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[Arc 5] Chapter 136

Chapter 136


Lucas couldn’t accept coincidence. No matter how hard he tried. “There is no way that we just happened to appear on a planet with humans on it. Or that there was an alien species that has just so happened to appear on two of the realms we have visited. Though it’s more like finding the remains of an alien species than actually finding one at all in this case.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “The multiverse is a strange thing. That’s all I can say.”

“You can’t just dismiss one of the greatest mysteries we’ve encountered by saying, ‘that’s the way it works.’ We have to try and analy-”

Right as Lucas was just starting to rant, the door behind them exploded. Shards of metal flew through the air towards the group. Body shields appeared over the twins and Chu Shen. Lucas covered his head to keep his eyes from being scratched out. Turning towards the explosion, Chu Shen groaned.

There, in the doorway, was a small, adult-size robot. It was gray with pistons visible. A blue shield could be seen shimmering just above the surface of the robot. Its right arm was a barrel, glowing slightly red. Its left arm was blade shaped and was making a humming sound. As Chu Shen was observing this robot, a red bolt of energy shot towards him. Chu Shen activated his <Cancellation Armor>.

The red bolt of energy hit Chu Shen and exploded, sending him flying back into the walls. He hit the wall, causing cracks to spread from where he hit it. At the same time, his armor faded slightly.

Lucas reacted immediately and fired a fireball from his hand. “Fireball Barrage! Go!” Aslo also sent over twenty fireballs using the Rank 3 Spell Fireball Barrage. “Wind Scythe! Go!” Chrissa sent a razor-sharp blade of wind directly at the robot.

Even though the wind blade was launched last, it reached the robot first. The wind scythe hit the robot, piercing its blue shield. A gouge appeared on the chest of the robot from where the wind blade struck. Lucas’ fireball landed next. It hit the robot and exploded, sending it flying backwards. The internals of the robot, which had been exposed by the wind blade, were now damaged slightly by the fireball.

Now it was Aslo’s turn. His fireballs were half the size of Lucas’ and the fire wasn’t as intense. However, what it lacked in individual power, it made up in numbers. The first fireball slammed into the robot, causing it to fly backwards at even greater speed straight into a wall. Nineteen more fireballs slammed into the robot, keeping it pinned against the wall.

After the last fireball slammed into the robot, everything was still. Chu Shen picked himself up from where he had landed after being slammed into the wall. The robot stood there, its arms hanging limp by its sides. Its head suddenly came up, staring right at Lucas. Its right arm came up, sending ten bolts of energy in less than a second.

The <Universe Shield> appeared in front of Lucas, blocking the attacks. The shield cracked as the bolts of energy exploded, but it didn’t break. Chu Shen disappeared before reappearing next to the robot. A hammer had appeared in his hand at some point in time. The wind whistled as Chu Shen swung the hammer brutally at the robot’s midsection.

Chu Shen. A martial artist with a void constitution. He didn’t have great attacking techniques. His defense techniques relied mostly on his unique Qi. His speed was superb. However, his one greatest talent was this. Bodily strength.

The hammer smashed into the robot, severing it in half. The hammer passed through the robot as though it was nothing, smashing into the wall behind it. The hammer put a hole through the wall, completely demolishing a good portion of it. Taking a step back, Chu Shen yanked his hammer back.

Aslo clapped. “Now I know how you became the savior.”

Lucas hit him over the head. “Knock it off with the savior thing. We’re all partners now.” He turned towards Chu Shen.

“So those mechs weren’t the only robots here. I think that was a drone scout. They were made by the Nugitraaiil to scout out buildings for the giant mechs they preferred to use so that they could confirm if there was hostiles inside. If there’s one here, that means there’s mechs that are still waiting for us.”

Chu Shen scratched his head. “How exactly do you know all this?”

Lucas shrugged. “I haven’t been just wasting my time you know. I’ve been busy gathering data from the servers as we passed by. Luckily this building was made to protect itself from orbital bombardments. Most of the data is corrupted, but some of it can be salvaged. Their ground assault methods were inside.”

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Lucas peered at the robot. “Though, these things didn’t have a shield in the specs I saw. Also, the energy cannon seems to be a lot more powerful than in the blueprints. It might be a prototype that was stored here and was activated once we entered the compound.”

Chu Shen nodded. “That is a possibility. However, it would be better if we acted as though there is a mech outside. If the mech starts attacking in here then we’ll be at a disadvantage. It’s too cramped. We need to get outside.”

Lucas nodded as well. “Alright then. Let’s go. We can get back to the entrance and leave that way.”

They all followed Lucas, since he remembered how to leave. They encountered two more drone scouts on the way. Chu Shen, who was towards the front, would hit them one time with his hammer. All that would be left behind of the drone scouts were mangled parts.

After ten minutes, they had finally reached the entrance. They all took up their positions. Aslo and Chrissa chanted spells underneath their breath, preparing the mana but not casting it. On the count of three, all of them rushed out into the deserted streets.

Everything was quiet. Nothing moved, no one spoke. All of them exchanged glances before splitting up. Looking around, it truly seemed as though no mechs were around.

Aslo let out a sigh of relief. “Looks like we’re good!”

Right after Aslo said that, there was a wumph sound. Immediately after that, there was a loud bang from behind them. Turning around, there was a large mech standing between them and the command center.

It was just as tall as the previous mechs they had faced. However, this one was completely black. Small turrets with barrels poking out could be seen dotting its body. All of the turrets swiveled, locking onto all four of them. It had four arms with two large guns attached to its shoulders.

Lucas facepalmed. “Why’d you have to say that, Aslo?”


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