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[Arc 1] Chapter 29

Chapter 29

The School

Chu Shen and Master Lang waited for a while until all the students had arrived. He recognized the very last student as one of the Dragon Stage students. Of course the student had an arrogant look on his face.

As Chu Shen recalled the words they had said about ‘country bumpkins’ his face flushed with anger. All he wanted to do right now was wipe that smirk off his face.

However. The difference in status and strength was too great. But Chu Shen knew that he could indeed surpass him, and soon.

The elder on the left of the formation cleared his throat. “Ahem.” Everyone looked towards him. “We will now start the formation. You will each enter into the formation. Once you arrive tell the teachers there your name and they will direct you to the appropriate room.”

“As for everything else, it will be explained upon your arrival.” The elder on the right spoke up. Each elder gathered in the palm of their hands a ball of white light. It was obviously Qi. They slammed the balls of Qi into the formation on the ground.

Mystical runes inlaid on the floor with lines connecting them together lit up. “Okay students. Stand in the circles right there, then we can activate the rest of the formation.”

Chu Shen bowed to Master Lang who backed off to the outside of the pavilion like everyone else that was not a student.

The students eventually gathered into the middle of the group of circles. After they did the elder on the left and right made a mysterious symbol with their hands. Qi rumbled outwards into the formation before it suddenly activated.

A black whirlpool appeared beneath the rightmost circle. The students in that circle fell into the whirlpool before disappearing. One by one this was repeated before it reached Chu Shen.

While this happened some of the students panicked, it was quite logical to once you saw something basically devour your fellow classmates. The other students who were knowledgeable in this transportation method quickly shut them up.

The whirlpool appeared at their feet. There was a slight tingling sensation where the whirlpool was. As it moved upwards the tingling sensation spread. Where the whirlpool moved pass it seemed as though it had devoured Chu Shen, the parts of his body the whirlpool had already traversed had disappeared.

Once the whirlpool had reached above Chu Shen’s head it seemed as though him, and all the other students in his circle, had disappeared. Master Lang watched emotionlessly as Chu Shen was teleported out.

Eventually all of the students were gone. The elders both made another hand sign before touching the formation. One of the elders looked at Master Lang before gesturing towards the formation.

Master Lang stepped into the circle after he verified they weren’t teleporting him too far away from the students. One of the elders joined him before they teleported away.

After they were gone the elder that was left disassembled the formation before flying towards the Majestic Sword Academy.

Chu Shen looked around at his new settings. The whirlpool had deposited him inside a small courtyard along with the other students that were with him in the circle but no one else.

There was a middle aged man with a stern expression and dressed in the schools uniform standing in front of them. Based off the badge on his shoulder he was a teacher. “Alright students, gather over here. Okay, now one at a time tell me your name.”

One by one each person told the man their name and was then assigned a room number. Chu Shen was in Block 6 room 121.

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“Now that your living areas are assigned go to them. In the halls there are some maps of the schools posted, follow them. In your rooms is a list of classes that you can each attend to.”

“We at the Majestic Sword Academy believe in cultivation free time. Each of the classes are voluntary and you may attend them on your own time. If you prefer to spend your entire time here cultivating then you may do so but you will be sadly uninformed of the outside world.”

“Also, there are things called spirit marks and spirit cards. Spirit stones are the currency at the academy here. Spirit cards are used to record your spirit stones and make transactions.”

“While we do provide some free martial techniques you must earn any others that you wish for, so work hard. That is all.”

Chu Shen was a very decisive person after working in the forge. When crafting you couldn’t hesitate and think about things but rather had to react and depend upon your ingrained thoughts.

He immediately set out for his room. After wandering through the halls and different pagoda’s he eventually managed to get to his room. It was actually a small house with a formation set in it to gather Qi letting him have twice the efforts with half as much work.

Chu Shen looked at a list of different classes, each with a day and time on it. There was a class every hour from 10-10 every day with a break for lunch. It was impossible to go to every class. There was classes on inscriptions, weapons, techniques, fighting styles, sparring classes, economy, army tactics, strategy classes, herbs, alchemy, and many other types of classes as well. It was almost limitless.

Sighing Chu Shen started planning his schedule for school.

Master Lang and the elder came out of the formation inside a spacious and very well decorated courtyard. The elder bowed to him. While Master Lang had a very special status it was most definitely not appropriate for an elder of the Chu Sect to bow to an outsider in front of a crowd.

This way both Master Lang and the elder was satisfied and saved face. “Master Artificer, while the Majestic Sword Academy has no issue with you staying here, the principal wants to meet with you.”

Master Lang, with his now familiar face of indifference, waved his hand. “Alright, I will meet with the principal. Take me to see them now.”

While the elder gritted his teeth inwardly at the way Master Lang spoke to him without the slightest hint of courtesy his outward appearance was that of a servant. “This way please, Master Artificer.”


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