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[Vol 1] Chapter 14 – More of a Cheater Rather Than a Hero

“I’m sorry. I made a mistake.”

As he said it, Hajime tried to quietly close the door. The blonde-haired red-eyed girl tried to detain him in a fluster. However, it feels like she hadn’t spoken once in all these years, her voice was tantamount to that of a mutter; though she still desperately conveyed her message.

“W-Wait! ……Please! …Save me…”

“No way.”

Hajime said that and continued to close the door, such a devil.

“W-Why…? I will do anything…… so please……”

The girl was desperate. She still couldn’t move her body, but despite that, she lifted up her face to beseech Hajime. However, Hajime only responded in a loathful manner.

“Hey, this is the bottom of the abyss. How can I possibly release someone who has obviously been sealed here? It would be disastrous. Looks like there’s nothing here apart from the seal…… nothing that looks useful for escaping. Therefore……”

His argument was sound. However, generally speaking, a person who would ignore the plea of an imprisoned girl without the slightest hesitation shouldn’t have existed. That originally gentle Hajime was long dead.

Being so coldly refused, the desperate girl raised her voice as she was on the verge of crying.

“No! Cough… I’m, not bad! ……Wait! I……”

Hajime ignored her plea and kept closing the door. Just before the door was completely shut, Hajime gnashed his teeth. If only he had closed it a bit earlier, he might be able to turn a blind eye to it…

“I was betrayed!”

Just a little bit more and the door will be shut for all eternity. However, due to the girl’s desperate shout, the closing door stopped. Ten seconds, twenty seconds, the time passed slowly. Before too long, the door started to open again. The one standing there was Hajime with an extremely sour face, as if he had been bitten by hundred bugs and chewed up one.

He originally had no intention of helping her no matter what. She must have been sealed here due to a relevant reason. That reason might very well be because she was extremely dangerous, and there was no evidence to prove what she said was the truth. As a matter of fact, she might be a wicked being, and the probability of her deceiving Hajime was very high. Abandoning her should be the most appropriate decision.

(Ah… Just what am I doing.)

Hajime sighed inwardly. He was actually swayed when he heard the word, “betrayed”. He should have left his past behind him already. In this place, just trying to fulfill his wish to “live” was extremely difficult. ‘Grudges’ were unnecessary distraction. If her words could affect him this much, there was probably a part of him that had not moved on. Parts of Hajime’s consciences probably still existed if he could sympathize with the girl that had the same circumstance as him.

Hajime scratched his head while he walked up to the girl. Of course, he didn’t lower his guard.

“You said you were betrayed? Are you saying that, that was the reason you were sealed here? If what you said was true, why did the betrayer seal you in here?”

The girl was stunned when Hajime came back. Through her abundant dirty blond hair, her red eyes were fixed on Hajime. Because of her lack of response, Hajime got irritated and said something like, “Hey. Are you listening? If you are not going to talk, I’m leaving.” as he turned heel. In a fluster, the girl quickly gathered herself and began explaining the reason she was sealed.

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“I’m an atavistic vampire… I was granted great power… because of it I worked hard for my country. But… one day… all my retainers… told me I was not needed anymore. Uncle… became the king… I… was fine with that… However, I, with great power, dangerous… cannot be killed… so they sealed me… in here.”

The girl recounted the story intermittently with her dried up throat. Hajime heaved a sigh as he heard the story. This was such a dramatic circumstance. However, there were a few things that bothered Hajime. He inquired as he suppressed his boiling emotions.

“You, are you a royalty from a certain country?”

“…… (Nods! Nods!)”

“What do you mean ‘You cannot be killed’?”

“…Self-regeneration. Injuries heal immediately. Even if decapitated.”

“…T-That is indeed very astonishing… is that the great power you were talking about?”

“Not just that… Magic, direct manipulation… no need formation.”

Hajime was like “Is that so~” as he came to his own understanding.

Hajime could also use Magic Manipulation after eating the Magic Beast. He don’t need any incantations or magic formations to strengthen his body. It was the same for other skills, he don’t need to chant the incantations to use skills such as 【Transmutation】 and the like.

However, in Hajime’s case, since his magic aptitude was zero, he still need a huge magic formation to operate magic spell. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to use magic, that was a fact that will never change.

However, if he was to possess magic aptitude like this girl, rules might as well not exist. While other people are chanting or preparing magic formations like an idiot, the spell from this side would have hit them already. Honestly, it wasn’t even a contest. Also, immortality. Though it was probably not absolute, it was still a cheat far above the heroes’.

“…Help me…”

While Hajime was thinking to himself, the girl pleaded with him.


