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[Vol 1] Chapter 19 – Abode of Traitors

Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Japtem and edited
by Icy Kitten on 7th July 2019.

Hajime felt his whole body being wrapped by something warm and soft. It was a very nostalgic feeling, almost like a bed. A cushion was gently catching his head and back. The softness of feathers wrapped his body. His dozing consciousness was thrown into confusion.

(What is this? This is supposed to be the dungeon…Why is a bed…?)

He was fumbling around as his consciousness was not fully awake yet. However, he couldn’t move his right hand. It was wrapped in a soft feeling that was different from the bed. His palm was also wedged into something warm and soft.

(What’s this?)

Hajime moved his hand while his mind was still blank. He felt a certain elasticity between his hands and it was squishy when he touched it. Just keen on the feel somehow and it became a habit to keep touching…



For some reason a seductive gasp could be heard. At that moment, the first visage of his consciousness came back to him.

Hajime noticed as he raised himself in panic, that he really was in a bed. The bed had a pure-white sheet, it felt luxurious, and it even had a canopy. It seemed the bed was on a stone pavement in a terrace atrium. A refreshing breeze blew by Hajime’s cheeks and the canopy. His perimeter was surrounded by pillars and a thin curtain. He thought it was right out of a scene from a Pantheon Shrine. The whole space was filled with a warm light that he hadn’t seen in a long time.

He was confused, wasn’t he just in a life and death battle with a Hydra just moments ago?

(Where is this? Don’t tell me… that this place is the afterworld?)

In this place that felt so solemn, an ominous thought crossed his mind. Hajime’s thoughts were interrupted by an amorous voice next to him.



When Hajime was confused, he turned over the sheet. While not wearing a single thread of clothing, Yue clung onto Hajime’s right hand and slept completely naked. He finally noticed that even he was naked.

“Indeed…this is the morning surprise…that’s so not right!”

The confused Hajime did a Tsukkomi on himself for his stupid thoughts. Yue started to wake up a little.

“Yue, wake up. Yue.”


When he tried to wake her up, she curled up and shook her head to fret. His right hand was stuck between Yue’s thighs and it was approaching a dangerous place.

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“Ku …Don’t tell me this is really the afterworld…is it Heaven?”

Even as Hajime was saying those stupid things, he tried to free his right hand, but everytime…

“….Hn …Hn…”

Yue panted seductively.

“Ku, calm down me. No matter how old she is, her appearance is still of a child. It’s impossible for me to get excited! I am absolutely not a lolicon!”

Hajime tried to persuade himself of this, while his expression was on the brink of looking like a pervert. He gave up trying to free his right hand, and instead tried to wake up the cause but no luck.

Gradually, he started to get irritated. Hajime could not swallow the situation and confusion, and he had a blue vein popping out on his forehead at her leisurely sleeping there.

His irritation culminated…

“That’s enough, get up! You natural erotic vampire princess!”

He invoked his [Lightning Clad]. Electric discharge started to gather in his right hand.


Yue was shocked by the discharge. She released Hajime’s arm and finally opened her eyes, while she twitched a little.


“Yeah. It’s Hajime-san. Sleepyhead, wake up…”



She woke up and widened her eyes when she saw Hajime. The next moment, she was jumping towards him, In the nude. Hajime trembled.

Yue buried her face into Hajime’s scruff, and he noticed she was sniffing. He decided there was no helping it, and just stroked her head with a smile.

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“My bad, seems like I worried you a lot.”

“Yeah …I was worried…”

It seems she didn’t want to stop hugging him for a while. He held onto her until she was satisfied because she did take care of him. Hajime continued to stroke her head gently.

When Yue calmed down after a few minutes, Hajime had her cover her body with a cover, then asked about what happened.

“So, what’s happened since then? Where is this?”

“…After that…”

She said that after the battle, she felt dizzy from her magic depletion and snuggled up right next to the collapsed Hajime. Then the double doors in the room automatically opened. Reinforcements? Yue stayed vigilant but nothing ever came. When she started to recover bit by bit, she decided to enter the door.

The sacred water continued healing Hajime little by little. Still, he was in a dangerous state with all his serious injuries. His body had escaped death, but she didn’t know how long he could hold out against the poison. Both of them would be finished if a new monster appeared. Therefore, she had to check it out.

And just past the doors entrance,

“…Abode of the Traitors.”

Inside was a vast space with a good looking house in the center. She confirmed it wasn’t dangerous, and after searching for a while, she found a bedroom where she took the unconscious Hajime to. Recently, the God’s Crystal extract was decreasing considerably, but Hajime had kept drinking the sacred water.

The sacred water finally beat out the toxins, and it was able to display its usual restorative prowess.

“…I see, you took care of me. Thanks, Yue.”


When Hajime conveyed his words of thanks, Yue’s eyes brightened up with joy from the bottom of her heart. She was expressionless, but her eyes said it all.

“By the way…why am I naked?”

He was curious. There was still the surprise he wanted to rid himself of. 1 Hajime didn’t dislike Yue…he just wanted to prepare his heart. Inwardly, he just muttered to himself.

“…You were dirty… so I cleaned you…”

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“…Why… why did you lick your lips?”

Yue had a bewitching smile, like when she sucked his blood, and licked her lips. For some reason his body shivered.

“Why was Yue sleeping next to me? And also naked…”


“Wait, what are you laughing at? Did you do something? Don’t lick your lips!”

While Hajime was questioning her intensely, Yue did not answer and just stared at Hajime with a voluptuous look.

