[Arc 4] Chapter 104

Chapter 104
Helping Kids In Need

Chu Shen and Lucas departed for a magic beast hunting zone, as it was called. It was forest infested with beasts that anyone could enter. The only downside was that sometimes powerful beasts would come to the forest and slaughter those it met.

Of course Chu Shen and Lucas could have flown on their jetpack to the forest. However, they had decided to enjoy a walk through the woods. Just enjoying nature instead of rushing.

They were walking and had just reached the top of a hill on the road when Lucas stopped. “Hey Chu Shen, look at that. Do you see that group of people down there? Don’t they seem a bit weird.”

Chu Shen followed where Lucas was pointing. He was pointing at a group consisting of several wagons worth of people. Actually they were all kids. Surrounding the wagons was a dozen or so armed men on horseback.

Chu Shen shook his head. “Nope, I don’t see what’s so weird about them.”

Lucas sighed. “Well do you see how anxious they look? Those guards are nervous and the drivers are urging the horses on as fast as possible. I can even see a couple of the kids crying.”

“Really? How good are those eyes?” Chu Shen asked.

“…… Good enough.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “Well it’s not our problem, come on let’s go.” He started to walk down the road when Lucas grabbed his arm.

“Wait. I see a group coming down the road. About forty of them or so.” Chu Shen looked up at Lucas before doing a double take. His eyes were zoomed in like a camera’s telescopic lense.

What Lucas said next immediately took his mind off the ridiculousness of his eyes. “I think those kids might be in trouble. That group I saw has their weapons drawn and are in a huge rush. They are riding right for the kids.”

Chu Shen immediately looked down the path himself. Squinting, he could barely make out a dust cloud that was gradually getting closer. As he was looking, he noticed the group below them started becoming agitated.

One of the guards rode up close to the wagons for a minute. Then all of the guards wheeled around and rode towards the dust cloud. As they did, the guards drew their weapons.

Chu Shen sighed. “Alright Lucas. I can see there being a problem for them, but not for us. We can’t get involved in other people’s problems.”

Lucas shook his head. “What am I supposed to do then? I can’t just stand by and see innocent kids killed. I just can’t!”

“How do you know they are going to be killed. Maybe they will only be captured.” Chu Shen knew how unlikely that would be though. Suddenly a flash of white light came from the two groups of men on horses. Turning, Chu Shen saw several of the guards had become ice statues. The two groups started to fight.

“Chu Shen, I’m going to help those kids. You can either join me or watch but you can’t stop me.” Lucas stared Chu Shen right in the eye.

They stood staring at each other for a little bit before Chu Shen glanced away sighing. “Fine Lucas, let’s do it then. I can’t really stand the idea of kids getting killed either you know.”

Lucas nodded at Chu Shen but Chu Shen made a wait-a-moment gesture with his hand. “But there is one thing I want to clarify. We have to be able to win. While I don’t want to watch kids be killed, I also don’t want to be one of those dead kids either.”

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“Fine. So what’s the plan.”

“Here is what we are going to do. We leave the five sniper drones in the air along with the holo-drone and beast core drones. Using the holo-drone make them all invisible, we should be able to take them by surprise.”

Chu Shen continued his plan. “We will also be armed with our primordial pistols and railguns so our firepower should be above our cultivation level. Now what we need to do is run down there and bypass the group of kids down there.

“When we pass the men on the horses then I will scan their cultivation level with my spiritual sense while you let them breathe your explosive nanites. If they are weak enough, then we wait for them to be a little farther down the road and attack them.”

“What are we supposed to do if they are too strong?” Lucas asked questioningly.

Chu Shen shrugged. “Then we can’t do anything right away. I know you won’t accept that but hold on a second. First we make ourselves scarce and then start using the sniper drones to attack from a distance. That should give us some safety and also allow us to help out a lot.”

Lucas nodded. “Alright, it doesn’t seem like that bad of a plan. So when should we start?”

“How about now?” Chu Shen immediately started running down the hill. Lucas followed him. Both covered the distance between them and the wagons quickly. Soon they passed the wagon and had made it halfway to the fight.

Speaking of the fight, the dozen guards were already almost dead. Only two were still actively fighting with another three on the ground moaning. The other seven were already killed.

Chu Shen and Lucas started walking now, trying not to attract attention. After about two minutes all of he guards had died. However, they had not died in vain. For the dozen men had killed fifteen of the men on the enemy’s side and the rest of them looked to have spent a pretty sizable portion of mana.

The 27 riders rode towards Lucas and Chu Shen, weapons drawn and still dripping with blood. An invisible cloud of nanites emerged from Lucas’ clothes and hovered in the middle of the path.

Chu Shen used his spiritual sense on them as they approached. All of them were at the Martial Warrior stage or Rank 5 warriors as this world called it. The men passed by Chu Shen and Lucas without stopping, though one shivered and glanced at them.

Unknown to them, they had already inhaled the nanites. Even their horses were doomed. Chu Shen, however, was startled. Why didn’t they ask about the spiritual scan? Of course, they may have seen Chu Shen and Lucas as pests so they wouldn’t be bothered by such things.

But it still bothered him. Why wouldn’t they at least threaten them? Or scan them in return? Chu Shen had no answers and couldn’t even come up with a good excuse. He shook his head. It was still better this way.

They got a little bit down the road when Lucas looked over at him. “We can handle them. Go for it Lucas.”

Lucas immediately smiled. He held up three fingers and counted down. “3.2.1. Bang.”


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