Chapter 68: Milla and the Dragon

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I don’t know where this dragon would take me, but I believed she wouldn’t harm me. After all, she acted extremely different when I mentioned my father. Well Milla’s father to be accurate. The dragon was overwhelmingly imposing, but I could tell she was a female from its voice…

Still, I can’t help but wonder, did she know Gilbert?

I didn’t know how long I flew for. It was hard to breathe at first, but then it felt quite nice after I adapted to it. Joyful times don’t last long, though. I felt as if I was about to freeze into ice after a while. The dragon completely disregarded the clouds in the sky when it flew and went straight into them. I couldn’t handle it. I felt soaked when we left the clouds, and then there were the strong winds blowing into me. It was freezing… I miss my internal heat.

The dragon ignored everything I shouted to her. She just kept on flying ahead, while all I could do was look at the desert below. The desert was the same everywhere, so there was nothing to see. We flew for a very, very long time. I inadvertently saw a water patch in the centre of the desert.

This time it wasn’t some sort of creature, but an oasis in the centre of the desert. It was a vast patch of clear water. Everywhere else was sand, but the place had more than just a lake. Next to the lake were trees. I would believe there were fishes in the lake if I was told so.

The dragon finally reduced its speed. After we landed, I noticed that there was a small ugly house next to the lake. I had honestly never seen such a repulsive house before. In fact, it would be better to call it a structure put together by throwing some timber together than a house. The roof was made using a collection of tree leaves and held down with a rock. The house that was leaning to one side swayed sideways as a result of the dragon flapping its wings for crying out loud. It screams help.

The dragon seemed to really value the house though. The dragon deliberately landed some distance away to avoid crushing it with her body. She didn’t release me, that being said. Instead, she threw me straight into the lake.

I struggled in the water. Fortunately, it wasn’t deep. Consequently, it didn’t take me long to float back up. I had no idea what the dragon was trying to achieve by throwing me into the water. She blankly looked at me from one side, and then reached its head into the water for a drink. Then, she sprayed the water all over me.

To me, it felt as if I was blasted with a high-pressure water gun, as it drove me straight to the centre of the lake. Actually, I felt as though the water current swept me up. Yes, as in swept me flying into the air and then landing back into the water. I felt as though the pressure shattered my organs.

While floating on the water surface, I looked at the sky in a daze. Was it really a good idea to follow her? I don’t know how many near death experiences I got left in me.

The dragon then looked at me satisfied.

“You were trying to give me a bath…?”

She didn’t reply though. She came over fished me out of the water and blew in my face. If I had to describe it, it felt akin to being thrown into the dryer. The hot wave dried me. Pleased, she looked at me, and then said:

“Wait for me. I shall show thou what thou father left behind.”

She then turned her back to me and slowly walked behind a dune of sand. I didn’t know what she was planning. I guess I could only wait for now. I wanted to go into that house but I didn’t want to make the dragon angry. She told me to wait, so I better wait. I kept circling it instead. I couldn’t help not wonder, is this were pops would really leave such a valuable treasure for me. Not before long, a voice called out to me.

“Thou wants to go inside?”

The voice wasn’t an imposing voice from overhead, but from a location of the same height I was currently at. I turned my head around to see a pair of green eyes looking at me. It was… a woman. Did the dragon just turn into a human? Regardless, her beauty left me speechless.

She has long, wavy blonde hair and a pink ribbon that keeps a small portion of her hair in a plait and a very large bust. Seriously, those b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ rival the Empress’s.

Her clothes consisted of a white, rather revealing dress that showed her midriff and barely covered her chest and legs and golden armbands with a long strip of white fabric that acted as her sleeves. She wore brown sandals with a ballet-like wrap that went just past her ankles and simple, blue bracelets.

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She also had a headpiece that was made of four different-colored jewels – two blue, two pink – and hair accessories that were shaped like white flowers.

If someone were to call this woman a goddess, I would agree with them. She gently moved her hand. Her eyes staring at me caused me to feel a little dizzy. People’s eyes didn’t emit light; they received light. However, her snake-like eyes seemed to emit light. Her pupils were slightly strange. She let out a heavy sigh, and then placed a hand on my head. To be honest, her action made me feel concerned. Her hand was heavy… I suspected she was going to twist my neck off… but, she stroked my head:

“Thou have the same aura as Gilbert. If thou are indeed his daughter, then I see thou as my child as well.”

Huh!? Did my dad have an affair with this dragon? Why did he leave from such a beauty in the first place? I really don’t get what’s going on.

“Come with me for now.”

She turned around and didn’t wait for me and went ahead instead. She wasn’t going for the house. I followed after her. I asked her countless questions, but she didn’t answer any. Slow down at least a little. Walking on sand with high heels is a nightmare. I’m surprised I managed to run from the worm as I did back then.

The two of us walked to a place nearby a mountain of sand. To my surprise, there was a cave underneath the sand. Perhaps there was a rock mountain underneath the sand. The dragon turned around and pointed at the cave. She put her hand into her mouth. When she took it back out, it was on fire.

Seriously!? Is that your idea of a torch? Couldn’t you just snap your fingers or something? I’m beginning to feel less scared around this dragon. The two of us entered the cave. The dragon walked ahead of me. She walked extremely quickly despite all the holes and bumps in the ground. I suffered as a result. My heel boots were wet due to stepping into more water puddles than I could keep count of. What was I supposed to see in here?

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