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Chapter 58 – Tears

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3086 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2203 words

Lily felt her strength had recovered a little so she pushed hard against that woman, seized the opportunity to jump down the horse.

Once she got down, she finally came to realize the sheer size of that black steed. This woman was actually able to tame a horse of such a high rank.

Lily used the back of her hand to wipe her lips, but there was no way to erase that deplorable and hateful feelings.

“You… I see no need to inform you of my name, why are you doing this?”

Lily was not about to take it lying down. Though there was a stubborn teardrop dwelling in the corner of her eyes, she absolutely refused to cry in front of this woman. That was not because she felt wronged, it was merely humiliation!

‘My first kiss has been forcefully stolen because she is much, much stronger than me. That’s all! There is no way I would have any feelings for this kind of woman!’

Lily repeated these words in her mind over and over again. It was as though she believed those words would become actual fact if she repeated them many times over.

While she was riding on the horse, Uesugi Rei’s long silver hair seemed to have almost hidden her shapely butt from view. As the silver-haired woman jumped down the horse with her back facing Lily, she saw the deadly tachi hanging on her back. That tachi was about the same height as Uesugi. She was wearing the same black, sleeveless silk cloth as the other day. She wore a short skirt that covered only the front and rear. As for the length of the skirt, it was so short that everything would be exposed if it was one centimeter shorter.

Uesugi Rei was still smiling wantonly as she heard Lily’s question, but her violet eyes seemed to peer into the mind of others as she answered, “Why, you ask? That’s such an odd question. I kill demons because they attack mankind. I kissed you because you are cute. What I am saying is that… you are very cute. How many times do I have to repeat that for you to understand?”

Lily only stared at her blankly. If it was not herself that was retarded, then it must be that this woman had a mental problem. She was unable to follow the logic of this woman.

“Let me ask you another question in return, w-what was so cute about me?” Lily blushed as she asked back with slight anger.

Uesugi Rei narrowed her eyes and revealed a somewhat bewitching gaze. Lily had a little trouble resisting that kind of gaze.

As Uesugi drew near to Lily, the difference in height was finally made clear. She was indeed taller than Lily, even though Lily was quite tall herself.

If Uesugi Rei just took one more step, their breasts would squeeze together and change shape…

“For such a charming and delicate girl like you to ask big sister this kind of question, do you really want me to fawn on you so much?”

Uesugi Rei brought her face close to Lily. As she was assailed by the sweet fragrance of that woman again, Lily could feel her breathing getting rougher.

“Just look at your charming features. You have such a beautiful face as though you were the reincarnation of the goddess herself. Your eyes look exactly like night crystal, and your rosy lips tasted like heavenly nectar. Even supernatural beings would be charmed upon looking at your soft breasts. And your slender waist is just begging to be embraced.”

Lily felt a little dazed upon hearing these. Her sensitive female body couldn’t stand such high praise, but her male mentality warned her to remain cool-headed. She must act like her mind was not disturbed. She shouldn’t let this kind of poetic flattery make her feel elated.

But the words that came out of Lily’s mouth was a grumble that could easily be misunderstood, “Hmph, it’s nothing but a flowery speech.”

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Lily involuntarily fidgeted in the middle of her words.

‘Wait! This is not right! Aren’t I supposed to be asking questions here? Doesn’t this look like I am trying to seduce her instead?!’

Lily remonstrated herself in her mind, ‘No can do, I need to be fiercer and question her more proactively.’

Bringing her lips close, Uesugi Rei softly blew into Lily’s ear, “Furthermore, that big sexy ⓐⓢⓢ of yours…”

“Hey!” Lily was taken aback. She was originally praising her with such a poetic grace, so how did such an obscene language suddenly come out from her mouth?

What Lily hated to hear the most was obscene language! These words caused her to feel the utmost disgust! But at the same time, her body became feverish and started to fidget. Her breath also became somewhat flirtatious.

She really hated the vulgar language used by the woman, she really did! She blushed upon hearing these words, but from revulsion!

‘T-There’s no way I was a teeny bit excited! M-My body only reacted for a moment because… I was unable to think properly under Uesugi Rei’s influence! No way, I cannot stay like this!’

She hastily took a few steps back and simply drew her katana, “S-Such a rude woman, don’t get close to me!”

Uesugi Rei was also surprised to see Lily unsheathed her sword. She was colored in surprise when looking at Lily’s sword, then she blurted out, “Cursed Katana?”

“Huh?” Lily looked distracted. Just what nonsense was this woman spouting, this was but an authentic sword bought from the Genji Dojo, and she actually called this a Cursed Katana, “W-What are you saying? If you continue to speak rudely, don’t blame me for what happens next!”

Nevertheless, Uesugi Rei revealed an even more profound and meaningful smile. It seemed like she was getting more and more interested in Lily as she looked at her from head to foot. Rather than paying attention to Lily’s threat, she said this to herself, “Truly unexpected…”

“Miss, you are indeed my destined woman. I see there is no need for me to ask for your name anymore, though I believe your name must be as beautiful as you are. I am sure a female samurai like you will become famous in Kanagawa prefecture very quickly. I will naturally know your name then.”

