Ch 19 – The pillow moaned?

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Haah~” Moans also filled the nearby tent.

‘God what are they doing at a time like this…’

Mary retorted in her own mind, but she could not avoid feeling h̲o̲r̲n̲y from the moans that escaped the neighboring tent.

At first she felt a little angry that she wasn’t able to grab some sleep… But now, she was overindulging herself in pleasure.

Mary was a person that was a little hard to grasp. And as such, she was yet to find a lover.

‘Men are always such pigs!’ Was her general thought before finding this party. Hal and Bid had slowly changed her impression on people but…

‘Why are these girls so cute?!’

Her impression on Necro and Ace was very strong.

The only thing stopping her on hitting on them was her religion.

‘God never said it was wrong…’

She kept doublethinking her beliefs ever since she first met Ace… But now, with Necro’s appearance and her… doings with Ace tonight, her opinion slowly slanted to one side.

“Uhhmm” Mary moaned as she kept touching herself, imagining what was taking place in the neighboring tent.


She lost control of her will, doing it until she came much later that night…

‘It seems they are also done… I better try to sleep…’

And as such, the silence was restored in the whole camp.

Too bad for the guys that they were far too wasted to even hear a single thing.


“Itatata… My head hurts…” She softly spoke as she woke up, maintaining her eyes closed.

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Ace was the first to wake up.


She found herself sleeping very comfortably, almost as if she was using a body pillow.

‘It smells so good…’

She drowsed a little, her eyes still closed.

She snuggled her legs, notching one of them between the two soft and warm things. Her crotch touching the side of one of them. The warmth and give were very pleasant.

She ran her hand down, to scratch her thigh.


The sensation of the pillow was off.

She felt a small and fluffy mound on the way down, paired with a peachy and soft sensation. Ace moved her hand back up, her eyes still closed, and groped it.

‘It’s so soft… and small… It fits so well in my hand…’


She laughed as some pokey bit tickled the palm of her hand as she moved it slightly.

She pinched on that pokey bit, it was warmer than the rest of the pillow and surprisingly stiff.


‘THE f̲u̲c̲k̲!? The pillow moaned?!’

Ace opened her eyes in a hurry.


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She was very surprised as the first thing that greeted her as she opened her eyes was Necro’s sleeping face.


At this moment Ace realized she was almost naked… And so was Necro.

There was no such thing as a fluffy and warm pillow… She was camping in the middle of nowhere, how would there be one!? Necro was the pillow.

The cuddly two fluffy things where she put her leg was her thighs, so was the comfy and warm place she was rubbing her crotch against. The good smell was coming from her hair, and the pokey thing was, in fact, a pink nipple.

Ace turned bright red.

‘Why am I naked?! Why is she naked?! WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY?!’

Her mind was amiss. She had no memory of last night’s events. All she recalled was them drinking, and she touching Nec’s thighs, and the kiss, and Necro carrying her back… and…

Flashes of the previous night slowly showed up in her mind.

Necro touching her, and her touching necro.

She slowly recalled all of it… Her whole face burning with shame as she recalled making her c̲u̲m̲, and Necro licking her…

‘What else happened? I can’t remember anything after her taking her clothes off… Her a̲s̲s̲ looked so good…’


“Kyu!” Ace twitched, taking her hand away from Necro’s breast.

“Did you sleep well?”

Necro’s cuteness further embarrassed Ace.

“Yes… What happened yesterday?”

“What do you mean? You can’t remember it?”

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“No… I remember everything until you started undressing…”

“Haah~… Good grief… I was afraid you wouldn’t remember…” Necro breathed a sigh of relief… She was honestly afraid she’d gone too far while Ace was tipsy… but if she remembers everything it should be fine.

“Did you do anything to me?”

“I mean… I did quite a bit and so did you right?”

“No… I mean… After that…”

“Oh…” Necro’s face soured a little.. “You mean after I undressed? No… You passed out so… I just went to sleep…”

“Aw… Sorry…” Ace was honestly divided… She was happy Necro had not done anything after that but… A part of her also wanted Necro to have done a lot more to her.

“Don’t be… We’ll have other chances if you still want this me…” Necro sounded a little sad as she said this… ‘Is it because I slept???’

“Huh? What do you even mean? You are perfect! Of course I do want more!” Ace hurried herself to retort, pulling Necro’s face for a kiss.

Necro turned as they kissed, rubbing her thigh against Ace’s once again wet crotch, pulling a soft moan out of her. She hugged Ace, their bodies face to face while their legs intertwined.

“Thank you…” Necro recalled the nightmare she had, and how Ace soothed her…

“Ah… You’re welcome…” Ace, on the other hand, grew even more embarrassed as she recalled the words her drunken self muttered.

Neither of them seemed to remember the other names they used to address each other at the time though, which saved them from any estrangement.

After they parted the kiss, they remained there, in each other’s arms, staring at one another’s eyes.

It was a soothing scene, one which both desperately needed. Necro, for the increasing worry about her family. Ace, for the alienation she had felt ever since she abandoned her position alongside her family.

That lasted a handful of minutes, until they were interrupted by a loud voice outside.

“Girls! It’s already time to come out! We gotta get on the move soon.” Hal’s voice called for their attention.

“I don’t wanna go…” Ace muttered, wanting to remain in Necro’s embrace…

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“Relax… We can do this again later… Let’s go now before they get angry.”

The two, then, hurried to grab their clothes that were shoved to the corner of the small tent, before moving outside, only to realize everyone else was almost done disassembling their own tents.


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