Chapter 76 – The Hero Used Sand Attack!

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Author: Firehead Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: TpstT English Source: Two More Free Thoughts
Editor(s): Keii, Vecna

In this world, outside of the humanoids, living existences with flesh could largely be divided into [Animals] and [Magical Beasts].

Animals were those who were not influenced by mana and maintained their appearances, whereas magical beasts were those who had been transformed after being influenced.

And ordinarily speaking, in terms of strength, magical beasts outclassed animals.

For example, if a domestic cat and a tiger were to fight, one would not need to think too hard to figure out that the tiger would come out victorious.

However, if that cat was transformed under the influence of mana, it might very well turn out to be the winner.

A transformation with mana had the capacity to bring out powers within animals which would otherwise have never been able to awaken such powers.

Nevertheless, in the world of Midgard, there were monsters among animals which blatantly ignored such a fundamental concept.

And those were the dinosaurs. These ancient monsters had long existed in this world far before the humanoids came to being.

With complete disregard to the phenomenon called mana, they were fearful monsters which screamed that the strong were called strong because they were strong, and saw all those around themselves as nothing more than prey.

Humanoids were its prey, magical beasts were its prey, others of its own kind were its prey and even the demons were its prey.

It was a naturally strong existence which saw everything else as its target for predation. That was the carnivorous dinosaurs.

As a consequence, in the world of Midgard, they were feared more than the demons and, in some ways, hated more than the demons.

Although their numbers were dramatically reduced by Ruphas Mafahl 200 years ago, they still existed up to this date and spread fear around the world.

And even amongst those carnivorous dinosaurs, there were those that were particularly feared above the rest.

The one who inhabited the North, Dinorex.

The one who inhabited the West, Dinoacrocanth.

The one who inhabited the East, Dinotarbo.

And lastly, the one who inhabited the South, Dinogiganto.

Although there were numerous dinosaurs who were considered dangerous, the ones which were a head above the others on the danger scale were these four.

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And at this moment, one of those four was blocking the path while standing in front of Sei.

Its length was approximately 13 metres and its weight was approximately 13 tonnes. Without a doubt, it was a monster.

In comparison, our side consisted of two individuals: an inexperienced newbie hero and a young flugel girl.

Looking at them from the sidelines, however one thought about it, it was not a situation where even a fight could be established. Even calling it reckless was too much of a leeway.

dinosaur vs virgo and sei 1

However, the participants of the festival were not limited to these two individuals.

After finding out about the existence of the dinosaur, several adventurers and travellers quickly came to aid Sei and Virgo.

“Fu… dinosaur, huh. I’ll take care of it in five seconds!”

The full-body black-cloaked cool warrior stood at the front and drew his sword.

Even the blade was jet black in colour and showed off his bad taste.

He continued to give off an atmosphere of a strong individual as his mantle fluttered around and brazenly approached Dinogiganto.

Was this it? The scenario where an unknown and strong character suddenly and coolly entered and struck the enemy down?

Under such expectations, Sei wished all the best to the pitch black warrior.

“Under my justice – you shall wither. Secret Sword Technique –Black Shadow Flowing Blade!”

Pitch Black-san shouted out some questionably cool sounding technique in a low voice and swung at Dinogiganto.

Subsequently, he was blown away somewhere by the tail whilst screaming, “Ooufff!?”

The total duration was precisely five seconds long.

What’s the point of you getting taken care of in five seconds?!

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“Looks like it has some strength.”

Following pitch black, the bearded rabbit-eared wrestler-like muscular man went out in front whilst cracking his knuckles.

Even after seeing the Dinogiganto’s body and the instant K.O. which had just happened, he still did not falter.

It was an atmosphere of a complete veteran who had absolute confidence in himself.

And so he ran to the foot of the Dinogiganto and grabbed the thick foot with both of his arms.

However, it did not move or even budge.

He could not have thought he can throw the dinosaur around, could he?

Well duh, there are things that are simply impossible. Think about the size first.

As Sei was getting exasperated by such a dumb event, the foolish man was kicked away by the dinosaur and rolled away on the ground. His eyes rolled back, showing only whites.

“You weaklings. I’ll show you how the fight should be done!”

And lastly, the bikini armour macho uncle stepped forward.

Then he ran to the foot of the Dinogiganto and grabbed onto its thick foot.

As I said, it’s impossible. What were you even looking at!? I’m begging you to think about the size first, you idiot.

The stupid man, who did not learn from the previous guy, was kicked away by the Dinogiganto and merrily got knocked out together with the rabbit-eared man as if they were best friends.

“….. What did they even come here for, these guys…?”

In the end, all Sei got to see was the strength of the dinosaur which took the three of them out in a flash. As Sei felt astonished beyond words due to the pointlessness displayed by the three, he gripped his katana again and got ready for combat.

Virgo also readjusted how she held her sword and prepared for battle against the Dinogiganto with a face full of nervousness.

The dog-type magical beast tried to trot in front of the dinosaur without a care in the world. However, the flustered Sei quickly grabbed the dog and put it behind him before returning back into a battle stance.

