[Arc 3] Chapter 81

Chapter 81

Chu Shen didn’t want to agree right away. It was too much of a coincidence that the young man had shown up right as Slaughter did. But he also couldn’t reject geed will. So he invited them inside for tea and to discuss the specifics of the training.

Sitting down after he prepared tea, Chu Shen awkwardly sipped his tea in silence. After a minute had passed by, he finally couldn’t stand it. “All right, what kind of training are you offering?” He asked Grandmaster Qin. But surprisingly, it was the young man that answered.

“It’s very basic training. I was taught the first stages of it before I was attacked by the bladed apes and it helped me kill over ten of them before being overwhelmed with numbers. Gramps will teach it to you using our family’s illusion array so the training should be over quickly.”

Grandmaster Qin spoke up now. “The training is about reading the opponent’s moves. By observing the opponent’s body you will become able to tell exactly where their next blow is and what kind of movie it is. Then you can avoid or counter strike. The higher levels would be observing the opponents Qi flow but since you are an outsider I cannot teach you this.”

Chu Shen nodded. Of course high techniques like reading an opponent’s Qi flow could not be taught to people outside their Agata family. Right before Chu Shen could start considering all the implications of the offer, Ti Wu’s voice sounded in his head.

‘Take this opportunity brat. What he is offering is invaluable. You would have picked it up eventually but it would have been instinctive. This is much better.’

‘If it is as helpful as you say, why didn’t you teach me it then?’

‘Well, I can’t. In order to do so properly, I must be able to reproduce an exact human body and unfortunately I can’t do it with 100% accuracy. So it would be better for you to go without learning then to learn a flawed theory.’

Sighing, Chu Shen looked at the Grandfather-grandson duo. “Alright, I accept the training. When should I expect to be there and when?”

Grandmaster Qin replied back immediately. “I’ll teach you for a week straight and then your friend. How much you learn will be up to your abilities. Come to the Agata Family Estate and show the guards this.” He gave him a token with a wave pattern on it. “Be there by ten in the morning.”

He got up and cracked his back. “Now since we are done here, I will see myself out.” With that, the two left. Not even a minute later, Lucas appeared in the shattered doorway.

Lucas slowly surveyed the wreckage of the door before looking back up at Chu Shen. “Soooo.” He said exaggeratedly. “Did something happen while i was gone?”

Chu Shen, recalling everything that happened was overjoyed. “LUCAS!!” He immediately jumped up and ran towards Lucas with open arms. For a second Lucas was stunned before opening his arms ready to accept Chu Shen’s hug.

What he didn’t expect was the fist that promptly hit him on the side of the head. “Where were you!! Every time I need you you’re gone!! Thankfully I am in need of a punching bag and you qualify! Hold still!!”

“Ah! No! Stop! Is this about all those times I flew off when you weren’t ready?! AH! Why was it harder this time?! No! Please! I might be a cyborg but I still feel pain! STOP IIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!”

Many people who walked by the shop that night shook their heads in pity. It seems as though the employee was paying dearly for the broken door.


The next morning Chu Shen set out for the Agata family mansion. It was very easy to locate since they were apparently a well known noble family in the city.

It was located on the outskirts of the inner city. The city was set up in three rings with swathes of farming land separating them. There was the outer city which was meant for commoners or markets. Then the inner city that was meant for nobles and high end stores and restaurants. Last of all was the core city which was meant for the city governor and other top powerhouses.

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Upon arriving, Chu Shen marveled at the sight of the enormous mansion. While it was lacking compared to the awe inspiring skyscrapers on Sparta, it seemed much prettier to him because of the way it blended with nature. It was a quant feeling just like seeing a cottage in the mountains or a meadow.

As he was admiring the beautiful gardens outside of the manor, one of the guards beside the gate called out to him. “Hey, hey kid! This is the Agata Family Manor. If you have business come in otherwise please stand off to the side to admire the view so you don’t block the road.”

The guard was quite satisfied with Chu Shen’s amazement and spoke in a polite tone to him in return. He took great pride in the beautiful manor that he guarded. Of course, he also knew that he had nothing to do with it’s looks but he was still proud of it.

Chu Shen shook himself free of his stupor. “I am here on official business. That grandpa told me to come here and give the guards this.” He took out the wave patterned token.

The guard, upon seeing it, immediately stiffened. Who would have known that foolish looking kid would actually be an honored guest! Luckily he wasn’t of the type to be arrogant otherwise he may not have such a good job by the end of the day.

“Please honored guest, right this way. We were instructed to lead you to the training hall if you stopped by this morning.” The guard swiftly lead him to a large field off to the side of the manor. Various stone pillars were erected across the field surrounding it in a circle.

“Wait here honored guest while I alert the grandmaster of your arrival.” The guard left without delay towards the manor that could be seen in the distance, leaving Chu Shen behind.

He waited patiently and after less than five minutes he spotted the guard and the old man making their way towards him. “Ah, you made it young man. You know I never asked for your name.”

“No I don’t think you did. My name is Chu Shen.” He said as he bowed slightly.

The old man nodded his head in acknowledgment. “Good. You may call me grandmaster Qin. Has the guards treated you well Chu Shen?” The guard immediately broke out into sweat at this question.

Chu Shen hurriedly shook his head. “Oh no. Even when he didn’t know my identity he was polite. You truly do have a beautiful manor by the way.”

Grandmaster Qin nodded appreciatively. “Thank you for the compliments.” He turned to the guard. As for you, good job. I never liked arrogant types, they seem to court death a lot. Go back to the gates and resume your duties.”

“Sir yes sir!” The guard saluted with a fist to his heart and the other on his spine. He marched off towards the gate, sweat still dripping from his forehead.

Grandmaster Qin turned to Chu Shen. “Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let us get started with your training.”


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