Ch 12 – Don’t you want it?

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub

After a little over half an hour, they arrived at the clearing Bid had told them about.

The setting sun giving the whole forest a reddish glint.

“Girls! Can you gather some dried leaves and branches?” (Hal)




“Not you Mary! You come with me to chop some wood” (Hal)

“HAAAAAAAAAH?! Am I not a girl to you”

“Not when you carry that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ of a shield all day without getting tired. Now help me out here.”

“… Motherf-”

Mary went with Hal to find a dead tree to chop while Bid stayed behind searching for stones to make a bonfire and clearing the ground for them to set up the camp.


The girls walked in silence trying to find some small branches… But for some reason the ground was a little wet.

“Why is this all wet?” (Necro)

“There’s probably a spring nearby… we need to go the other way.” (Ace)

Ace walked towards Necro and stood beside her.

Necro’s heart once again started racing as she felt Ace’s hand running from her forearm towards her hand.

Necro flinched when their fingers touched and interlaced.

“Can we do this?” (Necro)

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“Are you okay with it?” (Ace)

“I… Yes!”

Necro smiled as the two walked, holding hands, through the forest.

After just a handful of minutes they left the humid area and started finding dried sticks and leaves for starting a fire.

“Do you think we really need these?” (Ace)

“What do you mean?”

“Like… You can use fire magic right? Couldn’t you just light up the fire?”

“Ah… I… completely forgot it…”

“Oh well..” Ace squeezed her hand a little. “At least we have some time together right?”


“Now.. Why don’t we… Leave this behind.”


Ace dropped the dead branches and pinned Necro against a tree.

“Don’t you want it?”

Necro once again became very flustered. It was her first experience… But she was also really curious.

“I… do…”

With her answer, Ace went backwards a little, giving her a little more space, and holding her face once more with her hand.

This time, however, Necro’s curiosity overcame her embarrassment, and she did the same, caressing Ace’s cheek with her hand.

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Her skin was very smooth and her greyish blue eyes gave her the impression of being seen right through. That sensation washed away all her doubts. She felt like her very self was completely naked in front of the girl, allowing her to feel relieved of all the constraints she would generally put on herself.

This time, Necro took the initiative, leaning away from the tree. At first, they only lightly pecked each other’s lips. Over time, those pecks became increasingly longer, as they explored the feeling of their lips touching each other’s.

After a couple seconds, Necro took things one step further, moving her other hand to Ace’s back.

Necro realized Ace was incredibly slim. Most of her figure was hidden by the garments she wore, so getting to know her figure was an amazing reassurance of her first impressions. Ace felt prompted to do the same, letting go of Necro’s face and putting both hands on her waist.

As Necro’s body heated up from feeling this girl’s hands on her hips, her hand slowly slid down from her back, reaching her a̲s̲s̲. As her hand reached a rounded thing, Necro instinctively clasped it with her flattened hand.


As Ace moaned not not only was Necro further excited by both the feeling of her buttock in her hand and the sound of her lovely moan. Ace’s mouth opened slightly, allowing their lips to connect in a different way, as Necro pressed her lower lip with hers.

Ace’s eyes started to water a bit from the unexpected pleasure. Her body started feeling weird as she rubbed her thighs trying to soothe the strange sensation she felt in between her legs. She pressed their bodies together hard, as she gave herself space to get some air, panting a little.

Something inside necro woke up as she saw her pink tongue slightly extended as she opened her mouth to breath in. After just a second, Necro went for seconds, this time, inserting her tongue into Ace’s mouth.

Ace’s eyes began to water once again as her body became increasingly hot and excited from the strange new sensation. She moaned as Necro’s hand slid from her face to the nape of her neck, while the other gently squeezed her a̲s̲s̲. The feeling of this other girl’s tongue sliding and coiling around hers was, simply put, amazing. As she pressed their bodies further she could feel something dripping from in between her legs. Her own tongue slowly joined the dance with Necro’s as her inebriated moans escaped her inadvertently.

The long kiss only ended a couple minutes later, as Ace parted it and allowed herself to fall to the ground, breathless.

“Hah~… What… Hah~ Are you…? Hah~ Wow…”

“Hah~, What are you talking about?” Asked back Necro, who was leaning against the tree, panting.

“This Hah~ Was amazing.”

“Thank you… Phew~” She suspired. “You were also amazing.”

Necro walked towards Ace and held her chin, raising it. She gave her a long but gentle kiss on the lips before picking her up in a princess carry.

“We should get going… The sun’s almost out already.”

Ace became completely red, as she realized she was being carried back after what they just did.

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“Ah! Please let me down! I can walk… They’ll think something strange.”

“Oh… Yes… Sorry… Don’t know what got into my head.” Necro blushed as she put her down, realizing this behaviour of hers, including the kissing, were not something she’d learned or experienced in this life… maybe?

‘Am I getting influenced by my memories of Soleir?’ She thought.

However, as she saw the cute ace walking in front of her, completely embarrassed, those thoughts completely vanished from her mind, at least for now…

The girls walked for a couple of minutes before being able to see the others. As they approached the campsite, they realized the bonfire was already done, and four tents had been raised.

“Finally~! We were starting to get worried about you.”(Hal)

“Sorry. We had a little problem finding the stuff…” (Necro)

“Ground was wet. Stream nearby.” (Ace)

“Oh… Okay, but where’s the stuff?” (Bid)

‘****! We forgot the sticks!’ Ace remembered.

“Ah… We gave up midway… But I can help you light it up.” (Necro)

“Are you a fire magician?” (Bid)

“Kinda…” She responded.

“Well, at least we won’t have to worry about finding that stuff… It was pretty hard when it had just rained…” (Hal)

“Yea…” Mary joined the conversation at last. Something in her eyes told Necro she was aware that something was happening between her and Ace…


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