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Chapter Five – First Day of Demon School [Part Four]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

Etsudo led Nariko to a secluded part of the academy, the latter noticed the rich vibrant colours of the wallpapers and intricate symbols. She spotted what looked to be fluorescent lights fixed to the walls every couple of metres apart from one another.

Suddenly Etsudo stopped in her tracks then decided to lean back against the wall. As for Nariko, she stood in the middle of the corridor dreading what could be the end of her.

“So…” Etsudo started to speak “… you’re not a pureblood demon, correct me if I’m wrong?” she asked.

Nariko hadn’t a clue how to respond to that at first, “U-Uhm what makes you say that?” she replied.

Etsudo casually slides to her back down the wall eventually sitting on the floor making sure not to show her panties, “Firstly, no pureblood demon would not know how to operate their own desk in this academy”

Damn, she’s figured me out! Nariko racked her brain for a plan of action if this started to get out of hand.

“So I’m guessing you’re a human from the Mortal Realm that offered yourself to be turned into a demon?” Etsudo continued pressing for answers, her stoic expression unchanged.

Wait, so she hasn’t figured it out? using this chance Nariko decided to play along considering it was her only option.

“Yeah! You got me there…” Nariko sighed with relief “…was it that obvious?”

Etsudo nodded, “Well it was for me at least…” she suddenly pulled out what looked to be a snack bar tearing the wrapper she started chewing upon it “…I just wanted to warn you that a lot of pureblood demons don’t take kindly to hybrids”

As Nariko watched her eating the snack bar she couldn’t help but think of it as rather cute in the way that she ate it, “Oh, thanks for letting me know”. She decided to take a seat on the floor next to Etsudo.

Playing on her mind Nariko just had to ask her, “This might rude of me but…” she paused for a moment wondering whether she should ask “…what are you exactly?”. Up until earlier today, Nariko had never seen anyone like Etsudo.

Etsudo looked at her for a moment stoically, “I’m an Ogre” she bluntly responded to Nariko’s question.

It took a moment for Nariko to process what Etsudo just said. A-An Ogre?! But, aren’t they supposed to be hideous huge monsters! Nariko took another good look at Etsudo her slim curved slender form and her cute features literally destroyed her outlook of what Ogres looked like.

If I was still a human boy I’d giddy with excitement right now, Yumma subconsciously thought. Without warning, a sharp pain went through Nariko’s head.

Damn, I need to drink some human blood, Nariko went to reach inside her skirt pocket only to realize she had forgotten to bring a vial of human blood with her.

Etsudo noticing Nariko’s discomfort offered her assistance, “What’s wrong are you alright?”

Nariko shaking her head as her hands clutched around her skull barely muttered the following, “I…forgot to bring…a vial…of…human blood…” another sharp pain went through Nariko’s head “…that’s why…I’m experiencing this…pain”

An idea came to Etsudo holding out her exposed arm in front of Nariko, the latter confused by what she was doing.

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“Drink some of my blood,” Etsudo said as she urged Nariko to do so.

“W-Wait, isn’t that wrong to do?” Nariko asked trying to avoid doing such a thing.

Etsudo still snacking on her snack bar and holding her arm out replied with, “You need blood, don’t you? Then drink some of mine to stave off your hunger”

Nariko reluctant to do such a thing couldn’t sit here in pain if there’s an easy solution to her problem. Sitting upright Nariko opened her mouth revealing the small set of fanged teeth. Placing her mouth over Etsudo’s arm she used her fangs to pierce into the former’s skin drawing out her blood.

Unfazed by Nariko drinking her blood, Etsudo sat there continuing to finish off what little remained of her snack bar. It wasn’t long before Nariko started to feel better from drinking Etsudo’s blood.

Once she felt that she had consumed enough blood Nariko loosened her jaw around Etsudo’s forearm small amounts of blood ran down her chin. Nariko realizing this quickly wiped her face with the tissue she had been given before leaving the mansion by Six.

