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Chapter 87: Pet Play

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Things were finally starting to settle down. I had a really good rest. Although an elf bed isn’t nearly as comfortable as my own bed, it was still good enough to give me a decent rest. While I was sleeping, Aria worked around the clock to get all the Dark Elves to slowly return to the forest. A bit of micro-management was needed so it wouldn’t become too crowded, but she managed to handle it perfectly. The elves did not object to any of Aria’s decisions. They will always obey the one with the highest mana.

As for my situation, when I woke up I had to calm Lorina down. She thanked me a million times. And no. I’m not exaggerating. She was grateful that I saved her, but also grateful that I didn’t kill her brother. As much as a jerk as he is, he’s now Lorina’s only blood relative.

Aria asked me if I could help around a bit before returning home and since she offered us teleport crystals, I didn’t mind helping out. However, on the day of our departure, something happened that left me speechless.

Aria and Lorina came in my room. Lorina was fidgeting while Aria had her usual smile and had her hands on Lorina’s shoulders as if to push her forward.

“Umm… girls… what’s up with you two?”

“Milla… I… the thing is… I…”

“Fufu. This girl is really shy. Lady Milla allow me to say it in her place. Ahem… ‘To show my appreciation, please have fun with my body’!”

“Aria!!! You promised not to step in!”

So this is about sex huh? I guess Aria tagged along to give her the push she needed. But I couldn’t be more wrong.

“But now my body also belongs to lady Milla. And after you told me about her unique technique, I found it fascinating. I would like to join you!”

Holy crap! Is she serious!? Sex with 2 beautiful elves? Yes please! I’m game!

“But… to do it alongside someone else…”

“Lorina, if Aria says she is ok with then, then I want that too. I want to do it with both of you!”

“Milla… a… alright…”

And so, I locked the door and we all prepared to get on the bed.

“Wai, Nn! Doing it suddenly is no good!”

“You’re the one that wanted to join the party, Aria!”

“Y-You’re really young… I don’t hate that you’re being rough with me, but… Aaaaahn~!”

So, even if it’s massaged on top of the dress, the softness of Aria’s chest can be fully felt and it’s pleasurable.

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“Your breasts really are huge. Their sucking my palms right in!”

“Do you hate…Ahn~, Nu, hate big breasts…?”

“I love them!”

“Haahaa…if you massage it that violently…n, ah, ah… I’ll start getting aroused too. You have experience… don’t you?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

It was time to suck these beautiful nipples. Itadakimasu!

“Lorina, you too! I’ll take this side, you take the other.”


I sucked it strongly while Lorina was taking more of gentle approach.



Raising her waist, she made an arc as she tremble. What happens if I try to bite her nipple?

“S-Stop! Ahn, Nn, Ah, Aaaaa, Biting…Ahn is a no go! What are you?… a baby?”

“You’re weak on your nipples aren’t you?”

“T-That’s right! That’s why, Ahn, don’t do it that strongly…Ahn, n, N!”

“I love this face of yours. I’ll make you feel more then…”

“Ah, Aaaaaa, N, Ah, Ah! Kyaaaun! T-that’s amazing! Doing both…Ahn~Nnn!”

“Your nipple is sweet and delicious…”

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“Ahn~ N! Lorina… Y-You don’t have to say your impressions!”

Saying it is embarrassing so she doesn’t want her to say it. Also, Aria really tuned into pudding in our hands already.

“N, Nnaaaaa! No more…! Don’t tease…haaaahaahaa…just my breasts… I want you …touch down there too…”

“Okay, but it won’t be fun like this… I know, Lorina get on top of her! Both of you stick out your p̲u̲s̲s̲i̲e̲s̲. I’ll do both of at the same time.”

As per my instructions, Lorina got on top of Aria. Their breasts were tightly squeezed against each other. And their pink flower buds were visible. Time to let my hands do the trick!

“Ahn…Kuuu! A-amazing…it’s going in…aaaahn~!”

Of course. This time I was using the full force of my hands. In other words, I pushed them all the way through. I was being violent. Up till now I usually took a more gentle approach, but I always wanted to try using a tad more force. This is the best opportunity.

“Ah, Ku, Hard…such force…!”

“Milla please… not so rough…Kyaaa! No… If you do it like that…”

“Do you girls want it? Do you want to c̲u̲m̲ by my hands?”

“Ku, Hoo! Ahn! I-I want it…give me more…!”

“Me too… ooH, ahh…!”

“You perverts. Women like you that go in heat so easily… just like dogs! In fact, both of you should just become my pets here and now!”

“P…pets you say?”

Aria had a troubled look as she doesn’t understand the meaning. Lorina could imagine where I was going. But just in case I made it easy to understand.

“I’ll be the mistress so you’ll be the dog!”


“What’s wrong? You don’t like it?”

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As expected of the new queen of elves, there’s no way she’d accept something like that so easy. I need to kill that sense of pride. I shoved my hands strongly and made them melt in pleasure.

