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Chapter 35 – Samurai’s Qualification Test

Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

As it turned out, the only reason she was able to stay in a place with such a good condition was due to the grace of the lodging house’s owner. According to the average accommodation prices in Takeshita, even Lily wouldn’t believe it if she was told that she could live a room with such beautiful scenery for just 10 mon.

“I am really… indebted to you,” Lily sat in seiza and bowed thirty degrees to express her most sincere gratitude towards the young woman.

The young woman smiled sweetly, “Don’t be so formal, it’s only because I am fond of Lady Lily. Even if a noble guest were to come, I wouldn’t necessarily let them stay in this room.”

“I am flattered…” Lily felt embarrassed to be thought of so highly.

“Oh right,” the young woman said, “I see that Lady Lily didn’t bring that much of a change of clothes with you, if there is anything you need to be washed, regardless of inner or outerwear, just give it to me in a while later. I will help the young lady wash them.”

“Huh?” Lily’s face was covered with yet another layer of blush. How could she let this beautiful young woman help her wash the clothes on top of everything she had already done for her.

“T-There’s no need to trouble yourself,” Lily tactfully declined in a hurry.

That young woman looked at Lily’s bashful appearance full of interest, then she thought in her heart, ‘Her figure is so mature; however, her personality is quite the opposite…”

“Then, please enjoy your meal, I will be excusing myself.”

After they bowed to each other, the young woman left.

Lily looked at the food that was delivered to her. Green tea, spring water, and the fine delicacies that were arranged on the dishes. She felt moved at the flavor of the food and the freshness of the tea. Lily couldn’t help but feel a sense of happiness. Ever since she came to this parallel world, this was the first time she had eaten something so delicious. It tasted just like the flavor of nature.

Rather than going to soak in the hot spring today, Lily went to the outdoor bath that was half surrounded by planks. After washing herself, Lily put on a yukata and returned to her room.

She couldn’t wash her kimono because it definitely wouldn’t dry up by tomorrow.

Lily was feeling a little uncomfortable because the change of clothes she possessed was really too little. It was extremely embarrassing that she only had one pair of underwear. As embarrassing as it was, she had no choice but to wash the underwear and hang it on top of the window.

While wearing a yukata with no innerwear, she lied on the bed and slept soundly.

The next day, Lily got up the bed in high spirits and put on the kimono from yesterday.

The kimono had the smell of her feminine odor, it was giving off a delicate and sweet smell. Sometimes, Lily bathed not because she was dirty, but rather because she felt that her body odor was gradually getting stronger. She would be embarrassed if a passerby somehow smelled it by chance, and it would also bring about some inconveniences.

After all, she herself knew that it was a very alluring smell.

When Lily made sure that she was dressed appropriately, she went to greet the granny and left the lodging house. After such a comfortable stay, she was naturally feeling very cheerful today. Lily really wanted to go express her thanks to the lodging house’s owner, but she was not around.

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“I should go take the examination first, this is very important.”

Unexpectedly, it started to rain the moment she went out.

Lily retrieved the Sakura Parasol and unfurled it, then she stepped onto the stone-paved road that was dampened by the rain and left the Chrysanthemum Inn.

That dojo was only separated from the Chrysanthemum Inn by a small thicket. Lily only walked a few steps before arriving at the perimeter wall of the dojo.

She walked along the wall and not long later, she found that many people were already waiting in front of the main gate. They were most likely examinees. Although the examination period lasted for five consecutive days, many people would still prefer to come on the first day.

The young girl walked gracefully under the rain with a red parasol in hand and blended into the crowds of rough-looking martial artists and ronins.

A bald-headed veteran who sat at the corner with his shabby armor and dirty headband was looking at Lily with eyes that seemingly wanted to eat her up.

And in the middle of the road, there was a ronin who sat in meditation without an umbrella. There were two katanas hanging on his waist. His eyes were closed and he never opened them once. However, when he caught a whiff of the sweet fragrance coming from Lily as she passed by him, he couldn’t resist lifting his head to look at Lily’s rear view. It didn’t even take a few seconds for his will to sway.

When Lily stopped in front of the gate and waited along with everyone, she quickly became the center of attention.

All of them seemed to have the same question written on their face, ‘That can’t be it, right? This young sister is also here for the samurai qualification test?’

This was but the main gate of Takeshita branch’s Genji Dojo, one of the strongest dojos under the heaven. Even if they had all kinds of thoughts, there’s no way they would dare to execute it in front of the main gate.

A bald-headed fatty was clenching his fist that made cracking sounds as he looked at Lily. He was standing at two meters tall with a vest and thorny wristbands. His big belly was exposed and red veined-patterns were drawn on his face.

When he compared Lily’s slender arms to his own hairy arms, a mocking smile involuntarily formed on his face, “Hmph, what is she playing at? This kind of all show and no go woman also dares to come to take the examination? Hmph, it’s a shame that this exam didn’t pit the examinees against each other. Otherwise, I will definitely give this naive girl who doesn’t know what’s good for her a good lesson!”

That bald-headed giant was only muttering to himself at the distance, he didn’t go and deliberately provoke Lily. Even so, Lily heard everything clearly due to her sharp hearing.

However, she was not angry. With her appearance and the way she dressed up, it was only natural that others would think like that. There were outspoken and rough-looking men everywhere, and a smooth-skinned little girl suddenly came and wanted to compete with them on their field, the men naturally couldn’t accept something like that with their ego.

