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Chapter 45: Angel and Demon

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub


“Fenrir, come here!”

Odin was calling her trusty companion.

“Fenrir listen closely. I want you to go down there. Go to Milla. Her body won’t last much longer at the rate she is going. Help her escape. Go!”


Fenrir let out a howl and quickly dashed in the direction of the battlefield.

That’s enough already, onee-chan. That thing isn’t something you can defeat in your current state.

As everyone was focus on the battle, Miraluka tried to sneak away from the group, but with a speed faster than lightning Persia cut her off. Persia wiggled her index finger in a disapproving manner.

“Nono! Sorry-nya, but I can’t let you sneak off yet.”

“Persia, what do you gain from all of this? If I know you, you would rather take a nap than listen to anyone else.”

“Because Milla-nyan is fun. Ever since I’ve been around her I am having tons of fun. I don’t need any other reason-nya.”

The 3 kings had no choice but stand there and watch.


I compressed my fire in my palm and shaped it into an orb. I thrust my hand forward to drive it into her stomach. But the enemy did the same and created an orb of light. Both our attacks clashed and released huge shockwaves of fire and light. I tried pushing through, but eventually the attacks cancelled each other out. I leaped back to take some distance.

Pant… pant…

I started to breathe heavily. This girl wasn’t an opponent I could hold back against. Not after I saw her stats.

Name: Melina L. Gardenia
Age: 3002
Race: High Elf
Class: Unknown
Strength: SSS
Agility: EX
Endurance: EX
Magic: EX
Luck: D-
Overall Rank: EX

Her stats weren’t the only scary part. I could see several orbs shining in her body. It’s like all her major organs have been replaced with monster cores. This poor girl… Each time our fists clashed I could hear a faint voice coming from her. It’s so frail and week, but I still managed to understand it. She repeats it over and over: “… kill me…” What did they do to her?

Judging by her name she’s most likely Lorina’s sister. The missing elf princess. I really don’t want to kill Lorina’s sister. But she is lost. There’s no way to cure her. Even if I were to try removing her cores, she wouldn’t survive the process. And that jewel around her neck that lets the Pope control her is stuck similar to how the jewels in my hands are. If I try to remove it I’ll just end up taking a part of her throat. This girl has suffered enough. I’ll grant her wish. I’ll kill her and set her free.

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The gold ornaments around her dress detached and started firing lazer beams of all elements at me. I didn’t bother dodging the fire element but I swiftly dodge the other beams like a circus acrobat. Even with the training I had, she manages to repel my ordinary flames. I wanted to hit her with my big moves, but my body isn’t ready for that yet.

This fight is hard. Every time I try getting close to her to land one of Persia’s secret palm strikes she would just take more distance. Her speed surpasses mine. Guess I have no choice but to use that. I shoved my fist into the ground and chant:

“[Devour, Yamata no Orochi]!”

This wasn’t your average spell. It was something I came up with. My own creation. From the ground, 8 huge fire snake heads emerged and charged at the so called apostle. She nimbly dodge their charge, but the snakes were restless and came for her again and again. Even when she tried to slice off a head, the flames grew it back. But I wasn’t done yet.

While she was busy avoiding the heads I dashed behind her and extended my arm.

“[Wind Wave]!”

I cast a simple wind tornado to cut off her retreat. She noticed it. She can’t go through the snakes and she can’t let herself get slowed down by the tornado. So she took the only route that was left. She tried to dash through me. She made a light blade appear as an extension to her palm and wanted to stab me with it. I didn’t dodge. I let myself get stabbed.


I cough a bit of blood, but the pain is bearable. And in that moment when her blade was still inside me…

“I got you now!”

I violently grabbed her arm. I finally managed to get close range with her.

“The first stance: Disruptive Palm!”

One of Persia’s techniques, I drive my palm through her body. As it’s name suggests it temporarily scrambles your magic circuits.

“You’re taking this with me!”

I waved my free hand and the 8 snake heads and the wind tornado came at both of us. They struck the both of us and merged into a huge flaming tornado. Fire had no effect on me. Yet I could hear her screams ot pain. I dashed out of the tornado and let her experience it’s full force.

Pant… pant…

“I hope that does it.”

When the flames clear, I could see her burnt body lying on the ground. I thought I won. But a second later all her wounds started to heal. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I scanned her over and over.

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“… Slime King’s Ultra Regeneration, huh.”

To think I would ever face an opponent with an ability similar to my own. It’s troublesome. What should I do next? She’s already back on her feet. I need something to blow off her body completely. It’s almost noon if I’m not mistaken. Sorry Odin, but seems like I have no choice but to activate my trump card.

I placed my hands in an X shape guard and started to chant:

“O, great flames of destruction

Heed my call

Let loose my burning rage

To purge the sins…”

But just as I was chanting, Fenrir leaped out of nowhere between me and Melina. I lost my concentration and broke the chant. Is this Odin’s way of telling me to retreat? She’s really taking her role as a big sister seriously.


Grace with Lorina on her back, Himeko and Momoyo ran towards me. What do they think they’re doing? I told them not to get near me.

“This is perfect!”

The Pope exclaimed with a smile on his face.

“These great sinners have all gathered in one place! They can all be struck down. Show them all the might of the Goddess! Kill them all at once!”

Melina flew high in the sky and gathered magical energy in her hands. She generated a huge pure white electrical orb. This is bad. This is seriously bad. Lightning is probably the strongest form of offensive magic. It will erode any wall I will put up against it. I won’t be able to block it. Think brain, think!

Then it hit me. This is so gonna hurt. I reached towards Himeko. More specific, the sword attached to her back.

“Okaasan… don’t…”

But I didn’t listen. I drew the Void Blade. It violently lashed at me with purple lightning. But I rather deal with this lightning over the other one.

“Just shut up for a second, you f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ sword!”

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I wrapped my hand in flames. My Phoenix Resurrection kicked in.

“Okaasan… can wield it…?”

No, I wasn’t worthy of it. But if it’s for just a few seconds I can bear the pain. My Phoenix Resurrection is healing me at the same speed the lightning is trying to tear my flesh off.

As Melina fired the electrical orb. I swung the sword down with all my might.

“Dimensional Rift!”

It was like I made a cut into the fabric of reality itself. Melina’s attack got absorbed into the rift. The rift then closed itself. In that moment I let the sword fall from my hand. Smoke came out of my hand due to forcing myself to bear the swords punishment.

I fell on my knees. My body is at its limits. I’m burning up.

Momoyo quickly picked me up and put me on Fenrir’s back. Himeko grabbed the fallen sword and sheated it. Grace chanted some sort of mist magic to block visual sight. After everyone hopped on, Fenrir dashed away.

“Your Eminence, shouldn’t we chase?”

“No. Let them go. This was a good way for us to test our power. We’ll stop here today. Don’t worry, my child. With the Goddess on our side, victory is ours.

“Milla-nee we need to get you home. You need to rest.”

“Not yet… Fenrir, take us into the woods for now…”

“But Milla-nee…”

“This is something I must do before resting. I have enough strength left for it.”

After all, I got my own revenge. But it’s time to get revenge for Milla too.

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