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Chapter Five – First Day of Demon School [Part Three]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

The creature stopped near to a door leading into another room turning around it looked up to Nariko, “I believe this is your class, Lady Nariko”

Nariko feeling grateful thanked the creature as she about to enter the classroom she noticed that Six wasn’t following her, “Is there something wrong?” she asked.

Six didn’t respond to Nariko’s question instead the creature spoke up her stead, “Unfortunately Miss, personal butler’s or maids are not permitted to be in classrooms, however, they are permitted to enter and leave the grounds whenever they see fit”

“I wish you luck on your first day, Lady Nariko” Six spoke as she bowed before her master. Turning away she saw herself out of the academy as Nariko watched her from afar.

“There’s no time for dawdling, Lady Nariko, you’re late enough as it is” the creature barked.

Without question, Nariko opened the door to be greeted by utter silence. All the students sitting at their desks swivelled their heads around directing their gazes upon Nariko. As for Nariko, her only reaction was for her body to tense up and her tail to swoop between her legs.

Wow, talk about a tense atmosphere, Yuuma’s subconscious joked. Nariko timidly took a few steps into the room as she continued to look around to her relief she saw Mana sitting at her desk on the far side of the room, the latter waved at her.

“Instructor!” the creature shouted as it climbed upon a students desk. The demon starting in front of the chalkboard writing down equations didn’t respond. “Damn it! Wake up!”

Behind the desk, on the left-hand side of the chalkboard, a person suddenly jolted upward from their seat upon hearing the creature shouting out. A male demon with neatly cut black hair with glasses he started knocking books off the top of his desk onto the floor below.

“U-Uhm, y-yes!…” he cleared his throat “…c-can I help you Lonshanks?”

The creature responding to the name Lonshanks answered back, “What are you doing?”

“W-Well I’m teaching them how holographic magic works” the instructor responds as the holographic projection of himself continues to write down equations paying no mind to its surroundings.

Lonshanks using its paw placed it atop the bridge of his nose, “I seem to remember that you’re supposed to be teaching mathematic equations, please correct me if I’m wrong?”

The instructor stuttered, “Y-Yeah, the equations of using holographic magic”

“Get back to work unless you want me to turn you into a spitroast by the end of the day, I suggest you do as I say!” Lonshanks rebuked as he turned his gaze to Nariko. “Lady Nariko, forgive me I have to leave you for the time being I’m sure Instructor Kufra will get you settled in nicely” Lonshanks gives Instructor Kufra a death stare that sent chills down the latter’s spine.

After Lonshanks left the classroom, Instructor Kufra sighed out loud, “Well I guess you can’t always slack off at work” he clicks his fingers making the hologram disappear then briefly brushed his crimson red long coat that hung his black suit beneath it.

He gestured for Nariko to come to the front of the class, “Alright get over here” his expression clearly showing he had little care in the world.

Nariko nervously moved to the front of the classroom as all the students looked at her with keen interest. As she made her way to the front of the class she tried her best to not let her tail twitch from nervousness instead she opted to try and make her tail curl upwards repeatedly, in an attempt to keep it preoccupied.

“Okay introduce yourself to the class” Instructor Kufra ordered.

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Nariko wasn’t prepared to suddenly start speaking in front of a bunch of strangers she hadn’t met before. And I thought getting friendly with people from school in my previous life was challenging enough, Yuuma subconsciously joked to himself.

“U-Uhm, nice to meet you…” Nariko quickly bowed “…I’m Nariko Helel ben Shachar!” she blurted out.

The students started whispering and muttering to one another when they heard her name. This made Nariko feel even more uncomfortable than she was before. Instructor Kufra stood there looking at Nariko as the latter stood back up.

“Is that it?” Instructor Kufra asked somewhat surprised.

Nariko laughed nervously, “Y-Yeah I guess so”

Instructor Kufra crossed his arms as he closed his eyes for a moment thinking to himself, “Well, at least it was short and sweet I guess…” he looked around at the classroom decided out of the few free seats that Nariko should take “…ah, you can take the seat next to Etsudo”

He pointed to the back of the room in the far right corner, Nariko walked over to the free the desk as she got closer she noticed the person next to her had a large book standing upright in front of them.

