Ch 7 – You are not my daughter, are you?

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub

In silence, Necro put the ring on her right hand’s pinkie. She already knew how to use it from her first life, but her father explained it, nonetheless.

“To find out what’s inside just think about what’s in the ring, it will show kind of a summarized list… But how it shows depends on the person.”

“Also, I’m sorry this money isn’t enough for much… but it should amount for a couple of years if you use it rationally.”

Vlad spoke in a tone he seldom used with his children… But the expression, better yet, the lack of expression on Necro’s face prompted him to act like addressing a fellow magician. There was something about her that was ticking him off…

“Nec… You are not my daughter, are you?”

“VLAD! What the **** are you saying!”

“Shut up for a second Jusz. Necronomia, answer my question.”

“He’s right mom… I’m not your daughter.”

Jusztina was left dumbfounded. Drac even more so.

Vlad rose his hand to his face, looking down and squeezing his eyes lightly.

“Since when?” He muttered; He got no answer.

“SINCE WHEN?!” He yelled this time.

“A long time ago… I think this body was four when I reincarnated in it.”

“Hahh~…” Vlad sighed hard.

“Then you’ve been my daughter all along…”

His answer confused Necro. But she decided not to say anything.

“The miracle…” (Jusztina)

“There was no such thing as a miracle… The person who inhabited this body before me really died that day… I just took over from there…”

“It’s a miracle nonetheless.” (Jusztina)

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Jusztina’s answer only further confused Necro. What was she saying?!

“Our daughter was gravely ill since she was born, and she go bedridden after only a couple years. We never even knew how she was and how she behaved… Necky, you are the only daughter we have known. Don’t say you are not my kid… It’s been you all along.”

Tears started flowing from Necro’s eyes once more… She thought for sure she would’ve been abandoned after they found this out. She’d hid that fact over so many years now. Instead, she was confronted with much love and affection. Even more so, she was recognized by them.

Yet… She was about to leave them anyways. She was going to lose the family she now finally got entirely, regardless of her past.

This was just too much for her, she started wailing as she threw herself onto her parents…

They hugged her and remained there for a good while.

After Necro calmed down, she looked up and repeated herself:

“I can help you fight, can I? I was a great magician in my last life.”

“I don’t care who you used to be. You are now my sweet little child; We won’t let you fight a war that is not yours. Don’t make your mom slap you again.”

Jusztina and Necro laughed at the remark. soothing the atmosphere a little.

Once again silence prevailed for a couple of hours, but this time, it felt cozy as Necro rested her head on her mother’s shoulders and held her father’s hand.

“Necky, out of curiosity, what was your name before you reincarnated?” Drac’s question was something everybody wanted to know but decided not to ask out of consideration… Necro’s straight answer made her parents look at each other, surprised.

“Oh… My name was Soleir Behangd.”

That name belonged to the most powerful necromancer of the last generation. One who managed to fool the church for over three decades.

Drac nodded, satisfied, it was not like he was fond of studying.

“Holy ****” Vlad let slip in a low voice.

Vlad’s reaction, on the other hand, was far more energetic, despite him trying to contain himself.

“If everything pans out, you have to promise me you’ll teach me as much as you can!”

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“Yes, Daddy. Until then I’ll train more so that I can try and make the spells I was able to before.”

“This body’s mana pool is far smaller than your previous’ right?”

“Yeah…. but the earrings mom gave me already helped a huge bit.”

“Oh… So that’s what they do…”


They continued making some small talk about magic for a couple minutes, until the wagon stopped.

As it did so, Vlad’s expression became grave.

“It’s time…” (Vlad)

He jumped down from the wagon, calling his children.

Necro and Drac bid farewell, hugging their mother, before jumping down from the wagon as well.

“Take this.” (Vlad)

He gave each a dagger. Both were similar, forged masterpieces. But the one he gave Necro had golden details and a large garnet embedded on its pummel. At least that was what it looked to be, but Necro knew it was, in fact, a Middle Tier Manastone. It was clearly meant to be a magic weapon. but no enchantments were applied to it yet.

“I haven’t had the chance to finish it… But I hope you’ll make good use of this hobby of mine.”

“Thank you, father. I’ll finish it as soon as possible.”

Necro was still unable to use engraving magic, but she knew how to do it… It may take her a couple of years, but she would not spare any effort into making this the best dagger. She put the dagger into the thigh strap she had under the dress. Given the length of the dress, it was not ideal to take it out, but it would be useful for hiding it.

“Also, Daughter, a couple of your dresses and everyday clothes are in the ring. As soon as you reach somewhere safe, change into them… You need to register in a guild for protection. Any guild will do. You and your brother should head west from here. There’s a small town near the border with Ungri. Once you pass the border, send the letter in the ring to Corvinus through the Adventurer’s Guild or the Royal Courier. Drac… Take good care, your stuff is also on the ring. Nec, take the sword out of it please.”

Necro imagined taking it out and a single-handed short sword appeared on her hands. It was a very average looking sword but still a pretty good one. it also came with a scabbard.

Necro sheathed the sword and gave it to her brother, who attached it to his belt.

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“I’ll take my leave now, please be responsible.”

“Goodbye, Father.” Necro bid farewell. Drac remained silent.

As soon as her father climbed onto the wagon, it started moving again.

They stood there, watching it go.

“I’m going too”(Drac)

“What? But Father said we needed to stay together.”

“I’m a man, I need to fight for my family.”

“But father-”

“I don’t care what Father said. I’m an adult! And you already know better than to stay by my side. It’s better if we take our different paths.”

“Yes… Sorry…”

“Don’t be, take this.” Drac threw her a small leather pouch.

The pouch made the clicking sound of coins when she grabbed it.

“What is…”

“Those are my savings… Since I may die today, it’s better that they remain with you. Don’t put it in the ring. Leave it out in case you need to pay for cheap stuff, or you find trouble with thugs. This way they won’t search you further.

“Thank you, Drac…”

“Don’t thank me… You are far more suited to rule after our parents than both me and Mihnea… I hope everything goes well but… Good luck sister.”

“Good luck on you fight…”

Drac nodded and set running through the tracks the wagon left… From Necro’s approximations, it should be only an hour walk from here to the Cetadea… Maybe this was arranged beforehand…

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She couldn’t imagine her parents sending Drac to the fray… The probably knew he would go anyways and did this so that he could arrive there less tired or something…

Anyhow. She needed to go…

She looked around road. Dense forest surrounded her on every direction. How was she supposed to get anywhere…?

Father told her to head west. That was through the forest… So, she headed into it, towards the unknown.


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