“Ooooou!? I-It’s going in deeper!”

“Aaaa…Hii, it feels too good…my head is going crazy…!”

“If you become my dogs, you’ll be able to taste this anytime you want!”

“A-Anytime…you say?”

I made small pistons and tormented her. I also gave Lorina a small wink.

“Haa…haa… N, Ku…! Haahaa!”

Lorina got close and stole her lips. Before long, they were deeply rolling their tongues and moaning with pleasure.

“Aria-san… it’s the first time you felt this kind of pleasure? Won’t you embrace Milla together with me…?”

“T-that’s…Ku! I only promised I… would give my body… not my dignity…”

She’s still quite stubborn. Then, I’ll violate her with pleasure again. I began to swing my hands around at high speed.

“Aaaaaaaa! Stop iiiiiiittttt!”

“Shut up! My dogs only bark when they are told to!”

“But if you bang me that fast…I…Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

“FuaaaH!!! Milla wait… if you do me too that strong, I’ll…”

“You girls want to c̲u̲m̲? Do it then. C̲u̲m̲ for your mistress!”

“C-C̲u̲m̲m̲i̲n̲g̲! I-I can’t endure it anymore…! I…C-c-c-c-cummiiiiiing!”

“Me neither… I’m Cumiiiing!!!”

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A large amount of tide blows out from both their p̲u̲s̲s̲i̲e̲s̲. I pulled my hand out spread both of them to let the fluids come out easier.

“Aaaaah, I can’t endure it…! It’s coming out…it’s coming out…!”

“You look like a pissing dog, Aria!”

“Aaa…I’m a…dog…dog…”

“That’s right. You’re a dog. You’re a no brain s̲l̲u̲t̲ when I’m holding the leash!”

“Ku…haha…I’m a dog…a dog…! Kuhahahaha!”

Did I go too far?

Aria kept urinating. She let out all from her bladder while shouting.

“Feel refreshed?”

“I peed…”

“Then, become more of a dog!”

I made for both of them dog ears, tail and a leash using magic. Fitting accessories like you would find in cosplay shops. First, I put the dog ears on them. Then, I turned my gaze to Aria’s bubble a̲s̲s̲.

“You won’t be a dog if you don’t have a tail.”

“Tail…a tail…how would you put it?”

“I’ll do it like this!”


I stabbed Aria’s anus with the tail. Aria had her eyes peeled white due to the excessive impact. But, I didn’t mind it. I did the same to Lorina, but she reacted the opposite way and was anticipating it.

I inserted my hands again and began to aim for the finish.

“nnnooo! My anus and p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲…both are being invadeeeeeeeed!”

“Milla… this is wonderful… being your dog… I love it!”

“What do you say, Aria? Won’t you agree with Lorina?”

“Aaaaa…you can’t…ask while making me… I’m c̲u̲m̲m̲i̲m̲g̲ again…I…I’m c̲u̲m̲m̲i̲m̲g̲!”

“Then c̲u̲m̲”

“Aaaau! C-c-c-c-cummiiiing!”

Making a big wave, her v̲a̲g̲i̲n̲a̲ has tightened further.

“Tighten up just like that! I’ll just force my palm open and wiggle around!”

“Kuunu, kahii…aaaaaa!”


“You’re getting crazy from c̲u̲m̲m̲i̲m̲g̲?”

“Noo~ No mooooreeee! Take it ouuuut!”

“Even if you say that, your body doesn’t want to…”

“Aria-san… huaaaa!!! Just give in to Milla already!”

Her v̲a̲g̲i̲n̲a̲ tightens so hard… it was obvious it didn’t want to let go of my arm. Even if I wanted to pull out, I can’t, or I would hurt her too much.

“Axaaaa! C̲u̲m̲m̲i̲n̲g̲ again! Cummiiiiiing! I don’t want to c̲u̲m̲ already yet…again…cummiiiiing!”

“Accept my training, s̲l̲u̲t̲ dog! C̲u̲m̲ for your mistress!”

“Aaaaaaa! Cumiiiiiiiiing!”

Byukururu, Byukubyubyukubyuku…!

Aria writhed intensely that she curved like a shrimp, while Lorina had such a satisfied expression with a huge smile!

“Au, Ai, hii! ku, hoo…! Ahn!”

“I’m also… Still c̲u̲m̲m̲i̲m̲g̲”

Love nectar overflowed from their vaginas.

“You’re my dog. Right?”

“I-I know…! Woof woof! I’m your dog!”


I put the collar around her neck. This means she’s a dog. My dog b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲. I didn’t think it would go this well. But it did. Even if she’s the rightful ruler of Gardenia, she knows who’s actually in charge now.”

“Good girls! And good pets shall be rewarded with treats. Here, I’ll give you a tasty snack. Aria, you lick my p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲ and Lorina, use your tongue on my butt hole!”

Both of them answered in unison:

“Yes, mistress! Woof woof!”

And so, I spent a wonderful night.

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