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[Arc 1] Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Successor

Chu Shen was curious now. “Master, why can’t I use these techniques?”

“How foolish of me. You see, you are the third person who has come to the sect with a void constitution. The first person was the founder who died before my time and the patriarch. Now you will inherit the techniques the founder left.”

“These techniques are specifically left for void constitutions and are also the strongest techniques available.”

As his master talked he led Chu Shen to the other side of the library. There were three doors there though the one on the right was padlocked.

“These doors lead to different sections of the library. The one on the left takes you to the outer disciples library. The one on the right takes you to the Core disciple’s library. Until you pass the test you cannot go into that room. The middle room is one only you can go through.”

“Go into it and see if there are any good things left by the previous patriarchs.”

“Yes master.”

Obeying his master, Chu Shen opened the door to the middle room. As he did, he felt a surge of energy pulse through his body. Suddenly a room appeared on the other side of the door.

Inside was simply three jade slips. Going in he looked at each of them. <Voids Child> (A cultivation technique that lets null Qi gather at an extremely fast speed.)

He looked at the other two. They were both defense techniques called respectively <Cancellation Armor> and <Universe Shield>. The armor was formed from null Qi and enhanced its cancellation effects. With it so long as the enemy was not of a significantly higher cultivation level it would cancel their Qi and in cases of them being of the same strength even assimilate their Qi.

<Universe Shield> worked on the same principle but with a shield that could be manipulated through the air instead of armor that could be worn. It had the advantage of being able to block attacks at long range.

These were extremely powerful techniques that could exponentially increase a cultivators strength. The other techniques in the library were powerful and could create massive waves outside of the library.

It was different however for these techniques simply because of the requirement. These ones required you to have a special constitution. This was not something you could steal but rather depended upon your luck. With this requirement only Chu Shen was suitable for these techniques.

Grabbing all three jade slips he started to walk out of the room. Bonk

Stumbling backwards he stared at the doorway in confusion. Ripples of an unfathomable black energy covered the doorway, blocking him in.

Panicking slightly he called out. “Master, master! Something’s wrong with the door!”

Ti Wu startled after hearing his disciples panicked voice. Looking up from the jade slips he was studying he immediately ran over to the door his disciple was in.

The door was wide open but he couldn’t see inside. A black barrier covered the doorway. Pounding sounds came from the inside of the doorway.

“Brat, the library would never block you unless you did something wrong. Tell me! What did you do!”

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In a panicky tone Chu Shen immediately replied back. “I didn’t do anything wrong master! I came in and picked up the jade slips like you said and when I went to go back to you the library wouldn’t let met out!”

Ti Wu stared, flabbergasted at Chu Shen. Suddenly he started laughing uproariously. “Ahahahaha”


Chills ran down Chu Shens back. The only time Ti Wu had laughed was when he had punished him or when he did something stupid.

Finally Ti Wu stopped laughing. Pulling himself together he started explaining to Chu Shen his basic mistake.

“Chu Shen, you do realize that these techniques are forbidden to be shared with outsiders right?”

“Yes master, anyone would know that.”

“I will tell you something. The library stores all your memories of practicing any of the techniques in here. If you try and share it with anyone else you won’t remember how.”

“The patriarchs techniques are forbidden for anyone to learn unless they are the patriarchs successor. That is the reason why you cant get out of the library room, you have the forbidden techniques which you cant take out of the room.”

“Oh.” Chu Shen said slightly embarrassed

“Set down the jade slips and come out here.” Chu Shen put down the slips on the table and cautiously walked towards the door. The black energy barrier had disappeared once the jade slips had been set down.

He cautiously walked forward towards the doorway. Nothing happened. Chu Shen kept walking forward into the library and stopped next to his master.

“Since you have already picked out some techniques I will show you how to assimilate the techniques knowledge with you.”

“Now first you grab the technique, close your eyes, and hold it up to your forehead.”

Chu Shen waited for a couple seconds. After realizing his master wasn’t going to elaborate he grabbed one of the techniques he picked.

Holding it up to his forehead he waited for something to happen. Suddenly images and words started flashing past his closed eyes. After it was done he gasped in shock.

Searching his memory he realized that he could recall all the different steps of .

“Okay brat, now that you know what to do go ahead and assimilate all the jade slips you chose tomorrow we will train.”

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Chu Shen started assimilating all the different techniques. Soon he had assimilated them all. Going into the forbidden room he assimilated those as well.

“Master I am done.”

“Good, now I will take you out of the library. Get a good nights sleep, you will have a long day tomorrow.”

The world dissolved into blackness.

Chu Shen opened his eyes. He was back in his room. Sighing he closed his eyes and went to sleep.


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