Hajime was looking at the girl, the girl was also looking at Hajime. Time passed by slowly like this……

In the end, Hajime scratched his head in a frenzy and heaved a sigh. He put his hand on the cube that sealed the girl.


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Once the girl realized the meaning, she widened her eyes. Hajime ignored her and began transmuting.

Dark red, no… more like crimson colored magic power discharged from Hajime like electric sparks. His magic power has changed after he ate the magic beasts. However, the cube that should be deformed resisted Hajime’s transmutation and repelled his hand. It was just like the bedrock at the top and bottom of each level, however, it’s not like it was completely ineffective. Little by little, Hajime’s magic started to erode areas around the cube.

“Ku, the resistance is strong! …But, the present me can do it!”

Hajime began to pour even more magic power. The equivalent to a six phrase incantation. Finally, the magic gradually penetrated the cube’s defense. Not only the surroundings, the entire room was bathed in crimson light of Hajime’s magic.

Hajime continued to increase the quantity of magic power. Seven phrase… Eight phrase… The stones around the seal started to tremble.

“Not enough, still not enough!”

He fired himself up as he poured nine phrase worth of magic power. If it was an attribute magic, it would already be a grand level spell. No, it might be impossible to use that to estimate his magic power anymore. As the crimson light continued to get more intense, the girl widened her eyes and kept staring at Hajime, as if she didn’t want to miss any seconds of this event.

This was the first time Hajime used such a large-scale magic, not only was he sweating profusely, if his control slipped for just a moment then his power would go on a rampage. However, the cube remains unchanged even with all this power. Hajime was desperate and released all his magic power.

Hajime did not understand why he would expend so much effort for a girl he just met. But he just couldn’t ignore her plea so it can’t be helped. Destroy any obstruction, survive only for my goal; he should have already made up his mind a long time ago, but… Hajime asked himself again, “Just what am I doing?” While still shocked by his own action, he thought it through; there should be an exception in everything, I will do what I want to do! And I must do it with all my heart!

His body started to emit a red light. This time for real, he was going all-out to release his magic power. He stubbornly poured all of his magic power into transmutation, and it finally succeeded!

The cube around the girl started to melt and little by little, she was getting being released from her shackles. Soon, more and more parts of her got free. Her swelling chest came to bare, then her waist, arms, and thighs… Under those cubes, she was wearing nothing. Even though her body was emaciated, she still had a mystique beauty to her. She dropped onto the ground with a ‘female sitting’ ⌈1⌋ posture as she was set free. Her body seemed to lack the energy to stand up.

Hajime also sat down. His shoulders moved up and down as he gasped for breath. Because his magic power ran out, he was assailed by an intense sense of fatigue. While he was breathing roughly, he reached for the Sacred Water with his trembling right hand, but that hand was gripped tightly by the girl. Her tiny hands were lacking any power as they shook uncontrollably. When Hajime glanced at her, she was staring at him. Although her face was void of expression, her red eyes told the real story.

And then, the girl started to speak. The trembling voice but low, but she said it very clearly.

“…Thank you.”

What sentiment was he to give to her thanks? Hajime didn’t know. However, he noticed, as faint as it may be, there was still a speck of light that didn’t disappear deep within his supposedly blackened heart.

Their hands were interlocked tightly. How much time passed since she was sealed here? From Hajime’s knowledge, vampires died out several hundreds of years ago. He remembered reading about it when he was studying the history of this world.

That said, her expression remained unchanged from beginning to end. In other words, she had long forgotten how to talk and express herself. She had spent a long time in this darkness all by her lonesome self. From what she was saying, she was betrayed by the people she trusted. It was rather strange how she didn’t break down under this kind of circumstances, it might be thanks to the auto-regeneration power she mentioned earlier. If that was the case, it must be quite torturous. Maybe this was the so-called ‘not even allowed to go crazy’.

Seems like he will need to put drinking the Sacred Water on hold. Hajime forced a smile and strengthened his grip. The girl jumped up for a while, and responded back with her own grip.

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“…Name, what?” ⌈2

The girl moved her lips to ask Hajime. Speaking of which, they didn’t even know each other’s name yet. Hajime’s smile became even more bitter than it had already been. He answered the girl’s question and asked for her name in return.

“Hajime. Nagumo Hajime. Yours?”

The girl muttered “Hajime, Hajime” repeatedly. Like she was etching it into her mind as something important. And when she was asked for her name, she begged Hajime to grant her a new one.

“…Name, grant me.”

“Huh? Grant you a name? What, don’t tell me you forgot your name?”

Hajime thought it was very possible to have forgotten her name after a long period of imprisonment, so he asked. But the girl shook her head instead.

“Already, don’t need my previous name… The name Hajime grants me will be good enough.”

“…Haiz, even if you say that.”

