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Chapter 98: Milla’s Girls

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Waxford: Note. This chapter is pure cosmetic. A project me and my neighbour (who has decent photoshop skills) made. This chapter is meant as a recap of all the girls in Milla’s harem and at the same time, images for each one of them. Many hours of recoloring, resizing, cut paste, cropping have been poured into this. Now, if you want to remain with the picture you painted in your head just by reading the description, then please, SKIP this chapter, as small details like breast sizes might not be accurate. However, for those of you that have trouble imagining stuff, then this is the chapter for you. Since I haven’t received any donations at all, I couldn’t afford an artist, so had to make do with all the free resources I had to make these characters come alive. I hope you appreciate, and try not to judge too hard. Again, you have been warned. SKIP if you want to keep your own image.

Grace – Milla’s most beloved battle maid. The only one that knows that Milla comes from another world. Despite this she loves her deeply and serves her with all her might. Wields the Scythe of Astaroth.


Cleo – a lamia created by Milla. She is second in command after Grace. She loves and cares for Milla and treats her as a Supreme being.


Irina – a spider girl created by Milla. She is fond of bondage and tying up people for fun (more specifically she enjoys toying with Momoyo Nakano). She respects and cares for Milla.


Sue – a slime girl created by Milla. Her specialty is changing her body as she wishes. She can alter the size of her breasts and turn into a puddle if she feels like it. She respects and cares for Milla.


Teri – a dryad created by Milla. Specializes in earth spells and is in charge with planting flowers and managing the crops all across Milla’s land. She cares for Milla deeply.


Odin Asgardia – the Demon King of Wisdom. She is the second strongest Demon King after Ornis Balmund, however, after Milla’s training session it is yet to be revealed if she’s surpassed him. She treats Milla as family. As her own sister. She loves her from the bottom of her heart. Wields the Ancient Relic Gungnir.


Persia Castella – the Demon King of Sloth. A cat girl with similar traits to a persian or maine coon cat breed. Has a relaxed attitude and only cares about sleeping and playing. She follows Milla’s every order because it is fun and it gives her great joy. She has come to love Milla.


Lorina – first princess of the elven kingdom. She abandoned her family and is now acting as Milla’s royal blacksmith. Although her attire looks like a witch, she is in fact a master Swordsman. Deeply loves Milla.


Himeko – an orphan girl which Milla bough in a slave auction. Milla treats her as her own daughter. She loves her new mother deeply. Wields the Ancient Relic Void Blade.


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Felicia – head of the centaur squadron and 2nd in command of the military after Tengu. She became Milla’s woman, when Milla accidentally hoped on her back and imprinted herself on her. She got used to the idea and cares for Milla now.


Momoyo Nakano – arrived in this world alongside Milla. She was betrayed by the church and as a result she lost her libs. Milla offered her a place by her side and restoring her limbs. She became a mecha type gyaru after Milla changed her race to Mazoku. Under Irina’s training she became a great assassin, and even today, although not an archer anymore, she uses the bow for long distance snipping. She respects Milla for saving Shiori.


Shiori Watanabe – Milla’s childhood friend from the other world. The only person that cared and showed sympathy, when all the former classmates were bullying her. After falling in a brainwashed doll state, Milla asked Tenebria for help, and manage to cure her, transforming her into a fox girl specialized in healing and powerful support buffs. Loves Milla deeply.


Empress Éclair Olympia – nicknamed often Claire by Milla, a woman in her late 30’s, she is the Empress of the Olympia Empire. She made a deal with Milla. By crushing the church and the pseudo Godess, humanity has once again turned towards her, regaining her authority. She respects Milla, although she hasn’t been fully converted into ‘yuri’ yet.


Aria Rivercrest – New ruler of the elven kingdom. A dark elf that is blind and always keeps her eyes closed. She is eternally grateful to Milla for helping the dark elves. She also discovered that she is into pet play. Note: I couldn’t find a picture with eyes closed. So please imagine the picture bellow with closed eyes.


Katalina Leviathan – Milla’s dragon mom. The last known dragon, she once had an affair with Milla’s father. She sees Milla as her own flesh and blood and even restored her magic circuits by giving birth to her a second time. In human form she takes the appearance of a beautiful elf. She loves Milla deeply.


Tenebria – Former Demon God. She has now been reborn as the Demon King of Kindness. Treats Milla as her sister. She has a tsundere personality.


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