Lily noticed that even though there were already hundreds of examinees waiting here, there were only a very few numbers of females.

The doors of the dojo were still closed. The ones who were meditating continued to meditate, those who were stealing a glance at Lily continued to take a peek and talked about her.

Lily didn’t care about all of those, she simply turned her body around and looked at the foggy river bank in hope of comprehending some sword arts from the river stream.

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Just at this time, a group of people walked over from nearby.1

When the examinees saw the black armored foot soldiers armed with spears and the black flag with yellow gourd emblem, they tactfully stepped aside. One look and anyone could tell that they were not an ordinary group.

On the other hand, Lily’s attention was concentrated in the running water. It seemed like she really had some kind of comprehension and stared at the river with a blank look. She didn’t even take notice of this group of people.

However, that one from among the group did notice her.

“The big-breasted woman in front, please make way,” came the ringing yet somewhat arrogant voice of a girl.

“Huh?” Lily only came to herself at this moment. She turned around and saw a petite girl riding on a horse. She was wearing a yellow hunter dress and white knee-length socks. Her red hair was tied in a twintail and she was looking at Lily with her beautiful eyes. However, those eyes seemed to carry a bit of contempt and hostility.

This girl didn’t carry an umbrella. Although she looked self-important, with the large group of bodyguards and all, she still couldn’t win against heaven and was soaking wet due to the rain.

Just which family was this haughty young lady from? Perhaps she was in a bad mood due to the rain? Lily didn’t want to be nosy, so she stepped aside to let them pass.

But who knew that girl would urge her horse toward Lily’s side and not overlook her, “Hmph! Since you are about to participate in the samurai’s qualification test, why you are afraid of such a little rain? Your code of chivalry is too weak! Or what, afraid of exposing your unsightly breasts from getting a little wet?”

“What?” Lily was angry in her heart, ‘Where did such an unruly girl come from? I have already accommodated to her demand, yet she still wants to keep aggravating the circumstances. So what if her status is high? This is the gate of Genji Dojo, just how rampant can she get here?’

“Oh?” Lily continued with her lovely voice, “No wonder this young lady is casually getting wet in the rain.”

Seemingly not getting the meaning, the girl proudly urged the horse forward and said with triumph, “Hahaha, of course! As a Mikawa Samurai, why would I be… huh? Wait! W-What do you mean by that?!”

That girl jumped down from the horse and got in front of Lily. Just when she was about to ask Lily, she found that her line of sight could only see Lily’s breasts when she lifted her head. Therefore, after thinking for a bit, she jumped back onto the horse and urged it to get it to face Lily. Then she looked down from above and said, “Hmph, a plebeian girl like you is unworthy of talking to me! This young lady is going to take the samurai’s qualification test, yet you are here daydreaming while looking at the river? Are you longing for love or are you going to drown yourself in the river, which is it? Sigh, a country bumpkin really doesn’t know anything.”

“Excuse me, young lady, but I am also going to participate in the samurai’s qualification test,” said Lily neither servile nor overbearing.

“Huh? You? Hmph, I have seen many women like you. Don’t think you can pass by showing off your ⓢⓔⓧ appeal. You can’t pass the samurai’s qualification test without strength!” Although that’s what the girl said, she was also amazed by Lily’s beauty. If anyone asked if she was beautiful, the girl was not that bad looking either. However, Lily’s perfect figure and height… those were the parts that made her most angry.

“Thank you for your kind reminder, miss. I will exhibit as much strength as I possibly could.2 I also wish the young lady good luck!” Lily thought that this girl looked unruly at first, but she was in fact a little foolish. It was better to not get tangled up with her any further than this.

“At least you have good taste. How about this, once I become a samurai, I will accept you as my slave servant, how about it?” said the girl.

Lily was so angry that she really wanted to stamp her feet. She gave in to her demands repeatedly, but this girl still wanted to make things worst!

“I apologize, I have no interest to play house with a child! The test is about to begin soon, how about the young lady excuse herself first?” Lily’s attitude had also turned cold. Just what was she doing, arguing with a child and even got angry over it.

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“Child… you just called me a child…” The girl was especially concerned about this word, “W-What’s so amazing about being big! Taihara father and son, the two of you go slap that rude woman for me!”

“Lady Nanako… just forget it! This is but the main gate of Genji Dojo, we must not cause trouble here! Have you forgotten the madam’s instruction?” The so-called Taihara father and son were the two retainers Nanako brought along, Taihara Yukimichi and Taihara Sugiyama. They hurriedly got down from their horse and restrained Nanako.

Nevertheless, Nanako still pointed her horsewhip at Lily and said, “Saionji Nanako, remember my name! I never take back my words, I will definitely make you my slave servant!”

“State your name!” Nanako continued.

“Meh, why should I tell you my name?”

“Y-You! How can you say that when people already announced their name! I have never seen such a rude woman before!” Nanako lifted the horsewhip and was about to whip it, but she was stopped by the father and son duo.

“Young lady… please restrain yourself!” pleaded the panicked father and son duo, while pulling Nanako away, as she kept turning the air blue.3

And now, only the rolling sound of an old wooden spool could be heard. The gate of Genji Dojo was finally open.


  1. We know it’s raining, and we know Lily is holding the parasol, so no need to keep emphasizing it.
  2. Though you say that, I bet you are going to hold back some.

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