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Chapter 148 – Rage

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2297 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1445 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The color of the sky was hazy and the star-like snow was floating!

That virtual projection emanated vivid, lifelike faint blue flame and its pair of copper bell-like eyes seemed to be glaring at all creatures.

If one looked at it from a high place, a cloud of mist covering a distance of about 100 meters around the front door of Saionji Household could be seen.

Within this range, the actions, fighting intent, and even the spirit power of Hojo, Hachiro, and others had been slightly suppressed.

However, Uesugi Rei’s attack seemed to become swifter and fiercer under the blessing of the virtual projection!

“Boom!!!” Uesugi Rei brandished the thin air and swept up an icy wind that extinguished the fire swirling on Taira Hachiro’s spear!

At this time, Hojo slashed from the side. Uesugi Rei turned around and vigorously jumped. A sword projection that was hidden in the mist synched with her movements and performed a rising slash.

“Bang!” The strong sound made everyone’s eardrum tremble and caused the cold air to burst!

Hojo’s sword seemed to hit the iceberg and was bounced back by Uesugi Rei who was smaller than him but remained steadfast like a mountain. Yagyuu Munesaki tried to take the opportunity to attack Uesugi Rei from behind.

Uesugi Rei reacted with a keen response. She jumped up high with her long legs, dodged the pair of swords and then stepped on them violently!1

“Bang!” Her foot stepped on where Yagyuu’s twin swords intersected and pushed the swords onto the ground. Thereby using it as an axis, her other long leg turned around and kicked heavily again.

“Bang—!” Yagyuu who was sent flying by the kick slammed into the mud wall by the street! The pair of swords remain grounded under Uesugi’s feet!

“Hah!” Hachiro jumped up high and shouted: “Take this, my Taira family’s ultimate spear technique!”

“Haaaa—yaaahhh!” Hachiro roared in a strange faltering tone. He rapidly stabbed at Uesugi and simultaneously spun the spear at great speed. With the spear rapidly spinning, a flaming python coiling around it as it formed from the abrasive air.

Uesugi looked grimly at the spinning spear. She held up the tachi with both hands and slashed at Hachiro’s spear.

“Clang—!” The tachi cut directly between the spear and the Trident, forcing the spear to swing back and forth like a maniac.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

No matter how it revolved, it was still blocked by the tachi. The strong impact forced Hachiro to loosen his hand and the highly elastic wooden handle struck Hachiro’s jaw

“Pfff—!” Hachiro whose face was covered with white powder vomited blood. After getting hit by his own spear, he was forced backward by several meters.

By this time, Hojo Dijon erupted with his full strength. He broke through the mist to kill Uesugi Rei!

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The spear that was oscillating back and forth was still hanging on Uesugi Rei’s sword. She guided the spear with the sword’s strength and threw the spear toward Hojo.

The spear with the irregular flame on it struck Hojo. Unexpectedly, it sent Hojo flying and burned his clothes.
When Hojo fell to the ground, he put out the flames on his body.

Uesugi Rei was just like the queen of ice and snow. Her proud body stood at the center of everyone’s attention. Her long silver hair floated like falling snowflakes. Her purple eyes seemed to be burning with a magical flame but the corner of her mouth wore a wild and wanton smile.

It looked like she was at ease.

The wind and snow gradually dissipated, leaving no trace of snow on the ground. No one knew whether the ice and snow were real, or was it the manifestation of Uesugi’s intent in the real world.

“So that’s… the intent…” Lily dismounted from the horse and stood beside Saionji Kotoka, who incredulously witnessed everything.

“This is a higher level of intent – Domain.” Saionji Kotoka said with a low voice, “I didn’t expect that Miss Uesugi has already attained her own Domain. No wonder she was able to fight with three enemies with ease!”

Everyone present was shocked.

Hojo finally put out the flames on his body and stood up. Hachiro and Yagyuu also got back up but the three of them did not dare to get any closer!

