your iron sword to hit the Dharma Egg.”

“Toyoda Sanshiro,” announced the female disciple.


A gray-haired elderly man with a goatee and dark-colored hakama1 walked over.

“He’s still taking the examination in such an advanced age, that old man is really something…” In a rather spacious corner outside the ring, Lily whispered to herself.

Despite the fact that all the wooden swords arranged on the two shelves looked the same, the old man carefully chose one.

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Toyoda Sanshiro lifted the wooden sword and shouted, “I must become a samurai this year! I will let my granddaughter live a fulfilling life! Ha—!”

That power behind that slash wasn’t feeble at all, the sound of the wind being split apart could be heard.

However, the blue-colored Slash Force Sensor only rocked ever so slightly.

Lily felt that the Slash Force Sensor of Genji Dojo was a lot sturdier than the red-colored one used by Matsuda Clan. Did that mean the upper limit of the penetration force it could bear was much higher?

“76 kan! Failed!”

The voice of that blue-colored Dharma Egg was unexpectedly normal and blunt.

‘Eh? It actually spoke in a normal voice!’ Lily was secretly shocked.

“What… This is… Oh, my dear Momoko, grandpa has failed you again!” sighed the old man as he left helplessly, “I need to work harder! Next year, I will come back again!”

Although he didn’t pass, he was still pursuing the way of the samurai in such an advanced age. Lily admired his persistence.

“Next, Honda Nanji.”
“Pow—!” The Slash Force Sensor didn’t even shake at all.
“51 kan! Failed!”
“Ⓢⓗⓘⓣ! There’s a problem with this sword!”
“83 kan! Passed!”
“67 kan! Failed!”
“36 kan! Failed!”
“89 kan! Passed!”
“78 kan! Failed!”

The penetration test progressed smoothly. Those who passed only accounted to roughly one-fifth of the examinees. Only those with a certain amount of power or those with the right social connection managed to snag the recommendation letter. Most of the people who genuinely wanted to become a samurai lost in the competition for the recommendation letter.

“Next, Daidouji Takano,” announced the female disciple.

That two meters tall fatty with vein-patterned face took the field. Everyone stepped aside in fear.2

Looking at his hairy arms that were thicker than the thighs of most examinees, it may be assumed that he possessed quite a lot of power.


Lily thought, ‘Don’t tell me it’s that Daidouji again? Does everyone in that house have this kind of body type? This is practically an adult version of Taro.’

That giant monk picked up a wooden sword and waved it like a little stick. It felt very disproportional.

“This is too light! Don’t you have something heavier?”

“Daidouji Takano, please begin your test quickly,” said the female disciple with a neutral face.

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“Ugh…” Although he was not satisfied, this was still the Genji Dojo. Even a lunkhead like him wouldn’t dare to behave atrociously around here. He could only stop smiling and walk towards the Dharma Egg.

“Mother ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓡ! This great me will smash you— Haa!” With a wild and furious roar, his leg stomped the ground and caused it to sink.

“Pow!” The wooden sword landed a heavy strike on the blue Dharma Egg and caused it to shake wildly. That movement was much stronger compared to all the examinees before him!

“151 kan! Excellent, you pass!”

“Wow—!” Everyone shouted in surprise. They were filled with admiration and commended him in whispers.

“Wahahahaha! Excellent! This great me has definitely secured the first rank in penetration test!” The giant monk walked out of the circle proudly. He deliberately walked beside Lily and bragged on purpose, “Miss, don’t be so shocked, just relax. It doesn’t matter if you fail, just give it your all. This big brother will teach you how to channel your power later.”

Lily said without batting an eye, “All right, I will give it my all.”

Many examinees outside the circle were still full of praises.

“How great would it be if I have such a robust arm,” sighed a thin-looking examinee.

“Sigh! I don’t have a problem when it comes to archery and horsemanship. It’s just this penetration force that I am not confident with…Penetration force is raw power, raising it is easier said than done!” said a rich-looking examinee with a traditional top hat.

“Next, Saionji Nanako.”3


  1. Image Reference
  2. Oh… so it’s Daidouji again, go figures~
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