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Chapter 57 – Confusion

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2149 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1121 words

Nioh’s round eyes glared at its surroundings as if it were one of the mountain temple’s god statues; his rippling muscles danced beneath a faint black gloss as if eager to crush the very stone those statues were carved from as it galloped through the silent streets of Takeshita!

Lily could no longer tell if the thunder she heard was from the storm or the steed, as the thunderous power within it coupled with her own feeble body shaking began to make her stomach attempt to escape from her. The violent galloping naturally caused her to be unable to control her body, her blushing face repeatedly hitting large shapes that were soft yet perfectly firm; Lily was most pleased to concede that those heavenly breasts were indeed larger than hers, but only by a bit.

With each unwilling dive into those soft and elastic breasts, Lily began to feel even more powerless; coupled with the sweet smell of the silver-haired maiden’s body, Lily was getting more and more intoxicated in body and mind. The ferocious galloping and the entwining of the two bodies didn’t aid Lily in preventing further intoxication, though wrapping her arms shamelessly around the other’s neck was mainly from her fear.

Despite the icy rainwater doing nothing for Lily’s heat, and the constant joggling, the surroundings being nothing but a blur allowed her to focus and get a clear view of the silver-haired girl’s face.

“So beautiful,” Lily exclaimed in her heart as it was being tugged by a mysterious force.

The most precious gems ever to be shipped from a foreign land to the Heian empire, an extremely rare pair of violet agates1 whose deep hue seemed to lead to an endless abyss that would suck in one’s soul; though perhaps those eyes only affected Lily…

Exquisite jade was the skin that covered her small and pointed nose, guiding Lily’s eyes down towards the bottom of that near-perfect face where the early spring held the alluring yet majestic and noble pink rose blossom – a divine complement to the silver silk and violet gemstones she carried. Lily’s own deep red rose blossoms began to produce thick nectar as she stared at those lips.

In the few seconds it took for reason to overrule the instinct brought about from being saved by such a beautiful older sister, each of Lily’s increasingly shallow breaths immersed her in the essence of femininity and drowned her vision in a field of stars. Once she recalled her only beloved lying in that cold and heartless stone room with only a sliver of hope to ever awaken, she quickly fell into a state of self-blame at having been possessed by that woman’s strong, gentle, and enticing aura.

Lily scolded internally, ‘J-just what was I thinking?! How can I let this unfamiliar woman who nearly crashed into me and hugged me with no explanation disturb the peace in my mind! Lily oh Lily, how can you be so shameless! Senior sister’s body is so noble, but it has been corrupted by my fickle mind! Lily! Just how can you face senior sister like this! I definitely need to punish myself tonight! I won’t dare to inexplicably blush for another girl anymore!’

“W-who are you?! Let me go!” Lily asked, determined to no longer be uselessly stoked within the woman’s embrace.

Fearing to be thought of as flirting, and being thrown from the horse, Lily uncurled her arms from the woman’s neck and grabbed onto her arm. The woman, having noticed Lily’s gaze simply tightened her grip on Lily’s waist.

With violent swings of her legs and arms like a tantrum-prone child, Lily began to release panicked cries, “Stop! Put me down! What are you doing?! Do you know that you almost crashed into me?! Stop the horse now! Just who are you, let me go!”

Growing irritated at the little girl’s protest, the woman released her hold on the reins to grab the back of her head, unexpectedly bending forward to bind her lips to Lily’s, freezing the girl’s mind.


A shocked Lily’s only thought was “I was kissed?!” as her eyes widened and her body stiffened as if electrocuted.

After a while, Lily finally regained her senses from the unexpected act. Realizing that any further resistance would be pointless as her first kiss had already been stolen…

While the woman continued to kiss her, she despaired, ‘h-how can she do this?! That was my first kiss! Senior sister, I…’

Some time later…

“Slurp, Slurp…Mmhmm…”

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Lily used her powerless hands to push against the shoulder of that woman, but even so, she was unable to prevent the woman’s tongue from exploring every inch of her mouth.

Lily wanted to keep her eyes open as a show of resistance, but they gradually became half-closed and her field of vision became fuzzy…

She felt her entire body turning light and airy. The only thing her mind focused on was the deep kiss initiated by that woman.

However, her hands never let go from start to finish. They were still grabbing onto that woman’s black clothes in an attempt to resist.

Although they were just as useless since there was no strength left in her arms.

The woman urged the horse to stop on the wooden bridge beside the Genji Dojo’s main gate. Only then did she finally separated her warm lips from Lily.

Lily limply leaned against the horse’s neck, her eyes slackened for a moment.

As she saw her powerless self reflected on the water surface, Lily slowly averted her eyes, only to meet the violet eyes of that woman. Her long silvery hair seemed to have entangled with Lily’s messy black hair that scattered all over the horseback. Their hair was like two silk clothes forming a black-and-white space that belonged to only themselves.

Pure anger steadily built up in Lily’s eyes.

“Slap!” She slapped the woman’s face with her slender hand.

With that woman’s strength, she could completely dodge or even block the slap, but she didn’t do it. Her face turned to the side from Lily’s slap, but she still gently smile at Lily.

That woman finally started to talk, “So cute, and quite feisty too. I am called Uesugi Rei, and you are?”

‘Wasn’t she supposed to ask this question first before forcing a french kiss on me?!’ If Lily was more powerful than her, she would have certainly beaten this woman to a pulp!

And then she would beat her past self that offered zero to no resistance!

The rain finally stopped and a rainbow was forming due to the mist that rose from the river.

But Lily was still wet in her clothing.2


  1. Editor: Agate seems to be one of the most sought after gemstones in ancient Japan, so I went with that for the analogy, though typically you’d probably use sapphires.
  2. The raw said the rain in Lily’s clothes has yet to stop, I have no idea what that meant… at all
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