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[Arc 1] Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Master Lang

Luckily no one came to investigate the noise, Chu Shen had no idea how he would explain it. Without Master Lang to look over him Chu Shen decided to go to bed.

“What the heck is this?!! Shen’er, you had better be able to explain this.”

Chu Shen groggily rubbed his eyes. His master had apparently come home and seen the hole in the ground. “Sorry master. I dropped one of my training weights on the floor on accident.”

“Sorry! That’s all you have to say! Now I have to pay for it.” Master Lang had a face of extreme sadness. “I just got paid to.” He mumbled underneath his breath. “Anyways, how did the trials go.”

“I managed to pass the trails. I even got into the top ten in my stage.”

“That’s good. Now that we have some time, I think I will have you learn a little in formations and inscriptions. Since you can’t set up either it wo’nt be of much use when you craft but it will help you identify things others would miss. It can be of much use in the martial world.”

Chu Shen nodded. Knowledge was the key in many situations, for example. If he discovered the cave of an expert and had to break through a formation to survive, it would be impossible if he didn’t have the proper strength. However, if he knew the formations weak point than Chu Shen could break it by attacking that point.

This was the difference between a dumb brat and a true expert. His master started teaching him about inscriptions and arrays for the rest of the day.

The next day it started the same way. Eventually Chu Shen begged off of his training to familiarize himself with the town. Master Lang thought it was a great idea to expand Chu Shen’s horizon and went along with him.

Unbeknownst to them a black cloaked man was following them on the rooftops.

As they walked Chu Shen became curious. “Master, I know you sought out an artificing store, did you find anything good there?”

Master Lang smiled. “Off course I did. The most important thing I did was pass the trials to become an artificer.”

Chu Shen looked at him in curiosity. “Aren’t you already an artificer.”

“It’s not that I am not an Artificer but rather a symbol to everyone else. The Imperial Artificers Guild judges artificers and gives them a rank. When you have a great success in artificing you will have a lot of influence.”

“That is the reason I became an official artificer, so that I have the influence to protect you”

“That’s great master. So what exactly is your ranking.”

“Here.” Master Lang took out a small badge. On the badge was seven stars. When he took it out he held it up high and looked directly towards the rooftop of a house nearby.

Chu Shen looked at the house but didn’t see anything. “What is it master? Do you see anything?”

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Master Lang looked away from the house after a couple seconds. Laughing he shrugged. “I just saw a lowly rat on the roof. I thought there was no rats in the city but I guess I was wrong, haha.”

With that Chu Shen and Master Lang wandered down the street towards a restaurant.

On the rooftop was that black robed man. Curiously the arrogant expression on his face was gone. Instead his face was pale with sweat covering it, his entire body shaking.

After a while he calmed down. Taking a deep breath he sighed. “That man’s cultivation was scary, not to mention him being a seven star artificer. I thought there was only twelve of them left.”

“Luckily I discovered this before killing his disciple. I can imagine I would not even know I had died if I truly had tried to kill him.”

The would-be assassin disappeared into the night with a gloomy expression on his face.

Chu Shen along with his master went to the dueling arena the next day about ten minutes before noon. There in front of the dueling arena was a two elders and in front of them was a large group of youngsters.

Set up on the ground was a formation. From his studying, Chu Shen knew it was a thousand miles array. It allowed a person and several groups of people to travel a thousand miles in an instant.

Chu Shen chuckled, the intensive studying was already paying off. Turning he bowed to Master Lang. “Thank you Master for accompanying me, may we meet again someday.”

Master Lang merely slapped his back and nodded. Afterwards he walked towards the two elders.

The elders looked curiously at this person. They had never been approached by someone in the crowd before. Since he had the appearance of a close acquaintance with one of the students he had not been run off, otherwise they would not have even let him get close to the square.

Stopping in front of the elders he merely looked at them. After a few seconds on of the elders spoke up. “What is your business here? If you have none then scram!”

Master Lang stared at them before saying in an arrogant tone. “You will take me to the Majestic Sword Academy.”

“What! To be so arrogant as to order around an elder of the Majestic Sword Academy! What makes you think you have the right!” The elder spoke up in a cold, harsh voice.

Master Lang said not another word but merely pulled out a badge from his spatial ring. It was actually his artificing badge!

The elder let out a sharp hiss of breath. Unexpectedly this was actually a seven star artificer! In the elder’s eyes this man did indeed have the qualifications to be arrogant.

The other immediately spoke up, grateful that he had not been rude. “ What exactly is it that you wish to do in the Majestic Sword Academy.”

Master Lang glanced at him before replying in an uninterested tone. “I wish to establish a base there and look over my disciple.”

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The elder grew curious. “Why would you choose someone like him” He gestured towards Chu Shen. “Who does not have such a high cultivation to be your disciple.”

“Talent for artificing does not strictly depend upon your cultivation level. Besides, I owe his father my life.” After saying this Master Lang departed with a wave of his hand.

Both elders looked at each other with a pained look. It was completely unexpected that someone would disrespect them like that, it caused some misgivings in their hearts but they did not dare voice it. An Artificer with such a high level did indeed have the qualifications to be arrogant.


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