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[Arc 4] Chapter 108

Chapter 108

Chu Shen was walking down the road, looking around at the forest and admiring the view. Somewhere ahead of him was Lucas along with the wagons pulling the kids. So far it had already been four days and they were easily miles ahead of him by now.

Especially since they were not planning on stopping to rest at all. Lucas would hunt down beasts and cook them ahead of the wagon so that the kids could eat and not starve.

Inside his pocket was a small coin sized broadcaster that would allow Chu Shen to contact Lucas. With it, he would be able to tell them when the Asura, Ice Dragon, and Golden Palm sects adventurers would come to him.

Chu Shen took his time relaxing and pondering while he was walking. What he was thinking of was what he was going to do in this world. So far, Chu Shen had never had a true plan when he went into different dimensions. Most of the time he was just doing whatever he wanted while trying to get stronger.

The biggest plan he ever had was to get money or get out of trouble like he had with the Black Rose Guild. This time though, he needed a plan. These kids were depending upon him.

He couldn’t accept their word for it, but at the very least they had no reason to lie to him. If the Asura sect was as bloodthirsty as they said, it was not going to end well. Going up against assassins was never a good idea.

Chu Shen could not accept the fact that these kids would die. At this point though, the grudge they had could not end unless one side died or the other. So long as the Asura, Ice Dragon, and Golden Palm Sect, especially the Asura Sect, was around then they would not let these kids survive in peace.

So what could Chu Shen do then? With the cultivation techniques he had and the radical method of unblocking meridians, these kids could become strong very quickly. With that, Chu Shen would easily let them take revenge against those dastardly sects that would kill even kids.

However, what would he do then? How long would it take to do that anyways? Two, three years? As far as he could tell, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would go to different dimensions randomly. He couldn’t depend upon being around to help them.

So he had to make the kids self-reliant. Otherwise, they would be left vulnerable and possibly in a worse position than when he had tried to help. Of course he had to do so while not completely destroying the balance of the world.

Technology, once it was shared, could not be taken back. However, since the cultivation techniques Chu Shen had were useless unless he used his own Qi, the power balance would only be affected temporarily. It wouldn’t make widespread changes.

So, what was his plan for this dimension, for these kids? Chu Shen didn’t know yet. What he did know was that he had to help them somehow. The best way he could help was by protecting them and making them stronger using cultivation techniques. Everything else would have to be planned out with some consulting with the teachers and wagon drivers.

However, he would have to act like he would disappear into thin air the next minute. Especially because he just might.

Chu Shen looked away from the side of the road. He heard something coming. Glancing back, he saw men in black clothes riding horses. Chu Shen observed them as they slowly caught up with him.

They had masks on their faces that had horns and demonic faces. Black robes cloaked their bodies with a hood covering the rest of their faces. A badge of a red man with the same demonic face as the one on their masks was on the chest of each one but some had different amount of arms on the badge.

The man in the front had a badge with six arms wielding six swords coming out of its sides. The three behind him had five arms wielding swords with two emerging from each of the red man’s sides and the fifth arm coming from behind the man like a scorpion’s tale.

The other nine men behind them had badges with four arms. All of them exuded a sense of unparalleled killing intent. Chu Shen felt all of the hair on his arms stand on edge as he felt his body turn cold. Clearly these people were dangerous, a cut above all of his other enemies.

Chu Shen waited until they passed before using his soul sense to scan them. As he did, Master Ti Wu, who usually sat down inside the Voids Hand, stood up. “Seems like my disciple might need my help this time.” He said, stroking his chin as he stared upwards, seemingly to see out of the library and into the world.

Meanwhile, Chu Shen used his soul sense on the enemy. The enemy had one rank six adventurer, three rank five adventurer, and nine rank four adventurers. Immediately Chu Shen made the connection with the badge of the red man and the amount of arms each one had.

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However, as the soul sense was completed, the man at the front with the six arm badge turned around and stared right at Chu Shen. A red light flashed in the eye sockets of the man. A searing heat lanced towards Chu Shen, catching him right in the chest and sent him flying backwards. His clothes caught on fire and his skin started burning as he tumbled on the ground

Luckily, his skin was remarkably tough from the constant tempering from the <Void King> technique. Otherwise the heat may have penetrated into his inner organs causing him to become severely injured. Instead, his skin only became mildly burned. Chu Shen quickly activated his body shield, allowing his null Qi to extinguish the heat.

The red light in the eyes of the man disappeared. A rough, hoarse voice came out from beneath the mask. “Lowly characters like you should stay out our business. If you try and use that technique again, I will not be so kind as to use a mere <Stare of The Asura>.”

Chu Shen stayed on the ground and merely observed as they continued riding past him. Master Ti Wu sat back down inside the Voids Hand. “Humph. Seems like he got lucky.”

One of the men with a five arm badge rode up next to the six arm badge. “Forgive me Vajra Asura, what do you mean when you said he used a technique against us? I felt nothing.”

The man he called Vajra Asura shook his head. “As an Agni Asura I expect better. Did you not feel as though someone was staring at you just a moment ago?”

The Agni Asura expressed some confusion. “Yes, but what of it? I thought it was merely that kid being curious.”

The Vajra Asura shook his head. Three Agni Asura and nine Dhara Asura and yet none of them were sensitive enough to mana. This was one of the reasons why they could not advance to another rank even if warriors supposedly could advance forever.

“The mana fluctuated abnormally at the same time as I felt that stare. It must have been a technique of some kind. I do not know it’s purpose but it must not be good. Pay more attention to the surrounding mana otherwise the assassin may be the one ambushed.” The Vajra Asura said in an offhand voice.

The Agni Asura bowed at him. “Thank you for advice Vajra Asura. It is rare to meet one of the three backbones of the Asura Sect. However, why did you not kill him?”

The Vajra Asura shook his head. “The <Stare of The Asura> was a test. If he had not been injured at all then he may have posed a threat to us. With the damage done to him he would be the equivalent of an Dhara Asura. With me here, he would not pose a threat to us. Why kill an ant if we do not need to?”

“Your words ring true as always.” The Agni Asura said. The Vajra Asura ignored the obvious flatter and continued riding on.

The Agni Asura fell back into formation with the other two Agni Asura. The continued on their way. Chu Shen was able to hear them since they were still in earshot. It turns out they were from the Asura Sect.

Chu Shen shook his head. <Stare of The Asura>. A technique that used mana and fired it from the eyes. If he had his body shield up, he would have been able to block it fairly easy. Unfortunately he gave no warning before launching the attack.

Luckily it was a light blow combined with his strong body. Otherwise taking a Rank 6 warriors attack without armor, the equivalent of a Martial Army Cultivator, would have resulted in death or severe injury at best.

Chu Shen reached into his pocket. Taking out the broadcaster he activated it. “Lucas. They’re coming.”


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