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What was surprising at this moment was the Dinogiganto. Sei thought it would already have attacked him, however, for some reason, it was still in its position whilst surveying Sei… no, surveying Virgo intently to see what action she might take.

Due to it living in the wild, perhaps it was sensitive to those that were strong.

It had likely assessed Virgo, who looked weak, to be strong, and instinctively judged that it was not in its best interest to recklessly charge in.

“ G U U U U U U …. G Y A O O O O O O O O O O ! ! “

However, the Dinogiganto did not have the type of personality to wait and carefully assess things, even if the enemy turned out to be strong.

The Dinogiganto’s roar resounded throughout the entire area. At the same time, it spun on the spot and struck strongly with its tail.

Its aim was Virgo who was in the air! However, she quickly closed the distance at once whilst avoiding the tail slam and ducked towards the Dinogiganto’s feet.

A straight line! She sliced at one of its feet and flew back up into the sky, outside of its range.

The Dinogiganto, which had one of its feet sliced, was unable to maintain its balance and fell down. Nevertheless, the slice did not amount to complete amputation.

It got back up on its feet in a flash and looked up at the sky to glare at Virgo.

“Ama, amazing….”

Sei could not help but be dazed, his jaw dropping in response to her fast movement, and he became fascinated by her charm.

Gorgeous. Such sharp and quick movements.

It was clear to Sei that she was incomparably leagues above the previously blown away Pitch Black-san.

In practice, Virgo was a full support type. What she just displayed was nothing more than a result of the difference in her level and status. Yet, Sei was lacking in level so much that he was unable to even notice such a thing.

During the time Sei was being stupefied by her abilities due to his low level, Virgo and the Dinogiganto’s fight continued. Virgo repeatedly sliced at the Dinogiganto using hit-and-run tactics.

He wanted to assist her if he could and as a man he felt shameful to just be looking at her fight from the side.

Nevertheless, he was not stupid enough to not be able to figure out how he’ll be nothing more than a burden if he helped her poorly.

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As a consequence, he gave up the idea of joining the fight using his sword.

Instead, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped nearby sand and gravel in it. He then threw it at the Dinogiganto’s eyes the moment Virgo backed away from it.


“It’s a diversion. It should have some effect, right!?”

Haa, I’m really not acting anything like a Hero. – Although he was thinking such a thing, he told himself mentally that it was the best course of action he could take.

Notwithstanding that his level was low, as a level 30, his physical ability was far above that of what he should normally have had. He had more than enough throwing strength to be able to throw a handkerchief ball filled with sand and gravel at the Dinogiganto.

During the moment the Dinogiganto faltered, Virgo released a blade of light from the tip of her sword and dealt a deep wound on its body.

When this happened, the Dinogiganto’s rage flared and it persistently chased Virgo only.

It seemed it had judged Sei to not be of any threat and had completely ignored him.

It was a pitiful story. He had wanted to mock himself by asking, “Are you even a hero?”


…. Works well for me. You lizard *******.

I am weak. And I’m aware of that.

But just because I’m weak doesn’t mean I can’t do anything.

Sei activated the Hero skill [Light Sword] which he had recently acquired.

For the subsequent attack, the weapon’s attack power was doubled. Although Sei thought the skill in itself was quite lame, combined with the katana from the Royal Tomb of the Black Wing, he was able to change the lame skill into a magnificent skill which dealt significant damage.

(And the timing is… now!)

The moment the Dinogiganto took a large step to attack Virgo, Sei attacked at the ground where its foot was going to land!

With this attack, Sei managed to create something similar to a pitfall that barely managed to fit the Dinogiganto’s foot. As soon as the attack was released, Sei quickly retreated to create some distance.

The attack that he made could not be any more shameful.

It was by no means a way that a man called the Hero should be fighting.

Nevertheless, although its effect on the overall scheme of things was minimal, in this battle, his action was not without its value.

The Dinogiganto’s feet sank and it lost its balance, giving Virgo the opportunity to release an attack with all of her might.


First, she flew up high and grabbed her sword with both of her hands, preparing to swing down widely.

And then she descended rapidly!

Trying to imitate the battle she previously saw between Ruphas and Scorpius, she rapidly accelerated and slammed her sword with all of her might towards the head of the Dinogiganto.

Furthermore, she activated La Pucelle’s effect at this moment and bestowed the power of a light slash into the attack towards the head.

“Let me support you! [Light Sword]!”

At that moment, Sei activated his skill and doubled the attack power of La Pucelle that Virgo held. Just as the name of the skill suggested, La Pucelle which had turned into a sword of light carved into the head of the Dinogiganto, causing it to gush out blood.

And when the sword was swung down, the Dinogiganto’s head down to the tip of its nose was cleanly sliced off.

“GA…… A ……..”

The Dinogiganto’s giant body slanted to the side and collapsed downwards, creating a loud sound.

It did not simply fall down this time.

