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[Arc 1] Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – The might of a king


Panting echoed through out a small valley.

“Come on brat, put your back into it.”

This small valley was actually a special training area reserved for Chu Shen by his father. The Chu Sect branch family was part of a small town by the edge of the wilderness. Because of this it was relatively simple to take over an entire valley, after all they were surrounded by mountains and had numerous valleys around them.

Right now Chu Shen was practicing inside the valley. He was bare-chested with sweat dripping down him. When his master had asked which technique he wanted to train in he naturally said <Void King>. The reason behind this was quite simple.

The body is the foundation of cultivation. By having a strong body you will naturally be able to handle large amounts of Qi that could kill someone who did not have a strong body.

Absorbing massive amounts of Qi would naturally increase his cultivation by a large amount but having a strong body was necessary. By practicing the technique he could gain an extremely strong body in a short amount of time.

The unfortunate thing was that practicing this technique required a great deal of effort to be put into it. Because of the void Qi penetrating his body and strengthening his body he could progress faster and farther than with any other method.

Chu Shen was in the breaking process. Right now he had a pair of 100 pound rocks. He had them attached to a leather harness and was running with them trailing behind him.

He had been running with them for almost an hour. He was exhausted beyond measure but kept trying to reach his breaking point. The worst part of it was that Chu Shen was forbidden to use Qi and had to use his physical body to pull the stones.

He had never trained this hard before. The reason for that was that Chu Shen simply did not have any motivation to reach a higher realm.

Up until now the only thing that had driven him to practice was the allure of power and curiosity of what standing at the peak of cultivation, or as close as he could get, felt like.

Now he had a motivation and it was a strong one. Chu Shen only had his father in this world. Now that he knew he had a mother he would naturally care for her as strongly as he did his father.


Chu Shen fell face down on the ground. He couldn’t move at all, he couldn’t even feel his limbs. His entire body was like a limp noodle. Ti Wu looked at him and nodded in appreciation.

Not many people would work to the point of exhaustion like this. “Okay brat, this is the important step. You know the proper circulation of Qi to practice the technique. Go ahead and use it.”

Still panting on the floor Chu Shen started circulating the Qi in his body. A feeling akin to a hammer repeatedly hitting him overcame Chu Shens exhausted body.

It was so painful that Chu Shen almost passed out. As Chu Shen went to stop the circulation the image of his mom passed by his minds eye. Immediately he did not only stop but actually accelerated the pace of the Qi.

Unknown to Chu Shen as the Qi started circulating through his body it would infiltrate his body in massive bursts. Because it was only the first stage of the technique it only penetrated his skin. As it hit his skin it caused him great suffering but at the same time strengthened his skin beyond belief.

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A level 8 Man practitioner’s skin was harder than a non-cultivators skin by a dozen times, becoming as tough as a bulls skin. Now Chu Shens skin was becoming as strong as stone!

As the Qi penetrated his skin it overflowed into his muscles making his strength soar. A level 5 Man cultivator had the strength of 100 pounds while a level 8 cultivator had the strength of 200 pounds. Chu Shens original strength at level 8 was actually at 250 pounds of strength.

With the help of the technique it increased his strength directly to 350 pounds of strength! This was the equivalent of a Level 10 Man cultivator! Now his skin could deflect mortal weapons, actually becoming on par with a level 1 Tiger stage cultivator!

If the news that the first stage of a body cultivation technique caused a level 8 Man cultivator to gain 100 pounds of strength broke out it would shock the entire continent. Usually those who practiced body cultivation techniques were the people who had reached the end of their martial path.

The reason for this was that a body cultivation technique was not very effective until you reached the latter stages of the technique. Only then would you see effects like gaining 500 pounds of strength. Typically body cultivation techniques were very demanding and painful. Truly only those who were desperate would go through the entire cultivation method to simply gain some strength.

The <Void King> technique was different. It had over 5 stages and on the very first practice of the technique directly increased his strength by over 100 pounds. And the muscles weren’t even the target of the practice this time either! Not to mention that this was the first volume too.

It wasn’t as unique as to be declared unrivaled among the heavens though. Many sects and families were known to have very good body cultivation methods but these techniques were treasured amongst these factions. What was truly shocking though was that someone who was not apart of these factions had a technique that actually surpassed theirs in some ways.

Ti Wu merely stared at his disciple. Chu Shens face was turning red from the pain that he kept bottled inside him. As Ti Wu studied Chu Shen he realized that he had almost recovered from the long run he had done.

If Chu Shen kept circulating the technique while his body was not at its limits it would not be absorbed. It was like making a fat man go on a diet and then letting them eat at a buffet. At first the fat man would devour everything in sight but eventually he would slow down and become full.

Even if the fat man kept eating after he was full it would not make him less hungry but could actually harm him.

As Ti Wu came to this realization he stepped in to stop Chu Shen.

“Alright brat, that’s enough. Anymore and you might just explode.”
Chu Shen faintly heard his master and finally stopped.

Huff Huff

He merely laid on the ground for a moment breathing heavily from exhaustion. Then he slowly stood up. He sat down with his back against the rock wall in order to calm his breathing and pulse.

Clatter Clatter

Sometime later when the sun had reached its zenith he heard stones falling down the valley. Looking up he saw Chu Lan.

“Junior brother Shen, are you working today?” Chu Lan called out into the valley when he saw Chu Shen.

Stunned Chu Shen realized that he had forgotten about his forging duties, such was his drive to get stronger. Hurriedly he called back to Chu Lan.

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“Yes Senior brother Lan. Tell Master Lang that I will be there within a few minutes.”

“Alright Junior brother. Hurry up though, the Lin sect wants some more tools for their competition.”


With that done Chu Lan ran back up the valley while Chu Shen slowly got up and followed him.


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