Uesugi Rei turned around casually and walked to the other side of the bridge, “I still have something to do, but I’m sure we will meet again someday. Bye, my little sweetie.”

Lily stood there with a dumbfounded expression, “Hey! You… Stop right there! How… How can you do this! Why did you kiss me, why are you saying vulgar words to me, you are too ill-mannered!”

Seeing that Uesugi Rei walked away just like this, Lily panicked and stamped her feet on the bridge in a fit of rage.

Chase after her? And cut her down with a single slash?

“T-There’s no need to go that far. It is ironic how I had once looked up to her as a Valkyrie. Who knew she was such a hoodlum like this! It is true that this woman had been rude to me, but she doesn’t seem like a bad person other than that. I had once seen her kill a demon with my own eyes too. Though I will definitely struggle desperately if my chastity is threatened! But there’s no way I can kill someone just because they were rude to me and said a few vulgar words right? What’s more, I still can’t beat her as I am now…”

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Lily thrust the sword on the wooden bridge and fell down on her knees. Her hair drooped from her shoulders as she lowered her head and let out a helpless sigh.

Her first kiss was inexplicably snatched away by this woman, and yet she was unable to do anything about it. She couldn’t kill her nor was she able to scold her. On the contrary, she was even called cute to the point that she became a little more docile. Then she suddenly dropped a bomb on her. Just what was that woman thinking! What was she supposed to do against that kind of woman?

Seeing that woman making her way towards the other side of the river, Lily felt evermore edgy. Thereupon, she pulled up the katana and followed her.

When she arrived at the opposite bank, she found that the atmosphere had changed. As it turned out, this was the shrine of Ieyoshi Genji. She had never been here during the daytime before. This place was auspicious and peaceful. There was also that fragrant timber scent that caused one’s mind to relax.

She was kicking up a fuss here because of an indecent assault, that was clearly very disrespectful. She was ashamed of herself and didn’t know what to do.

In the end, she sheathed her sword and didn’t go up to nag at the woman.

She detoured around the spacious area in front of the shrine and looked at what the woman was doing from within the bush to the side. If she dared to act rudely in front of Lord Ieyoshi’s statue, then she would have a good excuse to swing her sword at her.

As she peeked at the shrine from the side, she was able to see the statue of Lord Ieyoshi sitting upright in the wooden temple. The solemn aura released by the statue calmed Lily’s mind.

She shifted her eyes to the front of the shrine and spied from within the bush.

All she saw the Uesugi Rei standing there without moving an inch.

The moment Lily saw Uesugi Rei, she felt the woman was in harmony with nature and formed a concept art unique to this area.

It was as though she had become a different person and was no longer the same seductive pervert as earlier.

Purple smoke rose in spirals from the incense stick in the old temple. For a short while, it had become quiet and peaceful.

Uesugi Rei looked at the statue within the shrine with the utmost respect and knelt on the spot.

She kowtowed three times and prayed very earnestly.

Then she lifted her head and clapped her hands together before she began to chant in silence.


Lily noticed two streaks of tears running down from the corner of Uesugi Rei’s eyes.

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The proud silver-haired girl did not sob at all, her face remained as auspicious as ever. However, Lily could feel immeasurable sorrow filling the air.

Why was she crying?

Why was she so different now compared to earlier? Where did her willful personality go? They were like two completely different people.

And what was up with this sorrowful atmosphere?

Why was it that she also felt a prick in her heart at this moment?

As the sun sets in the west, the wooden bridge in front of the dojo gate was dyed in the color of the sunset.

Uesugi Rei stayed at the shrine in that position for one whole afternoon before she left with her horse.

At the other end of the wooden bridge, a black-haired girl with purple kimono was leaning against the railing. That was a little unexpected even for Uesugi Rei.

“Kagami Lily, that is my name. You better remember it. Later on… if you dare to harass me again, I will not let you off so lightly.”

As Uesugi walked past Lily with her horse, Lily didn’t look at her and looked at the sunset behind the dojo instead. She lifted up her foot slightly and lightly tapped the wooden bridge with her sandal. Then she said those words nonchalantly with quite a reluctant face.

Uesugi felt a throbbing in her heart for a moment. The tear stains were still vaguely visible on her face. She looked at the fairy-like girl with her violet eyes. Though the girl in question was slightly angry, it seemed that she was fond of her angry expression. That was why she was able to tease or even comfort the girl… A feeling of attachment welled up in her heart, but her eyes became cloudy for an instant. It was as though she had some misgivings. She didn’t say much nor did she continue to harass Lily.


That was the only word Uesugi said. Her beautiful face revealed the brightest smile Lily had seen to date, but it quickly changed into a playful smile.

Lily’s head was lowered so she didn’t see that smile and no longer paid any attention to her.

Uesugi mounted the horse and there was a thunderous clatter of hoofs as the horse broke into a furious gallop.

Only then did Lily lifted her head to look at her riding away on the horse.

“Hmph, she doesn’t even know how to say a simple sorry? Bah, forget it… it’s for the better if she leaves, I hope I will never see her again!” Lily let out a complaint in a low voice.

However, what she didn’t know was that, when Lily’s first kiss was taken away by her, she had also offered her first kiss to Lily.

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