Chapter 60 – A Wild 7 Luminaries (Luna of the Moon) Appeared!

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Author: Firehead Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: TpstT English Source: Two More Free Thoughts
Editor(s): Vecna


Although it was just a minuscule amount, a truly minimal amount, Scorpius was surprised and felt some approval towards her enemy.

Ever since that fateful battle 200 years ago, the combat level of the world decreased by an unnatural extent. It was such that, by the current age, the individuals who could deal damage to her were so rare that it was no different from finding a needle in a haystack.

Something like the magical beasts or the demons were out of the question completely, and if anyone could wound her, Scorpius believed they had to be those that were equal to her such as the 12 Heavenly Stars, the Vampire Princess, the Demon King or perhaps his son.

But some strange reason, she was shown that the bunch of inferior-product-lookalike-san were able to scratch her cheek.

This fact surprised her a little.

She felt nostalgic. She felt that there was a threat that should normally be felt from enemies. There was such a thing on this battlefield.

“Enemy, insignificant damage. No change to combat ability. Continuing to attack.”

As they said that, the two Libras split to the left and right, followed by a ray of light from the previous one coming straight down the middle.

Although Scorpius dodged this again, the ray of light which was fired continuously for the second time broke her composure just a little.

However, it was as expected of the 12 Heavenly Stars. Even this follow-up attack without a time lag was swept away by the sting and she regained her composure in an instant.

“Heeeeh…. You don’t just look lookalike, huh. To be able to scratch this mistress, I’m genuinely surprised at your work, you know.”

Scorpius wiped the blood on her cheek with her finger and laughed as she licked that finger.

I see, looks like these are Blutgang’s trump card.

In all likelihood, they were made by Mizar with the original Libra as the base. If it was him who had the know-how of how she was built, he’ll be able to make these imitations.

However, even if they were considered imitations or fakes, as long as the creator was the same, the equipment and the product could be considered “real”.

They might have been inferior compared to the original, however, what Scorpius just saw was without a doubt “the Right Scale” and “the Left Scale”.

Furthermore, Scorpius believed all four’s levels were most likely to be around 700.

At the very least, it was more than enough to repel the advances made by the demons. Without a shred of doubt, these were clearly the legacy left behind from 200 years ago.

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Scorpius could not help but understand why Blutgang had not collapsed until now.

“But, it’s strange, right…… Just then, the original will have fired ‘Brachium’, right? It’s weird, right? It’s odd, right? I wonder why it wasn’t used. After all, wasn’t that the perfect opportunity?”


“Fufufu, you don’t have it, right? You guys… don’t have your most important weapon equipped, do you?”

scorpius vs 4 libra

Without a doubt, Libra’s greatest value came from her [Brachium] which was her most fearsome weapon.

An individual’s resistance was irrelevant. Their attribute was irrelevant. Their skills were also irrelevant. It was a skill which made everything else irrelevant with its penetration effect and the ability to forcibly deal the maximum possible damage. It was a highest-tiered annihilation weapon.

But that was a weapon which could only be made after using the [Scales of the Goddess] as the material. It was not a weapon which could be made or reproduced by utilising another method.

These Libra-lookalikes might have been made to be as close to the original as possible, however, the most important material used was different.

Even if it was well created, it didn’t change the fact that they were merely imitation products… They were simply inferior and degraded products which were a long way from the original.

“You idiots! Something like Libra without [Brachium] is, right, not even enough to deserve my pincers!”

They were a slightly annoying bunch of enemies.

However, they were not enemies Scorpius had to be scared of.

Scorpius had not even the slightest cloud of doubt that she would come out victorious as she swung and thrust her sting much faster than the speed of sound – skewering one of the mass-produced Libra-type.

“Not good, assist the Scales Squad!”

Inside the command centre of Blutgang, they were feeling the never-before-felt uneasiness.

Until now, there were countless attacks by the magical beasts.

There were also more than one or two advancements made by the demons.

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Nevertheless, Blutgang managed to overcome and repel them because they had the trump card called the Scales Squad.

Four mass-produced golems, created using one of the pillars of the 12 Heavenly Stars, the [Scales] as the basis.

Even without the Brachium installed and even though they had either one or the other of the Left or Right Scale, they were still the level 700 highest-classed golems. There was a sense of security in knowing everything would be fine if those girls were there.

Yet right now, one of them had her body impaled without even being able to react.

As a golem, this was not fatal on its own.

In practice, the impaled mass-produced model continued to fight despite having a hole in the stomach area.

Nevertheless, it was clear that the tides were shifting in the [Scorpion]’s direction.

“We cannot, sir! If we fire carelessly, we will hit the mass-produced Libra-model!”

“Shi… why, why are they getting overwhelmed… even if they’re mass-produced models, they’re level 700. And there’s four of them! Let alone a fair match, it wouldn’t be strange for us to be the one to overwhelm her instead!”

