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Chapter 151 – Stroll in the Forest

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1202 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 708 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“How, how can that be… Sister Uesugi is strong and so beautiful … How could there be a woman you don’t deserve …” Lily said incoherently because she hadn’t figured out how to reject her advances.

“Haha…,” Uesugi Rei laughed out loud, “What are you talking about, Sister Lily? It seems logical, but the fact of the matter is that, we… are all abnormal, aren’t we?”
“Eh? Why do you say that?”

“Sister Lily, do you like men?”
“Huh? O- Of course not… ”

“……” Lily’s answer was not the root cause of Uesugi’s surprise, but rather because Lily took things for granted and mentioned something that should have been taboo. That taboo matter was Lily still loved shy women.

However, Lily didn’t realize it at all. She still had consciousness of a boy. Without any sense of shame and taboo, she blurted out that she didn’t like men.

“Sister Lily, you are really weird. Don’t you think the two of us are already straying far from the norm?”” Uesugi’s delicate chin rested on Lily’s shoulders.
Right then, Lily immediately understood what Uesugi meant.

Due to Lily’s train of thought that still resembled those of a boy, she failed to realize how much courage a woman of this era needed to muster to express her love for another woman boldly.

No matter how powerful Uesugi was, she was still a woman. However, Lily was so indifferent and turned a deaf ear to her confession.
This made her feel sorry for Uesugi Rei.
Her seemingly positive and thoughtless answer may have hurt her.

“I, I mean… not for the time being …” Lily could absolutely swear that she didn’t want to say that in her mind. She just wanted to tactfully reject Uesugi.

Lily knew that she had a problem with herself. That she was not good at rejecting the advances of other women.
However, Uesugi Rei viewed it completely differently. It looked more like a disguised seduction rather than a polite rejection.

“You’re so lovely.” Uesugi Rei affirmatively whispered into Lily’s ears.
“Well, how can it be lovely? I am talking to you seriously! I am very serious, very serious to reject you.” Lily replied. Almost immediately she regretted saying those words and felt like wanting to hang herself. It didn’t sound like a rejection. It sounded more like she was actually flirting with another woman!
Lily, oh Lily, why do you possess such low emotional quotient and why are you so bad at expressing what you mean to Sister Uesugi.

In such an instance, Uesugi Rei responded with a kiss on Lily’s cheek.
Yet, Uesugi Rei would not just be satisfied with a kiss. She had a character of strong possessiveness, especially to those who would dare to reject her.
As Uesugi turned Lily’s face around and held her by the chin, Lily was slightly surprised. Before long, however, a kiss greeted her cherry red lips.
Unlike the time at the gate of the Saionji Household, Uesugi Rei launched a fierce attack.

Nobody knew how many mountains they had hiked before Uesugi Rei had let go of Lily.
Lily grasped Nioh with her pair of small hands. She was almost lying flat on the horse’s neck while weakly panting with Uesugi still sitting behind her.
Lily wanted to cry but no tears flowed out.

‘It was just a kiss. It was a lengthy kiss, but that’s no reason to cry!’
‘Originally, I felt guilty and was afraid of hurting Uesugi Rei. But as expected, I was too kind to her.’

In fact, Uesugi Rei was such a strong and beautiful elder sister figure. According to Lily’s original taste, she wouldn’t hate her but…

Lily reminded herself many times that she couldn’t let senior sister down… However, wasn’t she making continuous mistakes one after another? Even so, this was totally out of her control.
At this moment, Uesugi Rei leaned down and asked, “How’s it? Have you already begun to want to be my woman?”

Lily forcibly controlled her emotions and uttered in a more serious tone: “Please conduct yourself with dignity, sister Uesugi. Lily only feels embarrassed and ashamed.”
Unexpectedly, Uesugi Rei really let Lily go, making her feel a bit down.

‘No, I shouldn’t feel down. It’s better this way!’


  1. Robinxen: Author oh author….
    Why must you let us down at this moment?!

    Anyone want me to write an insert here about the ‘fierce attack’?

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