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[Arc 4] Chapter 109

Chapter 109
The Robed Man

“Lucas they’re coming.” Chu Shen’s voice was received by Lucas cybernetic brain. He did not hear it vocally yet it sounded inside his head as clear as day. If it had to be related to something, the closes it would come would be telepathy. It was a unique ability of cyborgs, to send information straight to the digital cerebral cortex, allowing them to hear transmissions of sound without it physically being heard.

Lucas stiffened slightly in response to Chu Shen’s transmission. “How many and how strong?” Lucas said, his lips not moving despite him talking to Chu Shen with his internal radio.

“There is a Rank 6 assassin, three Rank 5 assassins, and nine Rank 4 assassins.” Chu Shen’s voice rang inside Lucas’ head.

“Alright. Should we continue with the plan of taking the kids off the road while the drivers continue on.”

“NO! These assassins are good. The Rank 6 assassin detected my soul scan even when they can’t use their own souls for detection. He was sensitive enough to Qi to detect the subtle changes from the soul scan. He’s too good to be fooled by something so amateur as that.”

Lucas frowned. This wasn’t good. They may not be able to shake these guys off after all. “So, what do you suggest?”

“I have a plan…”


It had been five days since they had killed the men of the Ice Dragon and Golden Palm. One day since Chu Shen had encountered the Asura sect’s assassins.

They assassins were quickly catching up to the kids. Previously they had been separated by over twenty miles, twenty three if they followed the path. The kids rode wagons to try and keep as much distance between them and the assassins as possible.

Unfortunately, even with all their effort it was in vain. The assassins had top of the line horses, unlike the Rising Tide who had grabbed common horses from the stables. Not to mention the fact the assassin’s horses were unburdened with a large wagon.

The assassins had quickly gained on them in only a single day. Now, they were only seven miles away. The next day, the assassins would be on top of them. Lucas had kept track of them using the holo-drone-which was why they know how far away they were-and kept Chu Shen informed the entire time.

They had discussed how to deal with the assassins and finally came up with a final plan. Now it was time to put the plan into action.

The Asura Sect assassins rode on the horses. Their bodies rocked with the horses in a calm, unhurried manner. Obviously they were very experienced with horse riding.

Suddenly, the Vajra Asura reined his horse in. The other Asura Sect members did the same. All of them drew their weapons simultaneously and mana shields flared to life. All of their body shields were black but one of the Dhara had traces of green and one of the Agni Asura had traces of silver. Three of the Dhara Asura jumped off their horses, fading into the shadows of the forest that surrounded the rough earthen path.

The cause for their alarm was a man in a black robe, that covered his entire body and face, that had appeared in front of them. None of them had realized he was there beforehand. The Vajra Asura saw the man suddenly appear in front of them.

Normally Mana would be slightly disturbed by cloaking abilities such as the <Cloak of Asura> that the three Dhara had utilized. However, when this man appeared, the mana only fluctuated slightly at the exact moment he appeared. Unlike the continuous fluctuation of a skill when it was active. This mean the man had purposefully revealed himself through the fluctuations and his appearance. Otherwise, they would have never known that he was watching them.

The Vajra Asura stepped off of his horse, the mana shield of his activated as he approached the robed man. The Vajra Asura’s mana shield was a bright orange with bits of black swirling around inside.

He cupped his hands and bowed to the robed man. “Junior Gu Lan, Vajra Asura Level Member of the Asura Sect from White Lotus City greets senior. May I ask why you have appeared here?”

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The robed man said nothing for a few seconds before he suddenly spoke. The voice was that of a middle age man.“You pursue a group of kids.” It as a statement. Like he knew exactly what they were here for.

Gu Lan was shocked, but his mask kept the robed man from seeing it. “Yes I am pursuing the remnants of the Rising Tide Sect. They have been at odds with the Asura Sect and we are here to make sure all roots are exterminated.”

The robed man kept his head bowed. “Go back. Do not continue looking for them.” His authoritative tone caused the other Asura Sect members to bristle in anger.

Gu Lan was puzzled. Exactly who was this man who ordered the Asura Sect around so casually. “May I ask senior, exactly what does this matter have to do with you.”

“I have accepted those two siblings as my pupils. I am sure you know exactly which ones I refer to. In order to get them to accept me as their master, I have to protect their fellow students.”

Gu Lan shuddered. This wasn’t good. Who knew how powerful this man was? Even with his finely tuned senses as an assassin and Rank 6 warrior, he couldn’t detect this man before he wanted to reveal himself.

At the same time, he couldn’t allow this man to block their way. Otherwise, that Rank 7 battle mage would come back for revenge. Remembering the things the Asura sect had done to them.

Gu Lan cupped his hands “I am sorry senior. But I must exterminate future problems for our sect.”

As he cupped his hands, the three Dhara Asura emerged from beside the man. All of them swung their swords at the same time, releasing huge amounts of black energy that formed a blade that hit the robed man!


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