Most likely she was dealing with the same thing as when Hajime changed. Throw away your previous self; live a new life with new values. Hajime was changed due to pain, hunger, and hatred. However, she wanted to change out of her own free will, and the first step was to get a new name.

Her eyes was shining with anticipation. Thinking that it couldn’t be helped, Hajime scratched his head and told her the new name.

“How about 【Yue】 or something along the line? I don’t really have a sense for naming. If you don’t like it, I will think of another one…”

“Yue? …Yue …Yue…”

“Ah, this word represents the 【moon】 in my hometown. When I first entered the room, your blonde hair and red eyes reminded me of the moon floating in the night sky… how is it?”

As if the girl was surprised by the response he gave, she just blinked her eyes. Her face remained expressionless, but her eyes seemed to shine with joy.

“En, from now on, Yue. Thank you.”

“Oh, for the time being…”


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After the girl who just changed her name to Yue expressed her thanks, Hajime undid their clasped hands and took off his overcoat. Yue was looking at Hajime with an unfathomable expression.

“Wear this. You can’t stay naked forever.”


Hajime handed over the overcoat as he said these, Yue received it on reflex while looking at her current state. She was really stark naked. All of her important parts were completely exposed. Yue’s cheeks turned bright red in an instant. She quickly covered herself with Hajime’s overcoat and muttered with an upturned look.

“Hajime, pervert.”


He would only be digging his own grave no matter what he said, Hajime who was fully aware of this point chose to stay silent. The overcoat was cheerfully put on by Yue. She was only 140 cm tall, so the overcoat was oversized for her. The way she was folding the hem of the overcoat with all her might was very charming.

Hajime took that chance to drink the Sacred Water to recover himself. His vitality restored and his brain became active again. After using 【Presence Perception】……Hajime froze on the spot. He could feel the presence of a terrifying magic beast in the immediate area.

The location was… right above them!

It dropped from the ceiling at almost the same Hajime took notice of it. With every ounce of effort, he picked up Yue with his only hand and used 【Ground Shrink】. After executing his movement, he looked back at where he was. A thud came from the area where he originally was and the figure of that magic beast showed up.

That magic beast’s body was five meter in length. It had four long arms with huge pincers in the front end, and eight of its legs were rustling on the ground. A sharp needle was present on the tip of its two tails. It would be easiest to understand by likening it with a scorpion. As for the two tails, it would be wise to assume they were poisonous. It was obviously not on the same level as any magic beasts Hajime had encountered to this day, he could feel the aura of strong warrior.

Sweat streamed down his forehead. When he had entered the room earlier, his full powered 【Presence Perception】 did not pick up anything, but now it was going crazy. This could only mean that, this scorpion-like monster only appeared after Yue’s seal was released. In other words, this was the last resort to prevent her from escaping. If he had left Yue by herself, there was still a slight chance for Hajime to escape.

He set his glance to the girl in his arm. She was paying no attention to the scorpion and watched Hajime earnestly. Her eyes were as calm as the surface of the water. Those expressive eyes conveyed her willpower. Yue had fully entrusted her fate to Hajime.

The moment their eyes met, the corners of his mouth rose, and his usual fearless smile came into being. Hajime, who did not care about others, felt sympathy for Yue. There was now a speck of light lodging in his heart that should have been broken due to losing too many things. And now, this girl who had been unreasonably betrayed, was going to entrust her fate to another person again. If he couldn’t answer her pleas, he wasn’t a man.

“Bring it on! Try to kill me if you can!”

Hajime perched Yue on his shoulder, then he quickly retrieved the Sacred Water from his pouch. After that, he embraced her and delivered the Sacred Water directly to Yue’s mouth. ⌈3


The Sacred Water flowed into her body from the test tube-shaped container. Yue teared up at being force fed an alien substance, but she widened her eyes in surprise when her vitality was being restored.

Hajime moved Yue to his back with his only arm. Although she was still weak and couldn’t contribute much, he couldn’t just leave her at the side and went to fight by himself. As expected, the difficulty of protecting her and fighting the scorpion at the same time was too high.

“Hold on tight! Yue!”

Her body was far from recovered, but she used what little power she had to hold on tight to Hajime.

The scorpion started to make noise as it advanced towards them. Feeling Yue’s grip on his back, he declared with his bold smile.

“If you’re going to get in my way…… I’m going to kill and devour you!”


  1. Popular Facts: Female sitting posture is a sitting posture with the upper legs spread out and lower legs bending backwards, with two hands crossing between the thigh while covering up the chest. 
  2. Silva: Yes, she speaks broken language XD 
  3. Silva: Remember Hajime was still single-handed? How did he accomplish this series of actions? Mouth-to-mouth perhaps? >///< 

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