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Chapter 88: Beach Day

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

After the whole event with the elves we finally arrived home safe and sound thanks to Aria. She provided us teleport crystals. And after our pet play she eagerly said that I can drop by as often as I was wanted, kuku.

Right now I was in my garden sitting on mom’s lap. She was gently stroking my head. Grace was also with us with a big fan to cool us down.

“Aaa! It feels so good to stay like this!”

“Sweetie, mommy is happy that you can rest… but judging by your body… you took off the eyepatch, didn’t you?”

“Sorry mom. I had no choice. I really had to use my dragon form.”

“Nono! Mommy isn’t mad. Mommy just wants to know you safe. Sweetie, you really should stop doing reckless things.”

“I agree, Milla-nee!”

Well… I can’t really argue there. All my decisions tend to be reckless and on the limit… maybe I’m just too tired…

“Sweetie you should take a vacation and relax. You need to clear your head.”

“A vacation you say… hmm…”

As I pondered for a moment…

“Grace, you think you can bring Odin and Persia here?”

“For what reason?”

“It’s no fun to go on a vacation just myself. The more the merrier! We all need a vacation! And I have just the perfect plan!”

The beach. Let’s be honest here, what’s the point of having sandy shores if you aren’t going to use them. Today was a day meant for fun and fun alone. A beach day. I made sure to bring everyone along. Grace, mom, Odin, Persia, Sue, Teri, Felicia, Cleo, Irina, Lorina, Himeko, Shiori and Momoyo. Even Fenrir.

The only one who didn’t want to come was Tengu. Since his fight with Death, I managed to put him back together, but for some reason he hates the sand. Or maybe he’s just scared to appear in just swimming trunks. I can totally see Fenrir chasing him around and literally burying him in the sand. So, I left him in charge for the day while the rest of us where having some fun.

And it was such a nice view. I’m talking about swimsuits, of course. Seeing all my girls in swimsuits is a true paradise! If I were to die with this image in my head right now, I would have no regrets. But even if I die, I’ll still probably live since it’s me we are talking about.

“Milla… why are we the only ones wearing these?”

The voice that called out to me belonged to Shiori. As I turned around I could see her and prez standing next to each other. I guess they were referring to their swimsuits. Everyone, myself included were wearing a 2 piece swimsuit, but for these 2 I prepared one piece school swimsuits.

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“What? I never got to see you two at the school pool, so I thought this would be a good opportunity.”


Yup. Sure am. And I’m proud of it.

“Now, everyone, let our beach day begin!”


The weather was perfect. Clear sky and warm sun. The water temperature was just right too. Not too cold, but not too warm either. Everyone soon found an activity they enjoyed.

Persia didn’t like the water too much, so she just wriggled on a chair like a cat and sat to enjoy the sun. Sue and Teri wanted to build a sandcastle. Felicia and Cleo had a form of swimming contest. I say “a form” because of their lower bodies and their unique swimming methods.

And speaking of swimming…

“Okaasan, save me…”

Little Himeko was with dragon mom in the water. Katalina was trying to bond with her grandchild. Himeko didn’t know how to swim so she tried teaching her, but… in the end I had to step in. I hate to say it, but mom is only good at teaching magic. For every other department… she sucks.

Himeko kept staring back and forth between moms’ chest and her own. Hey, I know what your thinking. She can float easier with those bouncy things. And when you look at her like that, her b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ do look like a flotation device. But Himeko is still growing, so I calmed her down. Himeko really isn’t that fond of dragon mom yet.

While we were playing in the water, on the beach, I saw that Irina was next to a tree with Shiori and…

“Fuah~… Please put me down! I… I’m not…”

“So, Shiori-san, is it similar to this?”

“Well… you got the idea right, but…”

It appears that Shiori was trying to tell Irina about a game from Earth. It wasn’t typical for japanese, it was more of a western game. Basically… a pinata. And it seems like Irina tied up Momoyo and turned her into one.

“Ara Ara! I wonder what kind of ‘sweets’ will we see if we poke around this pinata, fufu~!”


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In the end, I had no choice but to order Irina to put her down. She doesn’t let go of an idea quite easily. However I have to be honest. Even I felt tempted to poke prez in that position.

“Onee-chan! My skin isn’t used to this much heat. Would you please rub some lotion on my back?”

This was rather a surprise for me. I didn’t know that this world has sun screen. Odin told me that it was a luxury item. Only Demon Kings and the richest of nobles could afford it. It was made from honey mixed with the goo produced by a fire slime. While I was rubbing Odin’s back and made my way to lower area… I couldn’t resist.

“Kyaa! Onee-chan! Your rubbing my butt!”

“I’m just trying to make sure I don’t miss a single spot.”

“Anh… but your hands are going even inside my… Hiii!”

It’s your fault for wearing such a skimpy bikini bottom. You can’t blame me for shaking your a̲s̲s̲ my way. In the end, I just teased her a little. This was supposed to be a vacation, so I didn’t want her to get wet from this.

After washing my hands, I still felt like playing. After all, I’m a kid. But what game would work here? Oh, I got it. I grabbed some wooden beams and had Irina draw a net between them.

“Sweetie, what are you doing?”

“Oh… I’m just inventing a new game. It’s called volleyball! Want to play with me mom?”

“Sure! You’re so cute when you look so determined. Mommy will play with you. What are the rules?”

“You have to hit the ball across the net without touching it. You have to try and make it in such a way that your opponent can’t return it.”

“Alright. Let mommy try.”

I sat on one side of the net and mom on the other. I served the ball to show mom how it’s done, but… when the ball came to her… she hit it with her palm. But it was with a force so great that I had no choice but to dodge. She literally made a small crater in the sand. That’s not how volleyball is played!

“Yay! I win!”

“Eh… mom…”

But before I could finish my sentence, Odin and Persia came along.

“Honorable mother, that really does look fun. Would you mind playing with the 2 of us too?”

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“Why certainly. I’ll take both of you on!”

And with that… the sand field turned into a battlefield. This wasn’t a game. The force they were using was the same as in a life and death fight. I wanted to shout at them, but…

“They really are enjoying themselves, aren’t they?”

“Are you sure about that, Grace? Shouldn’t I stop them?”

“Just look at the smile on their faces. They are having fun.”

“Grace… don’t tell me you want to join in too.”

“No. I will enjoy myself by simply staying in your presence.”

And with that the game lasted until sunset. And when they were done I made all of them sit in a seiza pose. Pay more attention to the environment. This place looks like a landmine field now. I had all 3 of them clean the all the holes they made. But I guess in the end… it was a relaxing day. And even I had fun. Well, I guess I can call this beach day a success!

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