Ch 18 – Nightmare

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub

Underneath the Robes and clothing, Ace only wore the silky panty.

And now her whole body was visible to Necro.

Necro already had an idea but seeing her naked in front of her was, to put it plainly, amazing.

Ace blushed and covered her eyes in embarrassment at Necro’s gaze.

Necro, however, was aghast.

Ace was very gorgeous, and her body further increased her innocent charm.

Her slim and slender figure had little to no body hair. Her thin waist was contrasted by cute and meaty thighs and her slightly broader hips gave her otherwise childish body a mature charm. Her slightly spread legs revealed tight and plump labia that almost completely hid her pu̲s̲s̲y. A thin rift revealed the pink and wet entrance beneath them, topped by a small, yet easily spottable, pink little knob, which Necro had skillfully used to make her reach nirvana. As Ace breathed roughly, her ragged breathing further emphasized the delicate nature of her underdeveloped breasts. The small, almost flat, mounds moved up and down, accompanying her shoulders as she breathed in and out with difficulty.

The burning desire in Necro’s heart was reignited by the gratifying sight, further consuming her sanity, as she lusted over her new found lover.

Necro’s thoughts spiraled, making her unable to leave the entranced state. That is, until Ace’s voice awakened her.

“Strip for me.”

Ace’s request was like a bucket of cold water to Necro’s inebriated state, reminding her of her own shortcomings, and making her complete and utterly flushed.

She turned around, pulling her dress over her head. This slowly revealed her gorgeous figure. Her small body was paired with great proportions, and as she took her dress off, she slowly revealed the juicy a̲s̲s̲ she had always been proud of, dressed in black laced underwear.

The sheer quality and price of that underwear proved her noble origin, but Necro did not care about such frivolities. As her dress slid up, her waist also became visible, together with her back. Her immaculate milky skin glistening with sweat.

She finished removing her dress entirely before looking back to Ace. Her breasts were covered by an equally black brassiere that matched the laced panties she wore.

She turned around.

Only to find her sleeping.

Necro was… disappointed to say the least. Even though she’d gone all this way, Ace had somewhat betrayed her expectation… She felt sad.

But Ace’s calm and happy demeanor promptly erased her doubts.

‘She must’ve been very tired…’ She thought.

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Necro snuggled behind Ace, spooning her.


Ace made a cute noise as Necro’s thighs touched the back of hers.

“I love you~” Words drunkenly escaped the mouth of the still asleep Ace, piercing deeply into Necro’s heart and making her blush.

Necro felt embraced as she hugged Ace tightly feeling the warmth of her naked body on her own.

Little did she know these words would haunt her the whole night.

hah hah hah hah

He ran, panting, through a long and never ending corridor.

To his left, uncountable rooms passed by, he stared deep into each of them, searching for someone.

To the right, the imagery of a huge city, being consumed by raging fire as dar as the eye could see.

The Sacred Capital.

He knew this place very well.

The Long corridors of the Divine Institute.

He desperately ran until he spotted someone in the distance.

The whole scenery faded to white as he approached Lyara.

She turned around, raising her hand. Her words were supposed to mean something, but no sound came out, and he watched in dismay as a sword pierced through her heart all the way, poking through her back.

“LYARA!” He screamed, desperately, but no sound came out from his mouth.

He reached down as he finally arrived where she was, closing his eyes.

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As he opened them the person in front of him looked up, blood dripping through her lips.

“I’m sorry for abandoning you.”

The words, however, did not come from Lyara’s lips, the person in his arms was no longer Ly.

Regret painted her magenta eyes, as the red from her blood painted Nelphy’s light-blue hair.

He slowly despaired, seeing his long time missed friend.

Her eyes slowly turned blue, her hair shortened as she de-aged at least a decade, turning into someone else entirely, yet strangely still reminding of herself.

“I love you~!”

‘Why! Why are you also here!?’ He thought to herself.

He felt his body shrink as she screamed towards the heavens, powerless.

“Sorry, my daughter… It’s my fault.”

Her mind completely stalled as she looked down to now see her father, his life and soul escaping his body in front of her.

She tried to speak but no sound would come out.

She tried to scream but her mouth wouldn’t open.

She tired to hold her father’s corpse but it was no longer there.

And it all faded to black.

hah hah hah

Necro panted heavily, her whole body covered in cold sweat. She raised her upper body, sitting.

‘A nightmare… It was just a nightmare’

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She tried to comfort herself with a thought.

It was still very much the middle of the night.

A small hand reached her naked shoulder, prompting her to lay back down.

As she did, she was promptly embraced by her half-asleep companion. Her naked body soothing Necro’s doubts with its warmth, as her icy and flowery smell calmed her very soul.

“Nelphy…” Necro drunkenly spoke, almost asleep. Her companion’s embrace tightening.

“Sol…” The sleeping Ace answered.

Necro fell back into deep slumber in Ace’s embrace. A calming smile plastered on Ace’s now sleeping face.

Both completely unaware that the name that Necro called, and Ace reacted to, was the wrong one. And that somehow, Ace had answered with an unknown nickname.


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