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Chapter 67.5: The Number 1 Maid!

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Grace-senpai, for this day, please allow me to follow you and observe your work! Her Highness got to see my clumsy side. I… I want to improve… I want to be a proper maid like you!”

The clumsy maid that dropped a tray in Milla’s bedroom was talking to Grace, asking for her guidance and tutoring.

“Very well, Dizzy. I suppose observing would be a valuable lesson for you.”

“Umm… Grace-senpai… my name isn’t…”

“That’s the way Her Highness referred to you when she told me not to punish you. So, until you improve to a decent level, consider this a light form of punishment. I will refer to you the same way. You don’t have any objections, do you Dizzy?”

The poor maid started to tremble at those words. She could only nod and agree. But she was determined to examine Grace and figure out why she is so special. Why does everyone look up to her.

“Don’t fall behind though. If you slow me down, I won’t hesitate to step on you.”

“Y… YES!”

Grace’s job. It is very typical as a maid. She cleans the castle, washes the clothes, and prepares Milla’s meals when needed. Each of them were not unique nor special. Because of that, Dizzy became doubtful as to what was so special about Grace.

Bells ringing

“Dizzy, we have a visitor. Let’s go.”

Why is the head maid the one that’s answering the door? Anyone normally would be fit for this task. Yet, Grace insisted to answer it herself. Grace opened the heavy, thick door. A mazoku with slit eyes wearing a silk robe was standing there.

“Good day to you. My name is Kamkos, a famous merchant. I seek an audience with Her Highness.”

The man showed an amicable smile with a respectful demeanor.

“I have here a referral letter from Her Highness, the Demon King of Wisdom.”

He showed an envelope sealed with an extravagant seal.

“Understood. Please follow me.”


Dizzy was surprised. Grace did not mind her and invited the man inside the castle without taking the envelope.

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She guided the man to a waiting room. A room different to where Milla holds her meetings or greets people, and after saying “please wait for a while”, she left the room.

“Grace-senpai, is it alright inviting him in? Her Highness just left yesterday after all.”

“That man is most likely an enemy.”

Dizzy became even more shocked by Grace who declared that confidently. That man who looks so amicable? On top of that, a person who even brought Odin’s referral letter is an enemy? How did she judge that? Dizzy was about to ask, but soon Grace clapped her hands a few times. Shortly after, the spider girl Irina appeared from the ceiling.

“Ara, Ara! What is it, Grace?”

“Irina, would you please go take care of the man in ‘that’ room?”

“Oh my. Another one? It shall be done.”

Dizzy couldn’t follow what was going on. But not long after she could hear a loud ‘HIII’ screaming sound coming from that room. Irina has killed that mazoku. Grace finally took the time to explain.

“Dizzy, think for a bit. People know that Lady Milla is in good terms with Lady Odin and Lady Persia. But there are some who still don’t want to accept a little girl as a Demon King. That was an assassin. First, for a famous merchant his attire was wrong. He wouldn’t wear a plain robe like that. Second, the letter was meaningless before me. Lady Odin would have told me or Milla if she had sent over someone. Stuff like this happens once in a while. I know it’s a lot to ask, but try using your brain from time to time.”

Dizzy could only nod. She finally started to look at Grace with deep admiration. Grace’s job did not end there however.

Grace started by gathering the dirty clothes from all the other maids and those of Milla’s close servants, washed them and dried them in the blink of an eye with her wind magic. On top of that, she also cleaned the castle. A section of it that is. Each maid was assigned to clean floors, walls and various decorations, but only those maids Grace has acknowledged. Everything had to be perfect in her eyes. She did most of the work herself.

Next, Grace traveled into town to pick up various groceries. Vegetables, meat and all sorts of supplies that she needed around the castle. The work needed to be done felt like it increased with each step Dizzy took. Dizzy, who was just trying to keep up with Grace was exhausted, but Grace was doing her work with a composed expression as if it was natural to her. The more she observed the head maid, the more she became amazed and terrified at the same.

Is this the difference between a normal maid and a battle maid? What happened next was even more frightening. She watched Grace handle a mountain of paperwork. Dizzy heard that Grace often acts as Milla’s secretary too, but she’s actually approving or rejecting various meeting requests, law suggestions, meeting forms, internal and external affairs. How could just one person be capable of so many things? Making swift decisions, noticing even the slightest details and still have energy to go on another day.

This was Grace’s normal workload. It must be noted, that she does these chores on top of answering to Milla’s every call. The battle maid was a fierce woman.

“Dizzy, I told you to keep up. We aren’t finished yet.”

“Eh!? There’s more?”

Grace didn’t bother to explain anything. She continued her casual walk around the castle until she ended up in the kitchen. Dizzy couldn’t imagine what they were supposed to do here. Grace is a High Mazoku so she can’t be hungry.

All the food Grace bought earlier during the day… she started to cook. With super fast reflexes she peeled potatoes, onions and sliced the meat with the precision of master swordsman. Dizzy then realized it. Not all the staff working here were High Mazoku. And she has only seen chefs during crowded occasions such as the Blood Ball. In other words… Grace was cooking food for all the servants that were in Milla’s service. A total of 50 plates were prepared by Grace in roughly an hour. Her cooking skills are on the level of a God and with magic she finished everything in record time.

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“This is your portion. Eat up.”

“Thank… you…”

Dizzy started eating. She never knew that Grace was the one that cooks their meals. When she wanted to praise Grace though, she only replied:

“Those don’t even hold a candle compared to the meals I make for Her Highness. If you think it’s delicious, then you need to improve your standards.”

Once Dizzy finished her food, the sun was setting. She fully understood now just how amazing the woman called Grace is. Why everyone looks up to her and why Milla loves her so much.

“I finally realized now. I finally know… the type of maid I want to be… the type of person I want to grow into…”

Dizzy looked straight at Grace with a fiery glare in her eyes. A burning passion and determination.

“From here on I shall call you Shishou!”1

Grace didn’t respond right away. She got closer to Dizzy and gave her a simple forehead flick.


“Idiot. I have nothing against training you, but your goal shouldn’t be to be as good as me. You should aim to surpass me. Of course, I will never let that happen. But that is the passion and burning desire a battle maid lives by.”

“Understood, Shishou!”

“Then let’s keep going.”

“But… the sun has almost set…”

“So? There are also activities that must be done during the night too.”

Dizzy forgot that High Mazoku don’t sleep either.

“I think I’ll pass. That was more than…”

“I won’t let you quit half way after your statement. You’re coming with me, like it or not.”

And so, Grace dragged poor Dizzy along into the beginning of the night tasks. When morning came, Dizzy instantly collapsed on the floor. As for Grace… a new day was starting. A new day of duties, for her beloved mistress.

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