When the pain in her head started to die down Nariko thanked Etsudo, the latter just nodded in response. The two of them chatting to one another started to head back to class once break had come to an end.

“Okay everyone, get changed into your Combat Training Suits” Instructor announced before leaving the classroom. After having finished another lesson of what Nariko came to understand as mathematic equations she was grateful for the sudden change of topic.

Nariko looked around to see all the students leaving the classroom. Mana noticing her friend looking lost walked up to her desk.

“It’s okay, just follow me I know where we need to go,” Mana said with a smile.

“Thanks, Mana, at least I can rely on you to be there if I need help” Nariko replied thankfully. As the students headed to the changing rooms the girls and boys being separate from one another.

As Nariko opened up one of the lockers that had her name on it she was surprised to see a black skin-tight similar to the one from yesterday. However, she noticed that this one had more features included with.

Nariko looked around realizing that all the other girls weren’t only changing out of their school uniforms but their underwear as well. Normally she’d be quite embarrassed witnessing such a thing, but that she and Mana had been doing it a lot lately she had grown quite accustomed to the tradition.

Taking off her own underwear Nariko got into the suit, the torso piece subconsciously fitted itself around her slender figure without her having to properly tighten it up. She then pulled on the tights that went up to her thighs along with the gloves that just covered over her elbows. These pieces of attire also tighten themselves around Nariko’s figure.

Moving her tail side to side, Nariko used it as a means of making sure the suit had properly tightened itself up around her body.

She then looked at her wrist noticing the lights appearing on that area of her body. On a small black screen around her wrist, various letters and numbers had appeared showing the following.

H: 100

M: 100

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Nariko wondered what this meant she instinctively thought that H had something to do with health as for M she could presume that it meant mana or magic. The thought of finding out that the suit she was wearing had been designed for combat and the reading upon her wrist made her stomach turn uncomfortably.

“If you’re worrying about whether you’ll get hurt…” Etsudo spoke out as she put a lollipop in her mouth “…don’t worry the dimension field in the arena is designed to nullify all damage to the body” her stoic expression unchanging.

Mana agreed with Etsudo, “Etsudo is right, so there’s nothing to be afraid of”

Hearing those words calmed Nariko immensely making her feel much better, “Thanks for the support I appreciate it” she said with a smile.

As Nariko entered the arena she was surprised at just how huge it truly was, it very much reminded her of the Ancient Roman Coliseums in terms of its grandeur. However, what piqued her interest the most was the unusual statues that surrounded the edge of the arena pit itself.

Looking more closely at the statues Nariko could see a somewhat robust and mechanical aesthetic to what the statues were depicting although they were clearly made out of Xeraite. Before she could formulate an answer in her mind, she was interrupted by the sound of cheering.

As she looked around she could see both Mana and Etsudo peering over the edge of the short stone wall. Joining them she too tried to get a view to whatever everyone else was so fixated on.

Once Nariko got a good enough view down into the arena pit she could see what looked to be two demon boys standing face to face, one of them being Varen who was unsurprisingly yawning to himself out of boredom. Both of them were wearing a full-body black skin-tight suit similar to what the girls were wearing

“Alright, only hand to hand combat is permitted in this training exercise, any violation of the rules will result in severe repercussions do you understand?!” the Instructor refereeing the match shouted.

Both Varen and the other boy nodded in acknowledgement. Varen stretched his arms out forward unfazed by the boy that was twice his size.

“You better prepare yourself Varen!” the boy grunted. “This is where I humiliate you for what you did to me last time!”

Varen smirked, “You had it coming to you”

His opponent clenched his fists together as he got into his fighting stance. Varen followed suit as he too got into his fighting stance.

“Ready or not, here I come!” the boy shouted with a devilish grin.

To Nariko’s surprise, both Varen and the other demon boy used such force on their legs that when they propelled themselves towards one another a huge plume of sand was left in their wake.

Both of them rearing a fist back ready to strike the other as they continued charging towards one another.

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