Hajime questioned her for a while, but she had a happy expression as she stayed silent. He decided to give up on the questioning and explore the abode. Yue handed him some high-quality clothes she found. It was men’s clothing, and most likely belonged to the traitor. Hajime confirmed his good health, then dressed himself with the clothes and prepared his equipment. There might be some traps or tricks, so he prepared himself just in case.

When his preparation was also complete, he looked back and found Yue dressed. Yue was…

…she was in a one piece cutter shirt.

“Yue… just what are you aiming for?”

“?… This size doesn’t fit.”

Oh, a men’s size would surely not fit Yue’s petite 140 cm height. However, her appropriately sized breasts and pure white legs were on display. Her image was so sensational, contrary to her childish appearance, because of the way Yue held herself and acted. Hajime was troubled on where to keep his eyes.

He wasn’t sure if she was aiming for that or if it just came natural. Hajime just knew she was terrifying in a variety of ways.

“…If it’s natural, then it’s quite frightening…”

Leaving the bedroom, he was amazed at the sights around him.

As soon as he stepped out, sunlight rushed to blind him, although it was fake due to them being underground. There was a globe that had a cone-shaped body connected to the ceiling, and it was floating there shining. He felt slightly warm because it didn’t feel artificial like a fluorescent light, causing Hajime to unintentionally call it the “Sun”.

“It looks like a moon whenever it turns to night. ”


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The sounds of rushing water also attacked his ears, and he noticed at the back of the room was a waterfall. A large quantity of water ran down that wall from the ceiling and joined the river to flow into the back cave. The cool wind was full of magic particles that blew from the waterfall, providing Hajime with a good feeling. When he took a closer look at the water, there were fish swimming there. It was possible the fish flowed in from a terrestrial river.

Some distance from the river, there was a big field. Nothing seemed to be planted there right now, though it spread throughout the surrounding. It could be an animal pen, although there were no signs of animals, there were enough resources here to be self sufficient. Lots of varieties of plants grew around here too.

Hajime was on the opposite side of the river and field. He wanted to walk to the building adjacent to the bedroom, but something was stopping him. The construction felt like it had been processed and wasn’t for someone to live in.

“…I checked around a bit, a majority of the rooms don’t open..”

“I see…Yue, don’t let your guard down.”


The stone house was white and its texture was like lime; All of it felt so clean. In the entrance, there was a light sphere that was at the tip of a pedestal projecting from the ceiling. Hajime was dazzled with it because he had been in the dark for so long. There seemed to be 3 stories, and there seemed to be an atrium at the top.

First, they wanted to look at the ground floor. Even after finding a fireplace, soft carpet, living area with a sofa, kitchen, and restroom, there was no sign that this place had been neglected over the years. There was no sign of life…but it had the feeling of returning home after a trip. Hajime thought it had an air that told him it hadn’t been used in a while. People didn’t live here, but it was still being maintained…

Hajime and Yue continued their exploration with caution. When they went up to the middle floor they were outdoors again. There was a hole in this huge place, and a sculpture of a lion was enshrined in deep water there. Next to the sculpture was a magic formation. When he poured magic into the formation, warm water jumped out of the lion’s open mouth. The lion seemed to be able to arrange water from anywhere in the world.

“A bath! Amazing! How many months has it been since I had a bath?”

His cheeks loosened instinctively. The first time around, Hajime couldn’t care about the dirt that was on his body. But now, since he was worried about itching, he gave in. Water was gathered using a huge magic formation he formed, and he covered his body in water.

After all, Hajime was Japanese. He was no exception to having a desire for a bath. After he secured the area, he couldn’t help himself from smiling.

Watching Hajime, Yue said…

“…Want to enter… Together?”

“…Let me take it easy alone.”


Yue kicked the warm water with her bare feet. Hajime refused because, if they entered together he wouldn’t be able to relax. Her face showed how dissatisfied she was.

Both of them soon discovered a study room and workshop on the second floor. However, there seemed to be seals that prevented them from opening the doors in those rooms. With no other choice, they continued their search.

The two headed to the third floor’s back room. There was only one room on the third floor. When they opened the door into the interior, there was a 7-8 m wide exquisite and delicate magic formation engraved on the floor in the center of the room; the design was something they had never seen before. As a rather splendid geometric patterned formation, it looked like art.

However, something else was more noteworthy. On the other side of the magic formation was a corpse sitting in a regal chair. It had already been skeletonized and there was a stunning black robe embroidered with gold on its body. There was not a single stain on it, and it seemed to be an object from a haunted house.

The corpse hung its head, while leaning on the chair. It had been decayed in that posture. What did this person think of, in this room with only a magic formation? Why did it choose this place, instead of the bedroom or living room?

“…That’s suspicious…What do you want to do?”

Yue was also wondering about the corpse. This person was probably one of the traitors. No signs of suffering could be seen on the figure that rested on the chair, so it seemed like the figure was waiting for someone.

“Well, if we want to reach the surface, I think this room is the key. The seals in the library and studio resisted my transmutation…so we have to investigate. Yue wait here, and if anything happens I’ll leave it to you.”

“Okay…Be careful.”

Hajime stepped forward towards the magic formation. The moment he stepped into the center of the magic formation, a snow-white light blinded them suddenly and the room was dyed with light.

Due to the intensity, Hajime closed his eye. Something had invaded into his head immediately after, and he went through the time he fell into the abyss like a revolving lantern.

The light soon settled and Hajime opened his eyes; and standing there… was a young man in black clothing.


  1. Right here it originally said ‘The morning Chirp he wanted to break from’, but that made 0 sense at all, so the edit’s sketchy.

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