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Chapter 147 – Virtual Projection

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 197 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1204 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Hojo Dijon rushed at the Uesugi Rei and brandished the tachi which was releasing majestic blue light. Uesugi Rei held the sword with both hands for the first time. With her keen eyes, she launched a steady and powerful sword attack to block and then retreat, but the pace was not disordered at all.

After Hojo attacked several times in a row, a gap appeared which was used by Uesugi Rei to disturb Hojo’s stance. Then Uesugi Rei stomped on the slab with enough force to crush it and nailed her leg to the ground. Her upper body turned back and her leg kicked out toward the Dijon’s waist.

“Uhh!” The three meter tall Hojo Dijon was kicked back by more than ten steps.

“Absolutely disgraceful!” Hojo stopped retreating and covered his waist. Rei’s kick was quite fierce. It even caused a mighty samurai like Hojo to twitch his face.
Hojo restrained his anger and once again jumped ahead to kill Rei!

At this time, Rei also suddenly accelerated and rushed to Hojo. The change in rhythm made Hojo unable to respond quickly. Rei jumped up suddenly and the long sword in her hand bloomed with purple gorgeous soul patterns, creating ice crystals with flickering white light and then cut at Hojo who could only raise his sword to defend.


A ring-shaped air explosion which was visible to the naked eye occurred.1

“Whoosh—!” The gas explosion expanded rapidly and blew all the soldiers of the Imagawa family in the surrounding area upside down.

“Ugh!” Hojo clenched his teeth and resisted hard, but his body fell on one knee!

And Uesugi Rei still seemed to have room to spare. After landing, she turned around and hacked.

“Bang!” Another explosion occurred which caused Hojo to draw back by tens of meters.

“My God!” The eyes of Imagawa Yoshitada who was watching the battle from the side gleamed: “What a terrifying Penetration Force! Uesugi Rei is really a monster!”

Hojo Dijon, who was pushed backwards by dozens of meters, felt numb in his hands. It was unbelievable. He had never formally fought with Uesugi Rei. He knew that the other party was very strong. However, a woman beating him back in pure strength made him angry.

Hojo was also a real samurai.2 With a strong heart, he rushed toward Uesugi Rei again with a yell.

The two exchanged blows back and forth!

“Your Lordship! I’ll help you! Uesugi Rei, don’t be too arrogant!” When Yagyuu Munesaki spotted the opportunity, he suddenly rushed to the battlefield like a shadow. His two katana flew up and attacked Uesugi Rei from the side.

“Sister Rei!” Lily who was lying on the horse’s back shouted with worry.
Uesugi Rei saw them approaching but she was not flustered. She parried Yagyuu Munesaki’s twin swords after blocking the attack of Hojo.

For a while, Yagyuu and Hojo attacked Uesugi Rei together. She exchanged blows with both parties. When the swords collided, Uesugi Rei didn’t fall back.

After all, Yagyuu ‘s strength was a little weak. Although his attack speed was fast, his strength was not enough. Uesugi Rei saw the opportunity and disrupted Yagyuu’s movements. Then she kicked Yagyuu’s chest with her long thigh. The kick sent Yagyuu flying and caused him to spit blood!

At this time, Dijon took the opportunity to attack. However, Uesugi Rei unexpectedly bent down and then straightened his legs and kicked.

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“Bang!” The huge Hojo was also sent flying into the sky, revealing major flaws!

“Uesugi Rei, how arrogant of you! I, Taira Hachiro, cannot stand by idly and watch!” No one thought that Taira Hachiro who had been watching the battle with an unpredictable attitude would suddenly take action. He rushed to Uesugi Rei’s back in large strides. The Trident spear in his hand released fiery spiral ripples.

This was the Taira family’s exclusive secret method of cultivating spiritual power! Fire Spirit Power!

“Sister!!!” It was already unfair to have two Sword Saint besieging Uesugi Rei. Unexpectedly, Taira Hachiro, the third-ranked of the Eastern Nation’s Six Swords, also attacked from behind!

The samurai morals were lost!

Moreover, Taira Hachiro and Uesugi Rei were only one rank behind each other. It could be seen that their strength should also be very close. Even Uesugi Rei would be in great crisis if three Sword Saint besieged Uesugi Rei together!

Lily was extremely worried. Even if she was unable to assist in this kind of battle with her strength, she dismounted the horse.

“Neeeeigh——!” The black horse Nioh suddenly bit Lily’s skirt from behind and pulled her back again. With how tall the black horse was, this bite undoubtedly exposed Lily’s white thighs and even the side of the buttocks.

Lily blushed, “Let go of me! You jerk!”

However, Nioh allowed no explanation. It just grabbed Lily again and tossed her on its back, making Lily very helpless.

She could only look worriedly at Uesugi Rei.

Just now, Uesugi Rei seemed to have been prepared for Taira Hachiro’s move. Her body moved slightly and dodged Taira Hachiro’s flaming spear stab. Her body leaned toward the flank. At this time, Hojo Dijon and Yagyuu had also readjusted their spirit power. They launched an attack on Uesugi Rei from both sides.

“Uesugi Rei!” Taira Hachiro shouted, “Brother Hojo is arresting the female prisoner who killed his younger brother. I shouldn’t have participated in it but since you hurt one of the Taira family’s members. I can’t stand-by any longer!”

Taira Hachiro, Hojo Dijon, and Yagyuu Munesaki, three High-Tier Sword Saint had joined forces to besiege Uesugi Rei!

Facing the three-way attack, Uesugi Rei took large strides to move left and right, and brandished the long tachi in her hand.

During the fierce battle, Uesugi Rei revealed her beautiful spirit power which was pure white inside and bluish-purple outside!

The tachi flickered with purple and white sparkling ice crystals.

The three high-tier Sword Saint could not immediately subdue Uesugi Rei even when they worked together. They couldn’t afford to lose face. They became anxious and erupted with their full strength to madly attack Uesugi.

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For a while, the sword and spear were raining, and the spirit power was fluctuating wildly!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The shockwaves released as they fought and a turbulent wind formed around them. The flags of the Imagawa family were blown away. The soldiers and samurai were blown one after another and fell to the ground. Saionji family members used Nioh as a windshield to avoid being blown away by the wind.

“Ahhhhh!” At last, even the fat Imagawa Yoshitada’s litter was blown to the ground and he broke two front teeth when he fell!3 “Back off! Back off! Stay away from these monsters!” Imagawa Yoshitada ordered hurriedly.

At this time, three Sword Saint attacked with all their strength but they were surprised to find that they could not get the upper hand!

Not only could they not suppress Uesugi Rei but the air around them seemed to be getting colder and colder. The sky was filled with little snow dust that this season shouldn’t have.

“Sister Uesugi!” Lily suddenly covered her mouth and exclaimed in surprise at the discovery she found. Behind Uesugi Rei, there was a faint virtual projection of a blue figure!4


  1. Robinxen: Screw you sound barrier!
  2. Robinxen: Author……what part of him was a real samurai? The part he went to take someones wife? The part he authorised someone to kidnap a girl?
  3. Robinxen: I support this.
  4. Robinxen: Uesugi Rei is a fricking Jojo character.

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