[Arc 4] Chapter 103

Chapter 103
Let’s Hunt

Chu Shen didn’t stop researching there. He started looking into the specifics of how mages and warriors fight. What was the exact reason for the difference between them besides the mana network and mana rivers?

Chu Shen found out the reason quickly. Mages could fire long distance attacks but Warriors could only use melee or extremely close combat skills. It was confusing at first because there was no real reason given. However, Chu Shen remembered the soul.

The Major meridians, or mana river, was a channel that let the soul out. As a result the ability to control Qi at a long distance was given to mages. Warriors only had the Minor meridians which only let the soul out a tiny bit. This meant their ability to use Qi at a distance was severely limited.

So the differences between the two and reasons for it was found quickly by Chu Shen. Next, Chu Shen started finding out specific strategies Mages and Warriors used.

Warriors expanded their meridians allowing massive surges of Qi without backlash. As a result, warriors could use up their entire Qi reserve in one or two shots, giving them massive explosive strength but almost no stamina. It was especially true because they could not recover mana as fast as mages.

Mages however were different. Chu Shen learned earlier that Mages mixed their mana with the atmosphere and could only release small amounts of mana at once. Of course, it was because the mana rivers flowed against their own mana.

Mages had a specific system of spell casting. The spell casting system was put as this in one of Chu Shen’s books. It went in detail as to the specifics of spells since it was a very popular topic.

1>Beginning Success: Can cast spell using full chant with spellbook.
2>Small Success: Can chant from memory. (Spell Rank = Mage Rank)
3> Medium Success: Can use abbreviated chant. (Spell Rank = Mage Rank -1)
4> Large Success: Can cast using only spell name. (Spell Rank = Mage Rank -2)
5> Perfection: Can insta-cast using only mental image. (Spell Rank = Mage Rank -3)

Rank 6-7 spells only have first 4 stages. God rank (Rank 8-9) spells only have the first 3 stages.

The way it worked was pretty basic. There was a note that to successfully cast a spell using an abbreviated chant one needed to be one rank above the spell. Using the spell name needed two ranks above the spell and insta-cast needed to be three ranks above the spells rank.

An example would be this. A Rank 5 mage can cast a Beginning/Small success Rank 5 spell. However, they can only cast a Medium Success Rank 4 spell, Large Success Rank 3 spell, and a Perfection Rank 2 spell.

The reason behind this spell system was because a higher rank mage could assimilate more Qi with the atmosphere in a shorter amount of time. With that a mage could cast weaker spells almost instantly. Of course, Chu Shen realized this was correlated to the increase of the soul’s power.

Looking at this, it was true that mages would be slow to use their most powerful attacks. Especially since each chant took 30 seconds. However, each rank spell was greater than an equal rank warrior by one. So a rank 2 spell equals a rank 3 warriors attack using 10% of his mana.
Chu Shen nodded. Using this as a basis, mages were good at spamming huge amounts of weak spells, a medium variety of average spells, or one large charge up attack.

Mages also used barriers to protect themselves. Barriers was simply an artifact that created a wall of energy between the mage and the enemy. It was only one direction however and the artifact itself was very expensive. It ran of Mana Cores from Magical beasts, their version of beast cores and primordial beasts.

Chu Shen immediately became interested in the artifact. They seemed to be a more advanced version of their own Primordial Pistols. Simply put, Chu Shen and Lucas could only release the energy inside a beast core in a stream of energy.

They could control, to some extent, the intensity and duration but this was on another level. This artifact creates a wall from energy. This meant they knew how to make constructs! If Chu Shen and Lucas could improve this artifacts control system, then they could have a much better option for the body shield for Lucas and many horizons would be opened as well.

Besides that, Chu Shen found something else also interesting. Apparently everyone here was born with an element. Something that so many people wanted and could be called a genius was as common as clouds here.

Also, there wasn’t a restriction like those with normal constitutions. They didn’t have to find places with more intense elemental Qi. They could absorb Qi, or mana, normally like Chu Shen did.

Chu Shen didn’t know the reason. All he could think of was that it was normal to this realm. It was just the way they were. Maybe some sort of mutation in their soul was responsible.

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Lucas stretched, immediately catching Chu Shen’s notice. “Hey, why are you stretching?”

Lucas shrugged. “Because we have been working on this research thing for almost three hours.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Okay, I get that is a long time. But why are you stretching? I mean, having a machine for a body does mean you don’t have to stretch or anything.”

Lucas stared at Chu Shen. “Ya know, I never really thought about it. Guess it’s a habit from when I still had my body.”

Chu Shen made a face at Lucas. “Well, it is a bit weird if you didn’t stretch or anything like that so I guess it’s okay.”

“Glad I have your permission.”

“Anyways Lucas, we need to get busy. As far as I can see we need to do a couple things. First, let me try and join a warriors association. The expansion of the minor meridians could be a major breakthrough. With that, I should be able to grow a lot more powerful.”

Lucas shook his head. “I don’t think we should do that. I have too many secrets for us to be joining a group or something. If they found about the primordial pistols or my robotic body I could be in trouble. Plus I still want to work on making some more stuff. If we joined a group like that then I would have to constantly be on guard. It’s too limiting.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Well i guess that is true. So joining an organization like that isn’t so good. Not unless it has some more freedom with it. So what do you think we should do instead?”

Lucas furrowed his brow for a couple seconds before his face lit up. “Of course, we do like we always did! We just need to buy you the cultivation technique for warriors. The techniques should be cheap since warriors are supposed to be rare at high levels.”

“Great, except we have no money Lucas.”

“Then we hunt down some beasts and get some cores. With that we should be able to raise enough money to buy what we need.”

“That just might work Lucas. Let’s go hunt some beasts then.”


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