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Chapter 150 – Raining at Mt. Tama

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1799 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1036 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Mount Tama was also shrouded in wind and rain.

A huge black horse akin to a demonic beast was galloping on the muddy rainy road. When the little monsters along the way saw it, they were all frightened and hid in the mountains.

Because Nioh was shaking too much while sprinting, Lily had to put her arms around Uesugi Rei’s neck. Her face involuntarily bumped into the chest repeatedly because the horse was shaking so much.

At this speed, despite the fact that Lily had Sakura Parasol, it was impossible to open it so it was inserted in the luggage bag behind the saddle.

Lily felt an inexplicable sense of security. Although half of her body was suffering from wind and rain, the other half snuggled up to the warmth that was emanating from this powerful woman.

Lily knew that if she relied too much on this woman, she would become weak. That would become her greatest roadblock.
However, this was a stormy night and the first night after the disaster, she didn’t necessarily need to force herself to stay strong.
After all, she was also a girl.1

Uesugi Rei pulled the rein to slow down the dark horse, then she asked, “That, um… Sister Lily, look, there’s an intersection, which way should we go?”

Lily could feel the jiggling of Uesugi’s breasts when she spoke. Her body temperature also seemed to have increased slightly. It was a shame that Lily didn’t lift her head, otherwise, she’d be able to catch the rare sight of this Goddess of War blushing.

Lily casually glanced at the dark and indistinct road and said, “Go down this road.”

“Oh, would you look at that, Sister Lily is so good. How can you distinguish the directions and roads so accurately even though they look almost the same?” Uesugi Rei asked with a puzzled look.

“… Sister Uesugi, don’t ask such questions, Lily can’t guarantee that she can remember all the roads. But this road to Takeshita only has this one intersection so it’s pretty easy to remember.”

“Really…” Uesugi Rei looked at the road on both sides again, trying to find a landmark to differentiate the two, but still, she couldn’t find any.
So she could only drive the horse forward and run uphill.

“… Sister Uesugi! It’s downhill, down the road …” Lily was a little speechless. She was pointing the way at the front, and yet Uesugi still managed to confuse uphill for downhill… Why was it that Uesugi Rei was so strong yet so directionally challenged? She even had a good map on her.

“Sister Uesugi…”
“Actually… your mount, Nioh, is also very intelligent. Next time when you are going somewhere, you can point it out on the map and let it carry you. You don’t need to direct it yourself. Maybe this way, you will not go the wrong way.”
“What Sister Lily said is not unreasonable, but it can’t be done!”

Uesugi Rei suddenly hugged Lily’s waist and her hand went down Lily’s curvy waist and slapped her rich buttocks.

“That’s because… everything must be under big sister’s control! Those who act with me, whether it be the horse I ride or you, should listen to me. Do you understand?”
“I don’t quite understand …” Lily blushed and lowered her head, and continued to lean on Uesugi’s chest without any choice.

“That… Sister Uesugi.”
“Thank you for saving me.”

With her silver hair hanging low, Uesugi Rei looked at Lily and asked, “How will you thank me?”
“Ah?” Hearing Uesugi’s reply, Lily didn’t know what to do. But for some reason, she seemed to understand what Uesugi was thinking. Her face turned red and her red lips opened with a gentle breath, “…What does sister think?”

Uesugi stopped Nioh and picked up Lily, she made her turn around and rode on the horse. Since Uesugi was sitting behind her, her chest was pressing against Lily’s thin back.2

She gently lifted Lily’s hair at the back and let Nioh walk slowly through the forest.

Uesugi Rei whispered in Lily’s ear, “Be my woman.”
“What!?” Lily was shocked.

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Sometimes Sister Uesugi really uttered the most shocking things when others were starting to have better impression of her. Although Lily still fell into her pace sometimes, it really gave her quite a jump this time around.

Even if the other side said something like, “I like you, please be with me,” or “Will you be my girlfriend?” Lily still woundn’t agree, but at least it was little more natural to listen to.

However, wasn’t her request of being her woman too direct? It was too advanced and blatant!

Being Uesugi’s girlfriend and being her woman were two completely different things!
Although Lily had not undergone affairs of life, she still knew of these principles!

It was like where you could touch and where you could never touch…
The first thing Uesugi asked was to be her woman, did that mean she wanted Lily’s everything? Wasn’t that too overbearing?

“How’s it? Baby, do you agree?” Uesugi breathed gently at Lily’s earlobe. This kind of questioning could easily lead people to lose their mind before thinking rationally.
“No!” replied Lily.

Fortunately, for a woman like Lily, whether she agreed or not, the answer was same. That was: “No, no, no, no…” It didn’t matter whether Uesugi Rei grasped the weakness of Lily, she would never get the answer she wanted.

Of course, Lily didn’t say this coquettishly or duplicity. It was a genuine rejection.

It was not “by no, women mean yes” kind of thing.
“No? Why? Does Sister Lily think I don’t deserve you?”

At this time, Lily felt bitter in her heart. ‘If I tell her that I already have someone I like, that would be too cruel.’

Although Uesugi Rei looked graceful and quick-witted, Lily always felt that, deep down, she might not as carefree as she seemed. She didn’t really have any justification, it was merely a women’s intuition.

Lily didn’t want to and couldn’t bear to make Sister Uesugi sad.3

However, she couldn’t answer to her proposal…
Because in her heart, there was no place for other women to occupy. It was wholly dedicated to senior sister.


  1. Robinxen: Lily! Nooooooooooooo!
  2. If anyone gets confused here, Lily had been sitting on Uesugi’s lap/embrace the whole journey, so here, she made Lily sit in front of her.
  3. Robinxen: It’s love!

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