It had no sign of getting back up nor did it show any signs of movement. Even when the dog-type magical beast whimsically got close and peed on it, it did not move at all.

After seeing such a thing, Sei was able to truly feel that it had been defeated, causing Sei to tightly clench his own fist.

I’ve won – he was not going to say such a presumptuous thing. The one who had won was the young girl, not him.

Nevertheless, he was still able to feel happy that they had managed to overcome such a hurdle.

Perhaps things had not yet registered into her brain, but the young girl was looking dumbfounded at the turnout. Sei ran to where she was and gave praise for her brave effort.

“You did it! You defeated this monster!”

“A. This thing, it was defeated? Because grandma said the dinosaurs are scary, I thought it is going to get back up and mutate or something….”


Although this sounded like a broken record, Virgo was a frog which resided in the well.

However, all of the friends it lived with were true monsters.

A sheep which could turn into a giant, a full-body weaponised golem, a scorpion which could turn into a giant and a devil which could also turn into a giant.

Although Crab-san had not turned giant up until now, it could probably also turn into one.

As a consequence, she did not think that dinosaurs, which were said to be strong, could be finished with such a degree of attacks.

However, she had misunderstood things.

Sei shook his arm around whilst thinking, “That’s impossible,” and rejected what she was saying.

“Umm, thanks. Your support really helped out.”

“Well, I’m really happy you put it that way, but… Yeah, I’m sorry I could only provide such a lame form of support.”

As he knew himself that he lacked strength, he did not believe he made a wrong decision.

Notwithstanding that, what was pathetic remained pathetic.

He could not determine, in what other world there would be a hero that entrusted the battle to a young girl whilst he himself threw sand around and dug holes in the ground.

Even the fodder heroes, who served only as stepping stones in light novels, fought in a more dignified manner.

“Umm. Oh yeah, I still haven’t told you my name yet. I’m Sei. Minami-Jyuji Sei.”

“Minamijyuji Sei? Oh, you have a strange name.”

“Aah, Sei is my name. In my country, the first name and the family name are placed the other way around.”

“Is that so? Ah, I’m Virgo. I don’t have a family name.”

After mutually completing their self-introductions, they started having a conversation.

Notwithstanding that they were competitors within the same festival, they were still comrades who fought against the same ferocious enemy.

Due to the two’s personalities, they were not wary of one another and felt a pleasant feeling for each other.

However, this action might have been a display of how inexperienced the two of them were.

It was wrong of them to let their guard down simply because the enemy had stopped moving.

The Dinogiganto, which had been lying down on the ground until this moment, opened its eyes and got right up as if it was jumping.

Precisely. It was still not yet dead.

Astonishingly, even with its head cracked open, its vitality allowed it to continue functioning.


“What, not dead!”

Although Virgo and Sei quickly turned their heads around to look towards it, the Dinogiganto’s large mouth was already right in front of them.

However, before its jaws could reach and close around them, a gust of wind blew past them.

As soon as it happened, the Dinogiganto stopped moving on the spot. Its eyes rolled into its head and turned white. This time, for certain, it had died. It collapsed straight onto the floor.

For Virgo and Sei, it simply looked as if the dinosaur suddenly got up then immediately died.

They wondered what it was, but had no way of figuring out what had happened.

“………? What just happened?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it got up but finally ran out of power? Damn, it really scared me.”

For now, they assumed that it had used up the last of its strength.

After assuming this, the two decided to leave the location before anything else happened.



“Looks like you managed it, Libra.”

At this moment, I was flying in the sky some distance above the audience seats whilst crossing my arms and acknowledging Libra.

Next to me, Libra, who was holding a sniper rifle, was looking through its scope silently.

Once I had found out that a dinosaur had come out, the action I decided on was to take Libra out and give the order to snipe it down.

Although I did not think that Virgo would fall behind the dinosaur due to her level, I also knew that she barely had any actual combat experience. We could not afford a one-in-a-million chance situation.

Therefore, as precaution against any possible mishaps, we had been on standby in the air in order to be able to provide support instantly.

And as expected, Libra had sniped the dinosaur down as I was hoping she would.

Yeah, she’s definitely reliable, isn’t she?



“…….. It was not me.”

Libra answered without showing any expression as she rejected my assumption… Though it was the same expression as always.

According to Libra, it was not her that had finished off the dinosaur. However, in this day and age, there were not many individuals who could achieve such a feat at that moment.

I looked towards her and waited for what she was going to say.

“Before my bullet could reach the enemy, some other individual released an arrow and pierced it through the head. The bullet I fired merely pierced through the corpse.”

“Who was it?”

“I do not know. However, in this day and age, there are a very limited number of individuals who could achieve such a feat.”

Libra stored the rifle away and answered as she looked into the distance.

“With above 50% certainty, I believe[Archer] is in the vicinity.”

“….Sagittarius, is it?”


A disturbance might have been inbound even in a country I had visited to take a breather.

Whether this constituted as good luck or bad luck…. I did not know. However, it seemed that turmoil really favoured me.


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