Level-wise, this fight was definitely not disadvantageous for them.

They had no way to know that [Scorpion] had surpassed her limits and had become level 900, nevertheless, she was not an enemy that they would not be able to overcome.

But in actuality, they were being overwhelmed. The Scale Squad was being pushed back by the [Scorpion]’s fierce attacks.

The reason for that was because of a match in the attributes.

The Scale Squad… — or rather, golems’ attribute were fundamentally determined by the material they are constructed from.

Additionally, as most of the strong golems are created out of metal, thus their attributes subsequently became Metal.

On the other hand, [Scorpion]’s attribute was Fire.

In the past, during the battle at Svalinn, the guardian deity Levia showed that it was possible to fight on equal footing against Aries, who outclassed itself, due to the elemental affinity advantage.

(Although Levia was a cheat golem in that the material which it was created from was itself, thus it was able to show strength which was well above its level.)

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But this time, it was the opposite. The one in the higher position also had an advantage in terms of the elemental affinity.

Consequently, the Scale Squad was in an unfavourable situation.

Furthermore, the state of affairs did not stop there.

“Ma, marshal!”

“What is it!”

“We, we have another problem! We have detected many high magical powers in the First City… we’ve determined that the demons have infiltrated!”

“What did you say!?”


“It’s gotten quite rowdy, huh?”

I opened the restaurant’s door and surveyed outside.

From just a moment ago, the outside had gotten noisy with the sound resembling a cannon… or more like, they must have been really firing cannons somewhere.

There were countless sound of explosions ringing.

Fortunately, I had already found out what was happening. There was no way I could have missed what was happening as they had kindly broadcasted the event with a sound loud enough to be heard all across Blutgang.

It seemed the Scorpius had come attacking and Blutgang had started fighting against her.

Notwithstanding, when I said “rowdy” I was not only talking about that.

“Yeah. Really, they show up everywhere, those guys.”

To my words, Dina responded and ran her line of sight to a distance.

In the place where she looked at, there was a bunch of greenish or bluish skinned things flying around like they owned the place…. Well, what I’m trying to say was that there were a bunch of demons who had overtaken the place.

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I already knew that Scorpius was working with the demons, thus it was not a sight that was very surprising.

However, for them to be able to come inside so easily, I could not help but say it was a little concerning.

“They probably hid and waited for the time the golems were dispatched and came in from where the golems were dispatched.”

“This Moon arcane magic power… Luna, huh?”

As Libra deduced how they were able to infiltrate, Aigokeros muttered a name that I had not heard before.

It seemed they were acquainted with him, however, I could not recall that name.


“It’s the one amongst the 7 Luminaries who possesses the title of [Moon]. This individual specialises in hiding themselves within the shadow and assassinating or disturbing the enemy.”

“From the sound of the name, it sounds like a woman?”

“In all likelihood, that is correct. They always dresses as a man, however, from my observation that was a woman.”

In response to Aigokeros’s words, I frowned.

A woman… I did not feel like I wanted to actively go and attack the enemy.

Nevertheless, leaving the enemy alone was out of the question.

It was because the enemy specialised in assassination… that on its own meant that the enemy was far more troublesome as compared to the other 7 Luminaries.

Even if the level was low, there was still a way to fight.

Even if they continued to avoid fighting with those that were strong, as long as they could hunt down the all-important target, they were deemed to have shown a result.

Any idiot who squirmed around like an idiot (Mars) thinking that their own level was great and comes attacking from the front in a simple manner could easily be overcome with pure fighting prowess. However, if the enemy hides within the shadow, even if one could easily overpower them through the sheer difference in level, one could end up having a rug swept away from underneath their feet.

As a consequence, there was a need to either capture or remove this enemy first.

“Aigokeros, since you’re able to figure out who they are from their magical power, I assume you can also find their location?”

“It can easily be done.”

“Good, then you are to capture this Luna or whatever. If possible, I want you to capture it alive. However, I forbid you to unnecessarily involve and destroy the surrounding. Don’t turn the citizens into collateral damage as well.”

“As you wish.”

After I ordered him, Aigokeros disappeared from his spot just like a mist.

With this, the problem with the 7 Luminaries should be sorted out one way or another. If it was Aigokeros, there was no chance that he would lose.

The problem was who would deal with the demons who had infiltrated into Blutgang.

Furthermore, I also had to find out who I needed to send against Scorpius.

Should I go myself? If I did that, Scorpius would most probably stop.

I guess I’ll take Dina with me too. She’s a double spy against the demons, thus it’s probably easier for her to fight if she goes outside where there are no demons.

The matter of the demons who had gotten inside will be dealt by Aries and Libra.

Virgo will… I suppose she will come with me.

It’s a good opportunity, I suppose I’ll take her power-levelling against the army of magical beasts.

Lastly, I guess I’ll take Karkinos with me too.

