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[Arc 3] Chapter 80

Chapter 80

Bang Bang

“Thank you! Thank you!” The man kowtowed twice on the floor before looking up at Chu Shen. His eyes metal lenses focused on Chu Shen with a whir.

Chu Shen awkwardly nodded in acknowledgment before pulling the man to his feet. “It’s nothing really. This is a business transaction after all, nothing to be grateful over since we are taking your money for this.”

The man shook his head. “It doesn’t matter if you are doing this for the money. The simple fact that you can give me back my sight is a tremendous favor. If you ever need something ask the Agata family to find me.”

“I will do so if I need to. Don’t take this the wrong way but I hope to never see you again in my shop.” Chu Shen said as he escorted the man to the door.

For a second the man was stunned before realizing the meaning in his words. Smiling back at him with a wide grin he laughed loudly. “Of course, of course my friend. I too wish to never see the Prosthetic Shop again unless it is for tea. Take care young one.”

Chu Shen watched the man leave before letting out a sigh and sliding down the wall to the floor. Grinning wryly he envied Lucas who was enjoying his time hunting beasts in the forest. Ever since they started up the business last week they had a booming business.

It seemed as though they weren’t told everything when it was suggested they make a prosthetic shop. Apparently the bladed apes that attacked the poor Lang Xi was not uncommon. A bladed ape was the king of the forest and had become a class 7 beast. Because it was a pack beast, hordes of bladed apes infested the forest and wiped out whole towns.

It was only a year ago that it was killed by an army officer from the Blue Sky Kingdom. But the damage was done. Many people were killed but even more were maimed when the bladed apes attacked villages before being driven back.

As a result, when they opened up the shop they were swamped with people after the second day. Before that many were skeptical that such a thing as replacing an arm was a myth. They had already made over 20 gold from selling prosthetics.

Chu Shen sighed. Dealing with customers was easy. They saw it as buying a service so it was over quickly. Dealing with people who wanted to thank them and repay them with their lives or other things was NOT as easy. It was just too embarrassing.

He heard the door open. Looking up a man was built like a mountain  with a black mask was looking back at him. With a quick glance he saw that the man was not missing any limbs. Curious, Chu Shen got back up and sat down behind the desk.

“This is the Prosthetic Shop, how can I help you.” He said politely.

“Oh. So you are the brat who figured out how to make fake limbs.” The man came in and stood towering above him. “I am Slaughter.”

“Nice to meet you Slaughter. It seems like you aren’t missing any limbs so can I ask what you are here for?” Chu Shen asked calmly but sweat was starting to bead up on his head. This guy seemed to be here for dishonest purposes.

“Well that’s the thing.” The man leaned one huge arm on the desk while scratching his head with the other. “You see. My employer just so happens to be a fellow craftsmen. And when he heard that you could make someone an arm he got curious. So would you mind sharing just how you do it?”

A powerful force pressed down on Chu Shen. Putting both hands on the desk, Slaughter leaned forward and looked directly in his eyes. “And since I am such a nice guy, how about you give it to me for free hmm?”

Sweat poured down Chu Shen’s back in buckets. This guy was serious. But revealing the fabber would be a serious issue. ‘Lucas, why did you have to leave today! I hate you Lucas!’

“Well sir, that is a very sensitive issue you are asking me for. Unfortunately I don’t think I could give it to you, or even sell it.” Chu Shen said as apologetic as he could look.

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“Bullsh*t. I don’t want to be accused of bullying someone of the younger generation but I need that technique. So hand it over or I can kill you and wait for your partner to come back and ask him, okay?” Slaughter’s blood red color eyes stared at Chu Shen through the mask.

However, the door swung open to the Prosthetic Shop. Slaughter immediately stood up and turned towards the person. It was a man with black hair with gray streaks. Beside him was a man who seemed to be half metal. Both legs and one arm were a dull metal and both eyes were also made of metal.

It was the man who Chu Shen had escorted out of the shop not even a half-hour ago! “Slaughter. This is the shopping district under the management of the City Lord. It would be best to know when to stop. Don’t think you can blot out the sky with one hand.”

Slaughter looked at him for a second before laughing. “Well I think this gives me permission to rough up a couple street vendors without a background don’t you think?” Saying so he tossed over a black medallion. Written on it was one word. ‘Rose’.

Seeing it, the old man’s face turned hard for a second before relaxing again. “Young man, don’t think just because you were hired by the Black Rose Guild that you are invincible. This child just gave my grandson his sight back. I believe it would be better for you to leave.”

“Just leave old man.” Slaughter said. Chu Shen just sat there wondering what was going on.

The old man strode up to Slaughter. “Leave now before I have to teach the younger generation about respecting their elders.”

“I tried giving you face but you ignored me! F*uck off old man!” With a roar he punched outwards, towards the old man. The old man sighed. The fist shot into the old man’s stomach but never contacted. Before it could he bent his body backwards into a bow, narrowly dodging the blow.

Lifting his hand, the old man caught the other fist Slaughter send towards him. Miraculously he had raised his hand before Slaughter even moved his fist as though he could read Slaughter’s mind. Using the caught fist he hurled Slaughter out the door, smashing it to pieces.

Jumping out, the old man faced Slaughter who was just rising to his feet. Surrounding people immediately backed away, wary of being caught in a battle that they didn’t belong in.

A blood red energy covered Slaughter’s body. The old man though did not activate his body shield. With a hand, he gestured to Slaughter.

“Don’t underestimate me you old sh*t!” Slaughter raged at the old man. Orange and red swirled metal gloves appeared around his hands. Punching outwards, Qi surged around it. However, the old man appeared to have a sixth sense and dodged it before the punch was even completed.

Outraged at his blow being dodged, Slaughter let loose hundreds of blows at the old man in less than a minute. However each time he launched a fist the old man seemed to anticipate it and dodged it halfway through its attack.

“Alright youngster, I think I gave you enough of a demonstration.” The old man said while glancing over at Chu Shen.

“Hey! Don’t annoy me you dogfart!” Slaughter yelled, absolutely livid at being ignored like this. All of a sudden though he felt his body shield break and a series of sharp jabs hit all over his body. He lost all sense of feeling and fell to the ground in a senseless heap.

Meanwhile the man Chu Shen had helped earlier started talking beside him. “I returned home and less than ten minutes ago my grandpa came out of closed door cultivation. After I told him what you did for me he said he would teach you some things as a repayment. I hope you accept.”


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