As she sat down at her desk she looked to her right to see another girl sleeping upon her desk. The girl’s unkempt fiery red short hair was tied in a ponytail.

Nariko noticed that the girl didn’t have her horns instead she had horns that were covered in her flesh that looked like sharp spikes protruding upwards from her forehead, the girl’s fringe hung around those spiked horns.

“Okay, I guess we’ll start with some simple equations” Instructor Kufra announced. All the students started activating what looked be a form of projection magic, as for Nariko she sat there confused on how to activate her desk like the other students.

This is one of those moments where I wish I had been taught how to get through everyday school life, Nariko thought to herself as she sighed.


Opening her eyes, Nariko unsure of whether she actually heard something or if she just imagined it. A second later she heard the same sound this time Nariko looks to her right to see the girl who was asleep just moments ago suddenly awake.

The dreary look in the girl’s eyes from just waking up almost made Nariko crack a smile, but she resisted the temptation. The girl points to the corner of Nariko’s desk, the latter looked to where she pointed to find nothing there.

“Put your hand on the bottom right corner of your desk…” the girl closed her textbook placing it back into her rucksack “…once you do that your desk will start working accordingly” she muttered.

Nariko did exactly what the girl told her, as she waited to see what would happen she noticed her name appear in a slanted stylish writing technique. Suddenly a beam of reddish hue emanated from the centre of Nariko’s desk. What appeared were multiple input commands and a visual screen across the surface of her desk.

She turned to the girl sitting next to her, “Thank you” Nariko quietly spoke.

The girl nodded, “No problem” her emotionless expression unchanging as she returned gaze back to her own desk.

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Nariko looking at the projection before her couldn’t help, but become fascinated by how it worked. As she placed a finger upon the red projection before her she became surprised that it worked similar to a smartphone or tablet.

Looking at where the projection was emitting from what Nariko noticed it closely resembled a form of lighting similar to what Nariko would see in science fiction films from her previous life.

I have to say for a fantasy world this place seems to have some pretty serious technology, Yuuma’s subconscious thought admiring such a piece of equipment.

As Nariko thought it more she came to a sudden realization, “Come to think of it usually magic is always activated through some form of chanting…” she placed a hand on her chin as she racked her mind for answers “…even some of the everyday items seem to use some form of technology”

Nariko’s mind wandered back to that time on her second day being in this new world. She remembered one of the butlers using a knife to cut some of the meat for dinner, but as it became harder to do so the knife in the butler’s hand suddenly lit up gently releasing an aura she’d never experienced before.

After that point, the butler seemed to effortlessly cut through the meat as if he never had a problem in the first place. Nariko decided that this warranted more investigation when the times presents itself.

However, in the meantime, Nariko decided to concentrate on the class at hand. A few hours went by until it was finally the first break for the class.

“Alright class, you’ll have a thirty-minute break before we resume lessons” Instructor Kufra announced as he left the classroom.

Nariko happily sighed wondered this whole time whether they were going to get a break or not. She looked around noticing many of the students were interested in talking to her. I forgot when a new student joins all their class members are suddenly interested in them, Nariko coming to that realization prepared herself for the bombardment of questions.

However, to her surprise, the students were suddenly not interested in approaching her. Wait, what’s going on? Nariko wondered to herself.

Following the gazes of the other students, she only realized then that the girl sitting next to her during these last few hours was standing there looking at her. Her emotionless look sent chills down Nariko’s spine and tail as the latter twitched.

“Can we talk?” the girl bluntly asked.

Oh no, has she figure it out? Nariko couldn’t help but tense up slightly from the thought of this girl figuring out her secret.

“E-Er, yeah sure” Nariko stuttered.

The girl turning around headed for the classroom exit without waiting for Nariko, the latter stumbling out of her seat went after her classmate.

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