In the distance, Imagawa covered his mouth with a fan and said in a sharp voice, “The six famous swords of the East Nation. The difference in strength between third-ranked Hachiro, the six-ranked Hojo Dijon, and second-ranked Uesugi is so large. Even the famous high-tier Sword Saint, Yagyuu Munesaki, can’t beat Uesugi Rei! Hum! What Six Swords of the East Nation? The Hojo is so undeserving of this title!”

After hearing this, Dijon’s face turned blue, but he could only endure it. And that wasn’t the least of his concern, if this were to spread, he would become the laughingstock in Kamakura city!

How could he declare himself as one of the Eastern Nation’s Six Swords and the strongest of the Hojo family if it came to this!

Taira Hachiro’s reaction was quite indifferent. The Taira Clan was unfathomable, to begin with. There were too many freakishly strong people in it. Taira Hachiro’s wild and strange character was already a matter of ridicule in his family, this was but another source of laughter for them.

Taira Hachiro shook his head and gave up vigilantly. He went to pick up his spear and took a horse stance with the spear behind him. He repeatedly stepped on the ground with his left and right feet, and groaned strangely: “I believe Sister Rei rightfully deserves the first spot in the Eastern Nation’s Six Swords. This Hachiro is not your opponent. I will not get involved in this matter anymore. Everyone, I’ll see you later. Goodbye!”

After Taira Hachiro said that, he carried his spear and quickly hopped backward. Then he walked away and soon disappeared behind the cold mist on the corners of the street.

Yagyuu’s condition was much worse. He was covering his arm and seemed to have been hurt.
The face of Hojo Dijon was rigid. His forehead was full of sweat and he was unable to restrain anger in his heart. He clenched his fists hard but he could only swallow his resentment.

All of a sudden, Nagasaki, who had one arm chopped off by Lily, picked up the Grade 2 iron cannon scattered by Kotoka in the chaos of war. He lit the fuse and shouted at Lily’s twisted face, “Ⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ, return my hand!”

“Bang!” The iron cannon shot at Lily!

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“Sis!” Uesugi Rei was shocked but there was too little time to stop it.
Looking at the bullets flying toward her, Lily didn’t panic at all. The Crescent Moon in her hand left behind a streak of light as she drew the sword!


The small broad bean sized bullet was cut in two!

“Whoosh!” The crimson Crescent Moon flashed with gold light and a sword wave flew toward Nagasaki.

“What? ——No!” Nagasaki’s eyes widened as the scarlet sword wave flew toward him with lightning speed.
Blood splattered!

Nagasaki was hit and a deep red line extended from the middle of his forehead all the way down to the body.
“Ah…” Nagasaki’s body stiffened for a while. Then his eyes rolled up before he fell to the ground and died.

“Nagasaki!!!” Dijon was furious and could not wait to kill Lily with a stab at once. However, Uesugi Rei’s cold and sharp eyes stared at him.

Hojo Dijon could only swallow his anger and thought to himself: ‘Uesugi Rei, Kagami Lily… Wait for me, one day I will make you pay a hundred times the price for today’s matter! I, Hojo Dijon, will never forget today’s humiliation!’

“Let’s go!” With a reluctant wave of Dijon, the remaining Hojo samurai dragged their dead companions away in a panic.

When the Imagawa Army saw this situation, they silently withdrew. Imagawa Yoshitada didn’t mention that Lily hit him and hurt his son.

“Is it finally over?”

When this great battle came to an end, Lily suddenly felt dizzy as she relaxed. Her body fell down but she was easily embraced by Uesugi Rei from behind. Uesugi Rei sheathed her tachi and lifted Lily in a princess carry.

Lily suddenly became very embarrassed but it was not easy to break away from the benefactor’s embrace. She could only whisper, “Don’t do this. Put me down. I can walk.”

It was natural that Lily was ashamed, but even Nanako, who was looking from the side, also had a slightly complicated expression.2


  1. Robinxen: Onee-sama standing on people.
  2. Robinxen: Ah youth. Such wonder.

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