Ch 9 – The cute magician

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Fu̲c̲k̲! My sword is stuck!”

Necro looked behind to see the others.

Behind him, a cute looking boy in leather armor and a girl were preparing to join the fight.

Despite the cute boy using a longbow almost his size being a weird combination overall, Necro’s attention was solely focused on the girl.

She looked to be around her age, barely an adult. Her bobby light-blue hair was extremely cute. She was wearing a simple white dress under some brown robes with a hood.

She looked very serious and reliable.

But what called Necro’s attention was…

She had almost the same body as her! No, no, more importantly. Necro had more breasts.

Necro stared at her, putting her hands over her chest as she smiled sideways.

‘I’m… not that small.’

The girl noticed her gaze and blushed slightly, not batting an eyelid. As she looked straight back to the fight.

‘Oh, right… The monster.’

Necro looked back in a hurry, when she looked, the wolf had let go of the shield and turned, clawing the unarmed swordsman.

Right before the claw hit.


An arrow stuck itself into its leg. The monster pulled it back from the reflex… It looked down and pulled the arrow out with its mouth. After only a second it was already ready to attack once more.

But before it could take the initiative, the Paladin went ahead and delivered a solid blow to its hock, making it lose its balance and growl once again.

As it looked behind, limping from its broken joint, Necro’s attention once again returned to the cute girl, she was casting some sort of magic using a scroll as a medium.

“Thin and quick, may the water cut though solid stone! Waterblade!”

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A thin chain of water assaulted the wolf. Cutting its front paw right off and making it fall to the ground while trying to bite at the Paladin.

Her shield was taken. And since it was strapped to her arm, she was thrown to the ground.

Right then, another arow flew from the boy’s bow, piercing in between the monster’s eyes. Killing it on the spot.

“Pfew!” Spoke the swordsman. “I legit thought I would die there… Thank you Bid” (Hal)

“I’ve already told you to stop calling me that!” (Bid)

“Don’t bully the kid, Hal.” (Margaery)

“Come on Margaery, he’s cute.” (Hal)

“I’ve told you my name is Bordae.” (Bid)

“You… Shut up.” (?)

“What now iceheart?” (Hal)

“You scaring the girl.” (?)

The cute looking girl walked towards Necro, reaching her hand to help her get up.

Necro grabber her hand, blushing. The girl also blushed. Both avoiding to make any eye contact.

“Thanks” (Necro)


“Hoo… So Laese found herself a likeminded fellow…” (Bid)

“You should rather say, a wordless fellow…” (Hal)

“Men are such jerks…” (Margaery)

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“I’m Margaery, you can call me Mary. What’s your name?”

“Ah… Necronomia…”

“Hmmm… So Necro innit?”


“Don’t be that shy. See, Ace likes you.”

“Don’t say what you don’t know!” Ace responded with an annoyed voice, yet she had no expression at all.

“Of course, I know… It’s the first time I’ve seen you blush since I met you.”

“…” (Ace)

“…” (Necro)

They blushed even more as they looked at each other.

“The heck is wrong with you Mary! Stop embarrassing them.” (Hal)

“O~key” (Mary).

“That thing was not supposed to show up around here… Are you really okay?” (Hal)

Necro nodded at him, not saying anything.

“Where are you heading? You shouldn’t be walking alone in the forest…”

“East” (Necro)

“God… Another one of the hard-to-understand ones…” (Bid)

“Shut up Bid! I’m trying to understand where she’s going!”

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“So, you’re going to Helf?”

Necro knew the name of that town, it was a small town a little ways south of the border.

“Could be, yes”

“Do you mind joining us? It would be a safer journey.”

“Stop simping, Hal! We just left town!” (Bid)

“Yeah, idiot! You wanna carry this wolf while hunting more? This is much better that that ****** mission we took! And we can always get the herbs on the way back.” (Mary)

“Hey! You are the pious one here, shouldn’t you be respectful of something?” (Bid)

“God doesn’t care for such subtleties.”

“I’m not sure about that…”

Now that they mentioned, Necro realized her shield had a huge red cross on it, and her armor looked like that of the papal armies. Necro’s anger started to boil as killing intent became clear in her eyes.

“Oy, oy, calm down ok.” (Hal)

“Ah… Sorry…” (Necro)

“You scare the hell out of me… I thought you were gonna kill us for a second…”(Bid)

“People have bad times with the Church” (Ace)

“Oh… Sorry if this annoys you… Don’t worry about it. I was excommunicated anyways…” A bittersweet smile appeared on her face as she shrugged.

“Sorry…” (Necro)

“Don’t be. Church’s disgusting” (Ace)

“Yeah… I refused to execute someone and got excommunicated for it… The Church does not represent God’s will.” (Mary)

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“You know more about God than the Holy Church… We get it… Now stop that crap.” (Hal)

Necro sighed relieved… She’d almost screwed it up with them…

“Don’t worry about it, we understand your hatred, but please don’t make those eyes again.” (Hal)

“Okay…” (Necro)

The archer, Bid, grabbed a dagger from his belt and pried the sword free and threw it towards Hal, before cutting around the wolf’s throat.

“This one is a high quality one… We’re gonna make a lot of money.” (Bid)

“The bidding has finally begun, ey!” (Hal)

“Extra money…” (Ace)

“I’ll finally have some nice drinks, ah…” (Mary)

“Stop drooling and help me out here! This thing’s heavy!”

Necro watched as the archer drained and dismantled the giant wolf. She was curious about what monster it was. She’d studied a little bit about monsters and demonic beasts but was not sure in which category this one would fit.


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