“Dina, Virgo and Karkinos, you will come with me. We’re going to go stop Scorpius. Aries and Libra, you are to stay inside and stop the demons.”

I gave my orders to the remaining members and quickly left the place.

Dina quickly followed after me as Libra and Aries started running towards the other direction.


One of the 7 Luminaries, Luna of the [Moon].

Bluish-white skin characteristic of the race, a gold-coloured pupil with vertical iris and honey coloured hair. That was the young boy’s – no, young girl’s characteristics.

Amongst the 7 Luminaries, she was the one was most specialised in assassination.

It was not as if she could not directly fight with her enemies. However, someone that stood above her… the Demon King’s son had strictly ordered her to avoid directly fighting with the enemies.

But she felt disgruntled by that order. She felt that she was not trusted and that she was being underestimated.

As such, she figured that she would prove him wrong.

This was also the reason she had riled Scorpius up and advanced towards Blutgang.

I’m not weak. I can also do things outside of assassination. – That was what she wanted to prove.

However, looking at the results, it could be said that she had recklessly jumped the gun.

At the very least, now that they had determined that Ruphas Mafahl had resurrected, she should have been more cautious in her actions.

After all, Mars’s and Jupiter’s deaths were the result of them being unable to exercise such caution.

As such, she should have reflected on those and heavily exercised the much-required caution.

She should have understood that she could not continue to think of herself as the strong.

(Something is tailing me?)

By having Scorpius become the bait, they were able to have gained great initial result by easily infiltrating into Blutgang. However, there was an eerie and uncomfortable feeling since the moment she entered as if she was being observed by something.

Blutgang’s command centre? No, those guys would not have such leisure.

Mass-produced golems? No, those overwhelmingly annoying battle prowess would all have been sent towards Scorpius.

Then who could it be? Something that gave off a clingy feeling. Someone that continuously released this atmosphere.

She could feel their line of sight, however, she could not find their body whatsoever. There was not even a shadow.

Nevertheless, there was certainly a feeling of presence that was closing in on her.

(Shadow…. It can’t be!?)

There was not even a shadow, so Luna pondered.

But if that wasn’t it, what else could it be? What if it was a shadow itself?

The moment she reached that answer, her shadow on the ground which was running along with Luna warped.

She instantly felt her back tingle and her spine cool down. Ignoring all her reason and mental walls, she was forcibly made to feel [Fear] which was slammed straight within her heart.

The warped form was a devil in the truest sense.

It had two horns growing out of it, had the face of the goat and the body of a man, and with the wings of the bat, it was a figure of a devil straight out of myth.


As she instinctively jumped back, the shadow on the ground released a ray of black light, striking past her.

To be able to avoid the initial attack was without a doubt, due to her good luck.

However, even if she were to use all the luck she had on the spot, the devil was not such an enemy that she could deal with it somehow.

From inside the shadow, an air which gave off the feeling of all sinister things in the world started flowing out.

The surrounding views distorted and Luna was made to feel that space around her had gotten dark.

“So you dodged… so pitiful. If you lost your consciousness without knowing anything, you would have at least avoided feeling despair.”

Luna whose body was instinctively screaming to collapse, desperately and frantically kept herself up.

To make a sound, that was all there was to it.

Notwithstanding, her soul was disrupted and her sanity was pressured.

It was as if someone was scratching the glass with their nails right next to her ear. She felt such a torturous feeling.

It was as if the words themselves were cursed, the feeling of uneasiness just by merely existing. The feeling of disgust.

[Fear] possessed by every person was forcibly turned into a tangible form. Symbol of such sinister. That was what this devil was.

“Aigo… keros….”
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“Luna… weak one. I shall now bestow upon you two paths.”

Eyes that were like a void shone ominously.

Just from that alone, Luna’s legs shook uncontrollably and disgracefully.

“One is sweet surrender. If you do not resist, you shall get away without getting hurt. I shall take you as an offering to present to my great master.”

“A, haha, that’s a wonderful suggestion. Are you telling me to be killed by Ruphas Mafahl without resisting?”

“That’s right. An existence so insignificant like yourself, something no different from a bug is able to die by the hand of my master. That is an honour.”

Ruphas Mafahl shows no mercy to the demons. That was something even a child knew about.

If you entered her sight, it signified your end. Whether you were a woman or an elder, she would hunt you down to the end of hell and kill you, subsequently hanging your head to the environment.

That was the existence called the Black-Winged Supreme Ruler.

In other words, to surrender here directly signified death.

“One is merciless submission. I shall remove your four limbs and present your bloodied self to my master as an offering.”

“…… Both are exactly the same.”

“Affirmative. To die after surrendering, or to resist and die pitifully – now choose, weak one.”

The devil mercilessly handed down her death sentence.

That on its own… signified and bared the difference in the ability between the two.

ruphas virgo karkinos dina aigokeros aries libra

scorpius luna sei terra venus demon king


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